Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May 2015 - Zumba Stats

Time for another monthly Zumba update. I went to 25 different Zumba classes during the month of May. Got in some Saturday sessions, and some evening ones, in addition to my usual morning classes Monday-Friday.  I did have to miss a couple classes (an assembly at the school, a little person panic attack, a basketball game) and there were a couple class cancellations. I also "taught" a class, and got my highest heart rate yet!

May Zumba Stats
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I hit one new class this month, at the South Jordan Rec Center. This one is for members, but they were offering class free for women on Mother's Day weekend (it's the picture at the top). I also went to a Friday fundraiser event, with several instructors I was familiar with, but a couple new guys as well.

The "winners" this month are ...
  •  Highest Heart Rate: I haven't quite been able to break the 138 average on the ChargeHR, but on the Polar ... 153! That was on Monday, May 18 when I was heading up the class. Do I just do an awesome class or what? Being on stage, giving your all as everyone is looking at you, choosing the songs you know and like, and having a prepped playlist (no waiting between songs) I think is what tipped the scale there. That is going to be tough to beat!
  • Highest Calorie Estimate Average: 533 on Monday, May 18 also. 600 on the Polar. 500 on both the ChargeHR and One.  That barely beats last month's 518 mark. 
  • Highest Step Count: This award goes to the Friday Fundraiser ... which isn't quite fair, as it was longer than the average hour Zumba class. But that's where I got the most steps in a class this month. 7346 ... but that doesn't beat MZL's April High Step Count still!
Here's some snapshots from the past 30 days of dancing ...

 Cute Claudia 
(Mountain View Zumba, Thursdays in West Jordan)

 Marian ... big smiles! Thursday night class in West Jordan.

 Heather H back at it after baby ...
(Mountain View Zumba. HH Dancing)

 Heather Jones rocking it. Friday in Sandy.

 Me at MZL. Wednesdays in West Jordan.

The SoJo Group (BIG class!)

The Friday Fundraiser Crew!
Here's a quick YouTube clip of them in action!

Two trackers on my arm!
Debbie C is back at Southziders after a double knee replacement!

Playlist from Monday, May 18

Alas, Debbie in Daybreak (different Debbie, Debbie Hancock) has been out this month with an injury, so I didn't get any "Dancing with Debbie" classes. With June, comes the end of school, and the summer schedule. I still plan on hitting my Zumba most mornings, we'll see if the kidlets let me. I may try out some new classes that I couldn't before (due to timing conflicts and getting the kids to school) ... we'll see! Check back next month to see more stats and snapshots! Zumba on!

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