Tuesday, June 9, 2015

TV Tuesday - Series I've Seen But Never Watched

Time for another monthly edition of TV TUESDAY here on the blog. Since I posted last, I have finished up Daredevil on Netflix, and got caught up on all MY shows as they finished up their seasons (Grey's, Good Wife, Nashville, Scandal). Going back to Grey's after watching Daredevil made me remember I ♥ Grey's Anatomy. I was often anxious to get back down to my gym and work out so I could watch the next episode. Sometimes, some shows I'm just pushing through ...

I haven't really started another series to spotlight here, so I thought I'd do a bit of a random post about several shows that I've SEEN, but never really WATCHED ... and now, never will. I'm a little obsessive about TV sometimes. I hate to see an episode ahead of what I've watched! It ruins it for me. So when the kids are watching something upstairs, and I'm catching bits and pieces ... that is a series I'll never see, other than those bits and pieces (which often add up to a lot, making me feel like I know what is going on). Some shows I had on my exercise "to watch" list, but if they're on upstairs, then off the list they go.  

I did watch the pilot episode while on the elliptical some years ago. I'd heard good things and wanted to see what I thought; if it would be okay for the kids. I did quite enjoy it, but I just never continued on my own. Then the boys discovered it.  I've caught quite a bit of Shaun and Gus over all the seasons. I'm well aware of their girly screams, silly antics, the romance with Juliet ... yet other than the first episode, I've never seen another from start to finish. 

I like police dramas, and I'd had this one on my "to watch" list for some time. The boys started watching it. It is one I probably would have liked, although I like my shows to really carry the story from one episode to the next, and this seemed more like individual episodes that you could hit and miss. I don't feel like it's a huge loss. I never picked up too much (names of the characters and such) as I have with some of the other shows the boys watch ... I COULD probably still watch this and not really remember the parts and pieces I've seen, but I doubt I ever will.

Medical dramas are another favorite of mine (ala Grey's Anatomy!) and I'd heard good things about House. Then the older boys started watching ... another series ruined for me. I kinda, sorta, know a little bit about what happens throughout the series, and I guess that's all it will be ...

Yikes! This one is a dark drama! My oldest is interested in profiling, psychology and crime investigation. After seeing some of these, I told him NOT to watch it when little brothers were around. I'd had this on my "to watch" list, but I don't know if I actually would have made it through it!  #1 son is gone on an LDS mission for two years, so this one hasn't been on in recent months.

This HAS been on in recent months! Oh my heavens teenage soap opera! I had watched the first season of this in my gym some years back. It hadn't hooked me, and I never continued on with the other seasons. When my 16 year old started watching, I have to say I was surprised. "But Mom, it's about basketball!" Ummmm, a bit, just as the background for the rest of the stuff. I don't love the kids watching, as there is a lot of high school drinking and sleeping around (of course, "Friends" is another favorite that has that too). The boys (my 14 year old is now watching too) aren't quite through the entire series yet, but boy ... it's had some eye-rolling, over-the-top stuff. I keep reminding the boys this is NOTHING like real life! I don't feel bad that this is not on my "to watch" list anymore.

I still have a "to watch" list a MILE long (Netflix and Amazon Prime), 
although I wonder what the boys will ruin for me next?

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