Saturday, June 6, 2015

WWI #98 - Up but Just Ducky

I was thinking I had stayed the same, barely squeaking in under 160, but that was two weeks ago I had this same weight. I had dropped a bit last week ... so back up again this week. Average actually stayed exactly the same (160.09). NUMBERS: Average intake was 2486. Average Burn was 2889, this resulted in an overage of 655.

I didn't manage to keep one day under 2000 calories in. Quality of calories makes quantity of calories a real struggle. I felt pretty good on the fitness front though. Had another high in Zumba. Had a little track time (#5 has started up basketball again, and I'm walking/jogging during his practices). I didn't get any bike time, but I did jog a whole mile! It's been a while since I'd done that. I did get one sessions of weights in. Then my usual Zumba and elliptical (although just 40 minutes per day, not an hour as I had been getting in sometimes in the previous weeks).

Here's my quick weekly recap ...

  • Friday: Beautiful sunny day. I spent a little time out in it. After school, #5 said he was feeling sick, and sure enough, he threw up. This did impact the evening somewhat. I had gotten in my Zumba and elliptical earlier though.
  • Saturday: Bad night, up with #5 a couple of times. My folks called to invited us to a late breakfast. Daddy stayed home with #5 and I took #3 and #4 (#2 had work stuff). It was good, and I didn't feel like I overate ... not there anyway. I did by end of day! Only got in some elliptical today, although #4 and I took a long walk along the canal in the evening.
  • Sunday: Great family Sunday. Did our Sunday circle breakfast. Went up the canyon and walked Silver Lake. Had some pizza indulgence in the evening. Another high calorie day. Low exercise, only 10min on the elliptical other than the walk around the lake.
  • Monday: I was on deck again to lead the class, and I practiced a couple songs in the morning before heading out. Got a new high again! Had the A/C guy come out, because yesterday the house was HOT. Daddy brought home two new baby ducklings. #5 had his basketball practice in the evening. I walked the track, jogging a couple times. I did get in my elliptical during the day too, and kept calories pretty much in check. 
  • Tuesday: My mornings are a bit off, with the older boys not taking lunches (they don't have lockers anymore, so they just take hot lunch rather than having to carry a bag around). I completely forgot to make one for #4 until it was time to go. I was a little late to Zumba. Caught a little sun, got in elliptical, weights and even a one mile jog on the treadmill. Kept calories under control until the evening ... it was #2's first day on the job at KFC, so of course we were all suddenly craving fried chicken.
  • Wednesday: #2 didn't go to school, so I had to drop off #3 ... I've been spoiled having a little extra time in the morning (although it's been taken up with duckies lately). Zumba, and then some quick errands (Sears, Sams, Post Office). #5 had three friends over after school, it was a bit chaotic! #3 had a friend over too. I did manage to get my elliptical in, and mowed the lawn.
  • Thursday: On double carpool duty again this morning, but it's #3's last day. Hit Zumba, then Kmart (had to get a new basketball for #5 as his popped). Dropped #3 off at friends to go swimming in the afternoon. Made chicken and gravy over rice for dinner. I went to Zumba. The older boys were gone in the evening (basketball practice for #3, date for #2), Hubs took #4 out to cousins, and #4 stayed home to watch the NBA playoffs game.
 The family up at Silver Lake

 Daddy and his duckies

This video makes me laugh...
Ducky will jump for worms!

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So even though weight is up ... right there on the edge of absolutely unacceptable (and into unacceptable during the week), it was a pretty good week. The last week of school. Now the shift to the summer schedule. No more school carpools and homework help, but still a lot of running the kids here and there, sleeping in, staying up late ... we'll see what happens!

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  1. Focus on the food aspects and make changes to fix the bad parts!!!


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