Sunday, June 14, 2015

WWI #99 - Funk

I'm in a funk. Not a happy uptown funk either. I hardly have the motivation to get this blog post up. Blah.  Technically, down .3 (which really isn't anything), but I'll admit, I did step on the scale twice and took the lower reading. Otherwise, it would have been  up by about the same smidgen. Average was up. 160.33.  My eating was slightly down. 2220 was the average in. Not even aiming for a 1200 intake, I know I can't keep that up, but an average under 2000? Doable ... I just haven't come close to doing it.  Average daily burn was 2860. Crunching the numbers, I had a weekly deficit of 1000.

It was the first week of "summer" and no school. There were moments already when the kids were bored. It might be a long summer. Here's a quick day by day recap of the week ...

  • Friday: A bit of a crazy day. Last day of school for the little ones, plus an awards assembly. I managed to squeeze in a Zumba between dropping them off and getting back for that. #2 ended up home for the evening with a sick stomach, and I was feeling off too. Hubs and I had thought of hitting a movie, but he ended up going with the little guys while I stayed home.
  • Saturday: #5 had a basketball game in the morning. I did manage to get quite a bit of stuff done around the house, but while I THOUGHT about hitting the gym more (I had the time) I didn't. I kept calories in check though! Huge thunderstorm in the evening.
  • Sunday: Croissants for a quick breakfast before church, Sunday Circle brunch afterward. Another family hike in the evening. A bit of miscommunication, and I ended up staying home. Needed to get in some Zumba practice anyway.
  • Monday: First day of SUMMER ... didn't really sleep in. #3 was off to a youth camp for three days. I dropped him at the church on my way to Zumba. Did my usual store stop & errands on the way home.#2 hit the gym (not my gym, the boys got a membership for the summer) and the little boys went next door to play. The house was actually quiet! I hit a Zumba class at 5:00. Papa Murphy Monday for dinner. Should have taken #5 to basketball practice, but he didn't feel like going and neither did I actually ...
  • Tuesday: Oh what a beautiful morning ... I was able to walk to Zumba as I didn't have to get the little boys off to school. Had a good day, getting in elliptical, bike and weights. Had a couple friends over, which entertained the boys. #2 had to work in the evening.
  • Wednesday: Tried a new Zumba class this morning and liked it. I think I'll be going back. Wasn't too motivated for the rest of the day though. Had little friends over most of the day. #3 arrived back home in the early evening.
  • Thursday: The church floor was being refinished, so my usual Zumba was cancelled. I tried a new class. It wasn't really Zumba, but more simple moves with weights (to music) ... I do prefer my dancing.  I did have my usual Zumba in the evening. #2 was gone to a basketball tournament during the day, I would love to go see him play but it's a little too far for me. Hubs and #2 did a Lego derby in the evening and the other boys watched the NBA playoffs.

 #4 and his Great American Award

#3 off to camp for three days.

 Hubs with the duckies... eating a worm out of his hand.

#5 in the doghouse ... or DUCKhouse.
The duckies are going to be spending the night outside soon!

As soon as there are no storms in the forecast.
This sky was a little strange!
 Blue sky on one side, scary orange clouds on the other.

I don't know what is wrong with me. I'll admit, the shift in schedules does throw me a bit. Wanting to be a good mom, knowing I do need to provide some fun outings for the kids in the summer, warring with my desire to just stay home. I'm not feeling very motivated. Even my beloved Zumba ... I've been feeling a bit tired of. I want to eat better, and I think maybe I can do better ... and then I don't. I think maybe I can do better at cleaning the house, making dinners ... and then I don't. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I'm fairly happy with what I see, other times ... I don't. Especially these last few days, just really in a funk and feeling down.


  1. Shake off the funk! Not allowed!

    Ok ok ok, I'm in a funk too and if I tell you to shake it off I guess I also need to shake it off! Grrrr.

    Your doing well and for the most part maintaining . I say that within a pound or so is maintaining! I know you want away from that decade but your holding your own! :-)

  2. I am so sorry you are in a funk. I think it happens to us all sometimes.


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