Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wii Are Back In Business

I remember when the Wii was the IT electronic. That was many years ago. The kids have all their games, so I had a separate Wii in my gym, with the Wii Fit balance board and the Wii Fit disk. I would go through phases, using it every day ... then not so much.

The kids just got out of school, and have a lot more time on their hands now. The munchkin told me that the Wii in their room wasn't working. I hadn't used the Wii in my gym in a long time, so I figured I'd could move it to their room. As I got it all set up, I figured I'd do a little Wii Fit myself.

I remember seeing a post a few days ago from Katie, on her Runs for Cookies blog. In this post, she mentions how she got back on her Wii after a long break and the resulting weight gain documented. I could relate ... I knew that would be the case with me. It had been a little over six months since I'd stood on the Wii and weighed in there. Back in October, I had FINALLY managed to get into the 140s and was feeling good. Now? I know I've put on some pounds. I weigh in every day and document it every Friday here on the blog ... but to see it there shown after a big break, instead of the daily slide. Fourteen pounds. Ouch! It's not very nice when your little Wii Mii suddenly plumps up!

Now the Wii isn't a big "exercise" for me. I like my Zumba and elliptical for cardio. I do my own weight workout. I do like the balance exercises on the Wii, as I don't feel like I really have them in my general routine. I could tell I was rusty as I attempted the soccer heading, skiing, and I forget the name of the one where you have to drop the marbles into the holes.

What was fun, is that the boys saw me on the Wii ... and they got back into WiiFit too. I mean I'm sure they will be spending time playing SuperSmashBrothers and Mario, but I'm going to encourage them to spend some time doing WiiFit too. We're already competing for steps on Fitbit, let's see if they can beat me on some of the Wii activities. Except that the ones they like aren't necessarily the ones I like, so who knows if that will actually happen.

We just have the regular old Wii ... not the Wii U. The kids looked up the Wii U Fit and said that it's quite superior. The console is definitely superior in price, then you have to buy new games too! I think I'll just stick with my tried and true, and see if I can Wii a bit each day this summer. See if I can slim down my little, or NOT so little Mii. Unfortunately ... she's moved into the overweight category again :(

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  1. Good luck and just to beat the kids at their own game become the master of the things they like on wii fit!!!! :-)

    Good luck with de-plumping your mini wii

  2. LOL'd at the title. It's great that the kids can enjoy it with you.

  3. I haven't used my Wii Fit in ages. Maybe I should dust it off :)


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