Sunday, June 21, 2015

WWI #100 - Worst Week in a While

Not a good week at all ... but it could have been worse! Had a disappointing Monday morning, when I went to Zumba and we couldn't get the music to work (later uncovered it was some faulty cords which have now been replaced). It was just discouraging to drive out (it's one that is a bit further for me), wait ... and then head home without any dancing calorie burn. I did manage to have a decent day, even still hit 30k ...

Then Tuesday night, I got one of those calls you don't want to get. My dad had just had a heart attack. Hubs and I joined the my family at the hospital. Dad is 78, but has stayed very active and is in good health, so this did come as a shock. He had been playing tennis with my 17-year old nephew at the time. A neighbor saw him fall and called her husband (a doctor) who performed CPR. The ambulance got their quickly, and he was transported to the hospital. That night, we were there until around 2:00. The next day, he was still sedated, with a breathing tube and respirator. His heart seemed to have come through things fine (two stents inserted) and his kidneys had survived (they can be damaged during the process) but his brain function was still in question.  It wasn't until Thursday that he was able to wake up and remember us all. 

Unfortunately, his short term memory is still foggy. He couldn't remember the heart attack and didn't know why he was in the hospital. Even though he was the one in bed, in a hospital gown, hooked up to machines, he thought he was just visiting someone there. My grandmother had alzheimers and this was reminiscent of that. Hubs and I were on the late shift the next couple nights (Thurs/Fri) and when it was time to take Mom home, Dad was adamant that HE was going to. He didn't need to stay in the hospital, he'd be better off at home, he was just fine ... it was really hard!

He is improving every day. Physically, his healing is leaps and bounds ahead of what is expected after such an ordeal. We hope his short term memory and logic come back quickly too!  Every year, we have a big family party on Father's Day. We received a surprise this morning when the doctors agreed that Dad COULD come home (he is just to agitated being in the hospital, he probably will do better at home) and could even come to the family party! So Happy Father's Day indeed!

Here's a picture from last year ...
Last year, I had suggested a picture with Dad and us six kids. We've had lots of family shots and such, but I couldn't remember the last "Dad and Kids" picture. Mom and Dad have also really been working at getting all their affairs in order (wills and trusts) and encouraging us all to do the same. You just never know!

I'm often sharing our family Fitbit stats. As my son (on an LDS mission to Mexico) sends me his steps each week, I update them, then see how he stands in steps compared to the rest of us.  My dad, (Grandpa) is always there in the top 10 (although just barely this past week, #9). My boys have been more active as summer has started, but Grandpa has often had them beat in the past. He'd just gone on a big hike up the mountains the day before his heart attack ... and had one planned for this weekend too. We are so glad that things worked out the way they did! If he'd been up on a trail, he wouldn't have had the medical help so quickly and we would have lost him. Even at home, in the back yard garden, or in the house ... I don't know that it would have been witnessed and acted upon so quickly.    It will take some time to recover, and Grandpa will slip from his spot here in the next bit, but at this point we're pretty sure he'll be back!

So as for me ... there was some emotional/comfort eating. I was sitting at my desk at one point during the week when I realized (with wrappers as evidence) that I'd gone through several servings of chocolate Resisen carmel candies. I was still able to hit most of my Zumba classes during the rest of the week, but I could feel the impact there in the exercise as well. Mom may need more help in the upcoming weeks too, so we'll have to see what that does to eating and exercise coming up. 

As we were waiting that Tuesday night ... I couldn't sit still. Yes, some was nerves and such, but mostly I am just NOT a sitter. It's physically uncomfortable for me. I was already at my daily goal of 22k (I hit 22923 that day), so it wasn't that I needed the steps.  I was trying to unobtrusively walk around. My SIL joined me, saying she was in a competition to get 10k a day and just needed a few more before midnight.  We had to laugh a little at the sign posted there in the waiting room ... the meaning is "don't move the furniture around" which I didn't do, but I was definitely moving around the furniture making my little laps.

Weight IS up ... again. Officially over 160 this week :(  up 1.1 from last week. Average is up even more (161.67). Average intake for the week was 2357, with average daily burn 2717. Crunching the numbers, I didn't have a deficit, but was over by 950 calories. 

... and now, off to our family Father's Day party.
Father's Day 2015.
Why yes, I believe Dad is wearing the same shirt as last year!


  1. You had a terribly stressful week with your Dad's heart attack (and so fortunate to get such immediate treatment). Under the circumstances I think the tiny gain is entirely understandable. Take care.

  2. So sorry that about your Dad's heart attack, but it sounds like he's lucky to have had this happen with help nearby. I hope he gets well soon! I know you said you're up a pound...don'e be too hard on yourself. ^^like Kitty said, you've had a stressful week! sending you virtual hugs :D


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