Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Walking with Walgreens

Do you have a Walgreens near you? As part of their balance rewards program, you can earn $$ rewards just for walking! A while back, I did a Reaping the Rewards post, mentioning the various programs out there that offer incentives for activity (if you wanted a little something more than weight loss and better health *Ü*). Since then I've been updating with my experiences with the different programs (Everymove Update, Achievemint Update). I originally signed up for the Walgreens balance rewards and linked up my Fitbit last summer, so I've had a bit of time to work with it.

Unlike some of the other programs, the Walgreens rewards are fairly limited. They only sync with Fitbit, BodyMedia, Wirthings and Omron. You can input activity and weigh-ins manually ... but it's SO much easier when it links and syncs automatically. You can just set it up and forget about it and start earning.

There are limitations to the Walgreens walking program. You can only earn 1000 points per month from your steps. I usually hit it a few days into the month. That's equal to $1. You do need to get to 5000 points ($5) before you can redeem anything. If you hang onto your points though, they do gain additional value ...

So ... it's not a HUGE reward. You can earn about $12 credit through steps each year. This does need to be used toward a Walgreens purchase. I can see why Walgreens is offering this return. Before I heard about the walking rewards, I didn't really pay any attention to their balance rewards program. Now, being linked up, I do check out their ad and have made some purchases, earning additional rewards that way. Just before Christmas, I redeemed 30,000 points (9000 of those had been earned through walking and weigh-ins) and got $35 off my purchase. I was pretty happy with that.

So if you have a Walgreens nearby (they have decent online deals often with free shipping over $25 if you don't) and you have a Fitbit/BodyMedia/Wirthings/Omron, or are willing to enter your activity yourself, it's a rewards program worth checking out. Walgreens Balance Rewards (I'm in no way associated with Walgreens other than simply shopping there occasionally and earning my rewards).

Linking up with Lisa and Kristin for Tips and Tricks Tuesday! I also stumbled up another Walgreens Rewards Walking article. Check it out for even more info and another recommendation. Then go get off the computer and get walking! *Ü*


  1. Great tip!! I didn't know about this, I'm totally on board for any company encouraging fitness and walking! Thanks so much for linking up, excited to see you next week!


  2. I forgot about this! I shop Walgreen's regularly and KNEW about the activity points...but then a butterfly flitted by and I forgot. So thank you for posting about it, Jen!

  3. We have the WalGreens bonus card but I didn't know I could link my FitBit up to eat for mor points - gonna have to check on that - thanks!!

  4. I actually did know about this and forgot! Thanks for the reminder!

  5. thanks for sharing I did not know this and I will have to check into it. Have a great day

  6. I had never heard of that! They could stand to let you earn a bit more, but I'm all for reaping any benefits for something I do anyway!! Thanks for linking this tip up at Tips and Tricks Tuesday! I dropped my "blogspot" and moved to my own domain, be sure to stop by and link up again - I always look forward to your posts!


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