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Update Alert - This program was discontinuted ;(

Remember Kmart's Blue Light Specials? I do. Kmart has made a bit of a comeback lately with their clever commercials (if you have not seen them, here's a link to the Ship Your Pants one, the first and funniest one).  We have both a Kmart and a Sears store quite close, but they aren't stores I'd shop frequently... until recently. 

One of the blogs I follow (Healthy Diva Eats) posted a bit about the FitStudio program a couple of months ago. I had not heard about it previously, but I LOVE rewards programs and participate in almost all of them (Reaping the Rewards). I went ahead and signed up for FitStudio and have been receiving about $8 in store credit every week.  I thought I'd share with you a review of the program and my experiences so far.
  • Getting Started: It's very easy to sign up for FitStudio. Quick heads up from me, IF you already have a "ShopYourWayRewards" account, DO take the time to look it up. There is a place during sign up that asks if you are already a member and will ask for the email/phone associated with it. This will make sure your FitStudio points will credit to your ShopYourWay Rewards. I neglected to notice that, and so I had two separate accounts, which I then had to contact customer service to combine. Not a huge deal, but easier to start off on the right foot.
  • Connections: I believe you can enter workouts manually, but Fitstudio will auto-sync to a number of devices and apps..  Fitbit, BodyMedia, MapMyApps, Runkeeper, MFP ... You can just workout and receive credit.
  • Earning Points: 1000 points = $1 off your purchase. The main "reward" is Fitin14 ... each week you can earn 5000 points ($5 credit) if you reach 14 miles. With my Fitbit linked, it just logs automatically. I don't have to do anything other than the exercise I'd be doing anyway.  You can earn additional points for minutes, workouts, distance ... in truth, I'm still figuring out some of this myself! There are "goals" and "challenges" you can sign up for. You can also earn some social points ... by logging in, sending/accepting friend requests, posting to Facebook/Twitter. As you sign-up originally, there are extra points for simply filling out your profile. Here's a link to the FitStudio points page.
  • What to Watch:  One thing to be aware of going in, these reward points expire FAST. Almost all the exercise points are only good for one week. Use them or lose them.  In addition to logging into your FitStudio, it's worth it to sign up for some emails and check your "Shop Your Way Rewards" as well, as you will often receive additional offers there. Surprise points that you can use with your regular reward points. The offers often do have restrictions ($5 off a $15 purchase in a specific department for example). While you can use these two offers together, I believe the fine print says only ONE surprise point offer may be redeemed per transaction (and often you will have a few on the table). 
***Update:  Fall2015 Fitstudio updated their points policy and doesn't give out quite as many any more, but I still participate in the program. Watch emails for "surprise points" and play their sweepstakes games to augment for Fitstudio earnings :)
As I mentioned, Kmart and Sears weren't stores I frequented too much. But now, as I have $8-$20 credit in rewards waiting for me, I have been making a weekly trip. It's gone pretty smoothly. Just give them your telephone# or email, and you'll need to input your pin if redeeming rewards over $10.  

Now, I've probably spent some money that I might not have otherwise (I'm sure that's the point of the program, to just get you in the store) but I've also got some great deals! Instead of buying Easter candy elsewhere, I picked it up a Kmart with my points. When the boy needed some new shoes, I went to Kmart and actually got what he wanted for a lot less, even before using my points!  Just last week, I picked up this load of flowers practically for free (after my $5 off $15 from lawn and garden surprise points, and my $8.50 in exercise earned Fitstudio points, the original $16 total went down to $2.50).  I've stopped and shopped Sears too.

I've had a couple of frustrations ... "friends" disappearing (not a big deal really, I think most "friend" requests on FitStudio are to gain points) and sometimes not being exactly sure how/when/why the points are being credited (although I've always got my 5000 Fitin14 every week). Before I read the fine print, I tried to redeem two different surprise points in one transaction (and only one came off) but customer service was nice enough to credit my account. ONE time, the computer would not seem to link up to credit my points, but again, the customer service made sure I got my credit.

So I am giving the FitStudio a big thumbs up! I'd love to hear anyone's experience who does NOT have one of the devices, but logs activity manually ... I wonder if that is worth it. Unlike some of the other reward programs I've joined, this does take a little more effort, just being aware of your points, when you have them and watching when they expire.  There is an app you can put on your phone to help keep track (for the ShopYourWay, not specifically for the FitStudio). If you don't have a store near you, you can shop with your points online.

I've been excited to post about this, as it really is a great little program. It's nice when you can reap a little reward for your activity! Maybe it will motivate you to move more ... gotta get those 14 miles in! It HAS motivated me to shop more ... but I get in some steps shopping too!

 Here's an example of one of my weeks ... $8.78 in store credit
Just for working out!
  Check out my UPDATE on this and other reward programs

Now for a quick weekend recap ...

Weekends mean sports! Friday night, #2 had two basketball games, at 7:00 and 9:00 (I made highlight videos of his games ... that was my weekend as well). There was an hour to wait in-between games. I LOVE waiting (not).  At the high school, I found a deserted hallway and I walked up and down it while I waited. I got in 5000 steps and a little reading too. Saturday morning, I took #5 to his soccer game. I video taped it, so the battery was dead when I needed to take #3 to his basketball game right after. All the spectators were on one set of bleachers, leaving a second set empty. I went to the empty area and walked back and forth, or stepped up and down ... another 5000 steps instead of just sitting, while still watching and cheering.

Saturday I spent some time in the flowerbeds, planting the flowers I'd purchased (well, almost free with FitStudio points) this week. I'll need to add some more petunias and a nice big hanging basket. I have a thing for birdhouses ... how many can you see hiding in my garden?  LOVE the smell of my lilac bush, I just wish it lasted longer! The weather was so nice this weekend.

Hubby and I went out to a movie Saturday night. The latest Captain America. I ate too many movie treats. Sunday was a general Sunday ... our big family breakfast (Belgian waffles, bacon, hash browns) then church. Dinner, homemade oreos. Weekend eats and exercise (walking at basketball games not withstanding) are not good. I enjoy the sleeping in, but it's Monday ... time to get back at it!

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  1. I linked up and that ship your pants commercial is the most hilarious thing I have ever seen--we laugh everytime we see it!!!


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