Friday, June 3, 2016

May 2016

I keep thinking I'll turn things around ... then I don't. 
The scale continued to move in the wrong direction this month.  

WEIGHT: Started the month at 166.3. Ended it at 168.8. High was 170.5. Low 165.3. Average was 167.37.  STATS: Intake average was 2469. Burn was 2866. Step average 21773. 150minWeights, 3271 cardio minutes, 258.77 miles. FOOD: I'd have the rare day where I'd keep calories low, but lots of high days (one REALLY high one!). My re-interest in Pinterest had me baking up a lot of goodies, and Hubs got me some salted caramels for Mother's Day. FITNESS: While not always an hour, I got in some elliptical most days, and did hit an hour regularly. 22 Zumba sessions. Just three on the bike. Hit the weights four times. FRIENDS: On the sad side, one Zumba friend was diagnosed with Leukemia. A  basketball mom my age had a heart attack and died (I didn't know her myself, but many of my friends were close, and my kids know her kids). Life is short. On the happy side, one of my Zumba friends had her baby girl (Congrats Amanda!) FAMILY: Basketball slowed (although there was some basketball stress), a ton more ducky distraction (one of our eggs hatched, we adopted five ducklings, then Wild Momma and 13 babies showed up!) We had Mother's Day (treats and a call from our missionary, as well as visits to both our families). Hubs had several derbies, but Meniere's and pinched nerve problems continued to really make things difficult and miserable this month. School is slowing down and almost out ... that will certainly shift up schedules. Here comes summer!

0501 (Sunday) 166.3. Steps 10697. Total Burn 2237. Exercise Burn 126/492 (10minElliptical). Calories in 1650. Didn't sleep in as much as we usually do on Sunday as we had family coming over and I wanted to clean up some and get breakfast prepped. We had the whole crew over, it was fun. Our little egg didn't hatch while they were here (we were hoping) but our wild duck stopped by so everyone could see.  We had our Sunday Circles and bacon and eggs. Did lay down for a bit after everyone left to attempt to recharge for the next family party ... waffles again (monthly activity on my side of the family). My brother was hosting this month, and it was a bit of a drive (freeway) which affects me badly. Their house isn't very big either, for the crowd, so I get a little claustrophobic too. It's just been a long, social, week, I'm not used to being out and about so much. Draining. Also realized there is a conflict between Hub's planned trip and the boy's basketball camp, which is such a huge bummer! Tough choice for the boys to have to decide whether or not to go make memories on a big family vacation, while feeling like they can't skip the basketball camp (which they do love and want to do) without it affecting their chances at making/starting next year. :(  At least my depression and stress kept calories in check today. Little duckling hatched while we were gone ... we were hoping it would wait. He's SO tiny!

0502 (Monday) 166.4. Steps 17865. Total Burn 2650. Exercise Burn 650/879 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2400. Depressed and dragging after the go, go, go of the last few days and events. I talked myself out of hitting Zumba. With the drive, and me lacking energy ... I did get a little nap in instead. Also feeling down about the messy house and such and did some cleanup. It will never be "clean" ... just "better" than it was. Discouraging. #2 originally had a game scheduled for Tuesday, but it was switched to today, and at a location I dared drive to, so I went to watch. They lost, but almost tied it there at the end. Stopped at Smiths on the way home to grab a few groceries. We've been watching a couple of the other eggs that were showing signs of hatching soon. Cracks and wiggles and such. I felt sure we'd have another duckling by the time I returned home from the game. Instead ... the duckling died before it escaped the egg. We aren't sure why or what happened, but it broke my heart. It was there, so close. What happened?? Seriously, I cried, and just want to give up on this whole duck thing because it's too easy to get emotionally attached ... to an egg! And then of course our little solo duck ... ducklings aren't meant to be alone. They are such social creatures. That crushed me too. The little guy was peeping all night long. Between my sadness at the other eggs (at this point we don't think any of them are going to hatch) and feeling so bad for our baby (and he was VERY noisy, literally keeping me awake even though he was in the laundry room with two doors closed between us) I don't know if I slept at all.

0503 (Tuesday) 166.4. Steps 22769. Total Burn 2987. Exercise Burn 1098/1216 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3100. Sometimes I ready to get up and face the day, even at 5:30 in the morning, after not sleeping well because ... why bother staying in bed if I'm not sleeping. Got the boys off to school. The littles went early, as soon as I returned from dropping off #3 at middle school, as #4 was leaving on a field trip at 8:30. School doesn't start until 8:50. They needed the kids there by 8:20, which is only a little earlier than I usually drop them off, but as #4 said "I still want to get my playing in before school). Okay ... I might have skipped Zumba again, but I was committed to class this morning as Marian was out of town so I had the key, box and was leading (although I did have another gal there to help). I actually thought I'd grab a nap today but it didn't happen. More peeping. I spent quite a bit of time with ducky. I let him run around my feet (I had to stay quite stationary so I didn't step on him) while I did my hair and makeup, then let him come down to the kitchen with me while I prepped dinner and make a lemon cake. I've been a little off in the brain lately, seriously! When making the cake I goofed on the amount of water, oil and eggs ... right while reading from the recipe. How does that happen (even if distracted by a duckling?) I'm rather surprised the cake still turned out okay. When our wild ducky girl flew in, I took baby outside to introduce them, and boy was she interested in him! She stopped what she was doing (eating, swimming) and came right over, closer to me than she's ever been, making little noises. Duckling was a little intimidated by her (having imprinted more on humans) but we spent a good 20 minutes outside just sitting in the sun, letting baby get some outside time. Picked up the boys from school and we had an early dinner as Hubs and #3 were off for a derby and #5 and I were off for his two games. Again ... my brain wasn't thinking and I didn't pull the video card from the camera to move the four Saturday games, the party, last night's game. I ran out of space. I rummaged through my purse and found a backup card, but not before I missed catching one of #5's great layups. They lost both games though. We'd won a couple as this league started, but have been solid losses the last few weeks. Still good practice though, which is showing up in their playing in the Saturday league. Hubs had brought home FIVE baby ducklings (we have a connection, the same place we got the eggs, and two ducklings last year, and we gave this farm our remaining mallard last year after the other two flew away and left her alone). They are mallards, but they are a black mutation, so they look different. Four are almost identical, although one is gray, and we can tell our original. While he hated being alone, he also seemed very intimidated being inundated with these new additions. He was running away from them while they were trying to come to him for comfort. They are all the same size, they hatched a couple days ago too apparently. Uno (our original duckling) did seem to acclimate, so it was a better night for me.

0504 (Wednesday) 166.5. Steps 24000. Total Burn 2985. Exercise Burn 1032/1214 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Feeling SO tired. Got in my early elliptical though, and made myself go to Zumba, although I couldn't quite work up good energy there. Stopped at Sams and Walmart on the way home to grab a few groceries. Took two ducklings outside today when our wild girl stopped by. Again, Uno stayed more by me, but the other little duckling was drawn right to the female duck. After school, #3 took all the babies swimming in the tub while I cleaned out their box. That room sure got stinky fast! I've been trying to work on cleaning the two "middle earth" rooms (one now being the "ducky" room) and gave boxes piled up for donation to the thrift store, but still oodles to go. Got an email notification that the middle school was on lockdown while a threat was investigated. Apparently someone had written something about the school being shot up ... that exact thing (the threat written in the bathroom) had happened Monday at the high school. #3 and baked snickerdoodles in the afternoon, then he, #5 and I went to watch #2 play in a basketball game at the high school. I'd forgotten the video camera and ran home quick, missing the first few minutes (and 11 points). It was a pretty easy win for our boys. Maga came and watched too, and stopped by after to say hello to the ducklings (and Hubs and #4).

0505 (Thursday) 166.1. Steps 23022. Total Burn 2856. Exercise Burn 1000/1087 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 4100. I knew we were going to go out to dinner tonight, so I figured I should bank calories for that ... but I didn't. Uber over today, the day before weigh-in, not good! Did get in my elliptical and Zumba. Marian was gone, so Melanie was leading class today. Christa, Silvia and I each did one number too. Out to Tepanyaki for dinner. Even though I'd already eaten a ton, I was very hungry!
0506 (Friday) 167.2.  Steps 24437. Total Burn 3056. Exercise Burn 1214/1281 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 40minWEIGHTS). Calories in 2000. With late start, I could have slept in, but I was awake, so I got up early still. Got the boys off to school, and hit Nicole's Zumba class. Wasn't sure it was going to happen when we arrived and tables were set up for a graduation party. We pushed the tables aside and danced anyway, as it was a small group. Got in some weights at home. Baked up the rest of the snickerdoodle dough, thinking I'd send some with #5 when I dropped him off for his carpool ... but alas, they all got eaten. I worked on muvees, and got caught up on #5's highlights. We got hit with quite the rainstorm! Thunder and lightening, and I was worried about #4, but he made it through okay. I made some homemade oreos and sent them with the carpool when they dropped #5 off after practice. Even with all the cookies, I kept calories in check. I felt like it was a good, productive day.

0507 (Saturday) 166.1. Steps 17530. Total Burn 2516. Exercise Burn 634/747 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2516.  Again, I could have slept in, but I was awake, so I got up and hit the elliptical then went outside and moved the ducky pool so I could mow the lawn later in the day when it dried out. Did a little work in the flowerbeds too ... I haven't picked up or planted ANY flowers this year. Just haven't cared enough. I loaded up all the DI Donations and went and dropped them off, then hit Winco, grabbing some Tapioca flour and a couple other groceries. I then stopped at my folks to give my mom her mother's day gift. A Roku box and a subscription to PlayOnPlus. I then spent the next couple hours teaching her how to work it all, going over Amazon and Kindle, making sure her Fitbit was syncing, etc. Got hit with rain again on the way home ... I guess I wouldn't mow the lawn after all. Hubs had started smoking some roasts last evening (actually had to leave the garage door open all night) and pulled the meat apart in the late morning. I took some to my folks when I went out (and they sent home some chicken salad with me ... we have lots of leftovers in the fridge now). Hubs also smoked/seared a steak for dinner, making mashed taters too. I had done pretty good on calories, so I was still under goal. Feeling my weight workout from yesterday ... a good stiff/sore.

0508 (Sunday) 166.1 Steps 8167. Total Burn 2092. Exercise Burn 220/308 (20minElliptical) Calories in 2600. Mother's Day ... I must admit, I'm one of those who really dislikes the day. Hubs and the kids did the usual breakfast in bed, and we got a call from our missionary later in the afternoon. #3 and I made some of the copy cat Swig sugarcookies, and I thought they turned out pretty good. He's been into baking and cooking lately, and it's been fun to do it with him. Sleep has been elusive, both and night, and I didn't even try for a nap today. I did get through some clips from one of #2's games and made a muvee. Updated a little on the basketball blog. We went out to dinner at Red Robin. #4 split the fish and chips with me, so I didn't feel I did too badly on calories. We then stopped at Maga's (well, she was down the street at my BIL's house) to drop off a gift. She came over to our house a bit later too, bringing a couple of the cousins (and Ana brought her kids) to check out the ducklings.

0509 (Monday) 168.1. Steps 26962. Total Burn 3240. Exercise Burn 1194/1046 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1500. I must admit, I was quit discouraged standing on the scale Monday morning. I'm used to big jumps, but after being good Fri/Sat and not being nearly as bad yesterday as I was last Sunday (when I also had a 2-pound jump) ... just discouraged. Getting up at 5:30 has become second nature now though. I wonder if I'll go back to sleeping in when school is out, or if I might be able to keep getting up early. We'll see. I got in a couple sessions early elliptical while getting the boys off to school. Went out to Zumba ... forgot my water again! I had it all prepped. My brain is defective lately. I was running late, but they hadn't started. Audio issues. When they plugged the box in, it started smoking! I had my backup cord in my car, for just such a situation, and it saved the day. I had good energy for class today (although I did have to run to the hall a couple of times for a drink). I stopped at Savers on the way home, found some cute birdhouses for my garden. Also did a little grocery shopping at Maceys, but forgot to pick up more skim milk. Again, where is my brain? That was one of the main things I needed! Lots to do at home. Putting groceries away, a dishwasher and sink full of dishes and a couple loads of laundry. Got a little blogging (my weekly weigh-in that should have been done Friday) and a bit of basketball clips reviewed. Picked up the munchkins after school and then #3 and took the duckies outside for a bit and I changed their bedding/water, etc. They sure do make a mess! I did see our wild girl for a bit this morning. We were hit with more rain, I thought today was supposed to be nice. I transformed some of Hub's leftover pulled beef into french dip sandwiches for dinner. #3 had a 9:00 game at Corner Canyon. Our boys lost, but my son didn't really care (losing ended the tournament, winning would have meant another game and he really wasn't wanting to play more). This spring season has been a huge disappointment. After being asked to be on the "A" team, with his best buddies, some of which he hadn't played with in a few years, he was SO excited ... then broke his wrist and was out. After he was recovered he was relegated to the "B" team and, they aren't good. It's been more frustrating than fun and he's ready to call it quits (for future summer leagues) even if it affects his chances for making the sophomore team in the fall. I couldn't get to sleep ... I never can after late games, even if the game itself doesn't stress me out. I am a little stressed about the whole basketball politics thing, that probably didn't help. Hubs couldn't sleep either, his shoulder has really been bothering him. 

0510 (Tuesday) 166.1. Steps 27045. Total Burn 3035. Exercise Burn 1200/1267 (60minElliptical, Zumba, LawnMow). Calories in 2000.  Wifi has been SO bad lately! I had 20min left on my show from yesterday, and when I finished my 20min this morning, I still had 10min left on my show! Grrrrr. Did get in my hour of elliptical throughout the day, although the final 10min wasn't until right before bed. Zumba class was good, I got over 7000 steps. I had a little free time today (well, my messy kitchen begs to differ) and decided to lay down for a quick nap as sleep has been so elusive lately ... but alas, while I was feeling tired I couldn't fall asleep. I did some work on the computer but am still so behind there (on blog updates, basketball videos, etc). We took all six ducklings out to visit with our wild girl. She is interested in them, and they her, but she does peck at them some too and we had to intervene. Silly girl keeps standing on the side of the pool letting all the water out! I have it in the "garden" right now, off the grass, which makes it easier to mow. I did mow the lawn today. The recent rains have helped it grow and get greener. Our duckies aren't the only Blackham birds. We have starlings nesting out front and back as they do every year, and I've put birdseed out in my flower garden and have been attracting a ton of birds there. I like to watch them out the kitchen window. #2 had a basketball game up at East in the evening (they won) and #5 had his final two games in the Murray league (they lost them both again). I took my audiobook and listened while I watched and videotaped. Hubs has still been hurting :(  He's pretty miserable. Needs to get into the doctor and see what the next steps are for his neck pain. I pushed it right up to the 2000 limit today on calories. I did indulge in one (or two) of the leftover Swig copycat cookies. I thought I might not be as tempted, as we are completely out of skim milk (still have 2% but I can't drink that stuff). I was still drawn to it though, even without milk. Just one left now ... even without a nap, I still couldn't get to sleep easily.  

0511 (Wednesday) 165.8. Steps 30431. Total Burn 3341. Exercise Burn 1100/1568 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2250. Got in a full 40min early elliptical, and then a couple more 10min ones throughout the day to equal my hour. Felt good at Zumba, I was surprised the stats weren't a little higher, but I guess maybe a few songs I wasn't as familiar with, and a couple "slower" songs may have impacted me. I stopped at Sam's and Walmart after ... I always get more steps on shopping days. I did finally buy some flowers, first for the year. I wasn't too surprised when Hubs came home from work early. He's sure been struggling with neck pain. I did find some muscle relaxers prescribed after his last incident and I do think that helped a bit for the afternoon/evening. With him sleeping it off in the bedroom, I couldn't do blogging or basketball clips (as planned) so I took the ducklings outside and planted flowers while they played. I even got all six back in the brooder on my own! #2 did have a basketball game in the evening. I hadn't had it on my calendar, but I was free, so I went to watch as it was just over at the high school. They won. Went a little over on intake. Opened a big bag of Lays chips, that was a mistake. Finished up the last of my mint chocolate chip ice cream ... can I stop myself from buying more?

0512 (Thursday) 166.1. Steps 21240. Total Burn 2874. Exercise Burn 1005/1108 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3500. Did a couple sessions early elliptical, got the kids off to school and hit Zumba class. As Marian did JiaHo again, my arms just burned! Not sure why they are so tired, it's not like I did a weight workout or anything. I had trouble getting the energy up today. Days like this I'm glad I'm just a student in the class, not up front leading (although I did do one song, and tried to step it up for that). After class, I stopped at Walgreens, wanting to grab a couple basketballs to have on hand for the next time the boys pop one (it happens so often!) I couldn't find them in stock (they'd been sale priced in the ad) but I did find my big water bottle again! I'd grabbed mine and BigLots a couple months ago and people have asked about it. Now I can mention Walgreens ... and I grabbed me a backup in blue (maybe in blue the boys would use it too?) I grabbed some of the "RedNoses" for charity as well. Back home, I checked Walgreens online, but alas the balls aren't available online, only in stores (and is SAID they had some in stock at the store, maybe I should have asked around) but I found some other deals and ended up with a $60 order, $10 off for using visa checkout, and I got 22,000+ points (about $22 on a next purchase), so not bad for a Thrifty Thursday. I then spent some time on the computer completing a Thrifty Thursday post ... and a picture of me in my red nose. I also finally got around to finishing up the basketball highlight video of #3's Spring Slam games (where they got slammed, lost all five games ... but Mommy can still make it look good!) I made some more Swig sugar cookies ... and ate some too. I did bad on eating today. I didn't even realize HOW bad until I got everything entered. I need to input food in MFP before I eat, and maybe that will help stop some of the eating!
0513 (Friday) 167.9. Steps 24647. Total Burn 3055. Exercise Burn 1250/1293 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, WEIGHTS). Calories in 1990. Ooooh, Friday the 13th, but as you can see by my stats, actually a great day for me! I was up early still ... kitty is hungry for food in the morning and is usually at my door waking me up. Good to get an early start anyway. Got the boys off to school. Elliptical today was three 20min sessions. I actually did an hour of Zumba on my own! Practicing a couple songs and doing some favorites. Also got in weights and bike. The munchkins had done a "fun run" race at school today, and both placed first in their grade (#5 tied, but he and his buddy planned staying together). #5 wasn't quite feeling up to his basketball practice, and I guess a couple of the other kids weren't going to make it, so they cancelled. Hubs's truck needed service, so I met him at TopStop on his way home from work. I did a quick stop at Walgreens again ... I'd called and they had a couple basketballs waiting for me this time. I took #3 out to his buddy's house in Copperton. I was SO tired in the evening, literally dropping. Hubs took pity on me and told me to go to bed and he'd pick up the kid ... and I took him up on the offer. 

0514 (Saturday) 166.8. Steps 15529. Total Burn 2577. Exercise Burn 462/804 (10minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3400. One of my free Zumba classes I hadn't been able to hit for a while (HeatherH) was doing a Saturday morning class at 8:00. A little early, but I've been waking up anyway lately (especially with kitty's help). I decided to hit it. When I got bake home, Hubs had been running errands himself and brought home donuts! DONUTS. Of course I had one ... maybe two. He remembered the pink cookies too. Not good eating! Hubs prepped brisket for tomorrow's dinner, getting it started on the smoker. Funny, the smell seeps into the attic (as the smoker is in the garage with the door open) and from there seeps into places in the house. The toilet closet in the main bath really had a smoke scent. I pulled my sewing machine up from downstairs and worked on making my Pinterest-inspired hanging towels. They turned out really cute! #5 had a game at 3:00.  They won. He was willing to let me do a quick stop at Hancock fabrics on the way home to grab more ribbon ... now I need to get more towels. I plan on making more for gift-giving. Dropped #3 off at friends for fun and a movie (he was able to get a ride home). In the evening, as I'd already blown my calories for the day, I told Hubs I wanted popcorn. He went and picked up "The Martian" from Redbox, and made popcorn. I really enjoyed the movie, a lot of humor! It was a nice day outside, so we pulled the ducklings up and let them stay in the pen outside. Our wild girl came, and it was the first time Hubs had been there to witness how she interacts with us and the babies. She even ate a worm out of #3's hand (very guarded, but she did). 

0515 (Sunday) 168.8. Steps 6774. Total Burn 2029. Exercise Burn 105/86 (10minElliptical). Calories in 3700. Why is it so easy to exercise Mon-Thurs, but the weekend, especially Sunday, is SO hard. I started the day with 10min on the elliptical, and it felt like such a push! We had our Sunday Circles breakfast, but I snitched a Swig cookie even before that. They are dangerous! Hubs took the two little boys to a movie (Captain America Civil War) ... I'm "off" movies, I don't like just sitting (I prefer my bed with a DVD, subtitles, etc) and I'm not even sure I want to see this one. I know it's supposed to be really good, but I'm not wanting to witness all the conflict. I like Captain America and Ironman! I got a nap instead, in my quiet house. We had some rain in the morning, enough that we were a bit worried about the window well! It cleared up by afternoon, and we brought the ducklings outside. Hubs had bought them a new, bigger brooder box and as attempting some pea gravel under the water to help with the spillage onto the towel in the box. They are such messy little critters. Spent some time on the computer with blog updates and making a muvee (Pammy'sParty). Had our brisket dinner, with mashed taters and Brazillian cheese rolls. I made homemade oreos too. Very over on calories, even if it wasn't a completely inactive day (which it was). 

0516 (Monday) 170.5. Steps 27871. Total Burn 3239. Exercise Burn 1128/1145 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2350. Ooops, up over 170 again ;(  Not surprising nor undeserved though. Back at it today. Up early, although I did need my alarm to wake me. Got in a couple 20min sessions of early elliptical while getting the boys off to school. Hit my Zumba class, then stopped at Big5 and Kmart on the way home. Should have stopped at Smiths too to grab a couple groceries, but my legs were too tired. Back at home I put the ducklings in the backyard, did some kitchen cleaning and computer catch-up. Afternoon carpools and prepped leftover beef for taco dinners. Spent some time out with the ducks. Both the male and female flew in ... the male was very standoff-ish, and as I got too close (changing out the water for them) he flew off. I let the babies out of the pen (gotta watch them with the wild girl and she'll peck at them sometimes) and dug up worms in the garden. Then  inside for a warm bath and back in the brooder for bed. I was feeling a bit off in the evening ... lightheaded and the world was spinning a bit (can empathize with hubby's issues). I wish I could say it was from an extremely low calorie day, but alas, I'd gone over (still under burn, but over goal). I took a shower and was ready for sleep at 9:30. My phone had other ideas though ... it was possessed! Suddenly playing a video, or checking stocks ... weird!
0517 (Tuesday) 168.6. Steps 28346. Total Burn 3237. Exercise Burn 1375/1454 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2100. I did need my alarm to wake me up this morning ... but got in two 20min sessions in the morning while getting the boys off to school. I should have walked to Zumba, but the car needed gas, so I figured I'd fill up right after (gas just jumped to $2.46). People were waiting outside the church, Marian was there but hadn't unlocked the door all the way. I called and she came out and let us in. It was a good class today, I was able to get the energy and heart rate up. I put the ducklings outside as soon as I got home. I got in some time on the bike, mowed the front lawn and even did a weights session.  Got a blog post up, finished a basketball muvee and did a little sewing, and of course the usual bit of housework and laundry. In late afternoon I glanced out at the ducky pen and NO duckies! The chaise covering the opening of the pen had fallen over and the babies were out. They were so happy to be running around, that I ended up spending the next hour supervising and digging up worms for them. I'd had to pull the entire pen out in the morning, as the towel was soaked and the pen needed washing down. Hubs wanted to try making mac and cheese on the smoker for dinner. He wasn't thrilled with how it turned out, he'll keep experimenting. #2 had a basketball game in the evening, but it was at East, out of my comfort zone ... but they won.

0518 (Wednesday) 166.6. Steps 25466. Total Burn 3018. Exercise Burn 1120/1246 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2550. Didn't have to wake #2 early, as a "morningside" replaced early morning seminary, and #2 takes the day off. #3 however, wanted to go, so I did have to drive him there at 6:00. It really shouldn't have messed with my morning schedule much, just rearranged it (as then I didn't have to drive him at 7:30) but I got distracted by duckies (making a Facebook page for daily ducky posts) and only got in one 20min session on the elliptical in the morning while getting the other boys off to school. Hit Zumba ... the A/C was pumping. It had been Monday too. Still have yet to feel it in the other buildings. It just works better in some church gyms. Stopped at Sams and Walmart after. Feeling tired today. Had to lay down for a bit and did take a small nap. Poor Hubs was up uber early and is probably falling asleep at his desk at work. Afternoon carpools and catching up on elliptical in the late afternoon. There was a 6:00 meeting over at the high school about June basketball. I have to admit that it has me depressed and stressed. The Dixie camp being the same week as Hub's planned family vacation, and not knowing what to do about #3 and one of the camps (it would depend on who else is on the team if I'd be okay sending him, as I wouldn't be attending at all). So much of it is playing politics too. Just discouraging. I took a shower and went to bed early ... but not before I caved to cravings and had a little ice cream (it does sooth a nasty canker) and my last Swig cookie. Under burn, but high calorie intake :( 

0519 (Thursday) 167.3. Steps 26879. Total Burn 3141. Exercise Burn 1248/1365 (75minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2250. Got in a couple early morning elliptical sessions as I got the boys off to school. Hit Mountainview Zumba, missing Marian, but Melanie was there, although I helped with a couple numbers. It was so HOT though. I've felt the A/C in a couple other buildings, but this one felt like the heat was on! Did a stop at Smiths on the way home to grab a couple prescriptions and groceries. Hubs and #3 headed out to a derby in the evening. I made more Swig sugarcookies (a big double batch). My feet were tired, but I had 15min left on my show, and hadn't had a spike on my Fitbit graph for the last half of the day, so I did a little extra elliptical in the evening ... although I had to wait until the 12-year old was done in my gym. The weather turned a bit stormy, so the little boys and I had to grab the ducklings and put them back inside. That is cardio in and of itself, trying to catch those little buggers!

0520 (Friday) 165.7. Steps 20083. Total Burn 2833. Exercise Burn 850/1060 (70minElliptical, 40minWEIGHTS). Calories in 2100. I'd been rather excited to not have my alarm set for 5:30 today ... the Hub's alarm went off at 5:00 (he had left even earlier). So much for sleeping in. I mean I didn't get UP, but I didn't get back to sleep either. I did get in some early elliptical while getting the boys off to school. Right before it was time to take #3 to late start, I glanced out the window into the backyard and the female duck was there ... with THIRTEEN babies! I'd hoped she would nest in our yard, but she was flying in and out every day, I'd only see her for an hour a day lately. I was sure she had nested somewhere else. I was in complete shock! 13 babies! They are so tiny and cute. Just at this moment too, one of the kitties knocked the pail of mealworms off the kitchen counter and there were little grubs and oatmeal everywhere. I had #3 help me out, even though it made him a little late for school. Then I came straight home and just watched duckies all day long. Momma wanted to take them swimming, but the pool, with it's sides was challenging. It does bend, and I watched as the babies got in, and I made sure they could all get back out when Momma was done. I filled up the lid of the big plastic storage box Hubs had picked up and that worked pretty well for a smaller pool, easier for the babies to get in and out of. I did bring out babies out and put them in the pen. They weren't very happy about being caged in while Momma and babies ran free. One of the big babies got out and happily ran to join Momma and her brood and Momma did NOT like that, and I had to run out and intervene. #3 brought the big babies back inside, as it was windy and stormy. Momma gathered all 13 babies under her and hunkered down next to the back fence (even though I tried putting a box out as a shelter if she wanted.  I did finish up my elliptical, and got some weights in. #5 had basketball practice in the evening, at a local church rather than the community college. Not as good a Friday as last week in terms of exercise or eating, although I didn't do too bad.
0521 (Saturday) 165.3. Steps 15563. Total Burn 2554. Exercise Burn 450/792 (40minElliptical). Calories in 3300. There was a neighborhood church 5k this morning. I was thinking about doing it with #3 and #4, but then it was cold and rainy.  #3 still ran it though. I did get in a couple 20min sessions on the elliptical, but needed one more for my hour, but didn't get around to it. Not that there was much going on ... other than watching duckies all day of course! I did make chocolate chip cookies, and ate chocolate chip cookies. 

0522 (Sunday) 168.1. Steps 10290. Total Burn 2221. Exercise Burn 250/460 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2550. Hubs stretched this morning and aggravated his neck ... poor guy! I've had a time or two with my neck, and a few times with my back, but mine only lasted a day or so. This has been going on for a while. Next steps?? Hubs went into work to catch up on a few things, and without him around we didn't do our usual Sunday Circles. I did try a "churro waffle" recipe off Pinterest but it didn't go over very well, they prefer Daddy's waffles (which actually made Daddy happy to hear). Didn't do a big dinner either, just some grilled chicken and rice. Left the big babies out all day. Uno fell into the window well (during one of my "counts" there were only six big babies so I investigated). #5 was able to rescue him and he seems okay, but it's a bit of a fall. Be careful babies! Momma got after them a few times too and we'd have to run out and break it up. The bigger six are wary of her now, and generally move if she and the littles come around, but sometimes still they get too close, or she just goes after them for no reason.

 0523 (Monday) 169.8. Steps 26089. Total Burn 3110. Exercise Burn 1130/1320 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1650. Back to the school schedule for a bit longer. Up early, got some elliptical in while I got the kids off to school. Put the big babies in the pen while I left for Zumba and a shopping stop after. Big5 ... #5 had been SO disappointed last week when I got new shoes for #4 and not him, that I had to stop again today. Happily they had some cool Under Armor ones for $20 that he was thrilled with. Also did another Kmart stop, although prices hadn't changed from last week (store closing, everything must go). I should I stopped at a grocery store, but my feet were so tired. I went home and let the babies out, and didn't get much done, watching to make sure our two sets of ducks didn't bug each other too badly. I did manage to get in a couple more elliptical sessions in later in the day to finish up my hour. When Daddy came home from work, we went to Maga's house, as her kitty had kittens last night. Up to that point, I'd kept calories low, but I was starving. There was pizza, and I had a crazy bread. Then Hubs made chocolate malt ... and I had some. But still, kept calories well below goal.

0524 (Tuesday) 167.7. Steps 29219.  Total Burn 3330.  Exercise Burn 1050/1552 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2650.  Lousy sleep last night! Got in a little elliptical while getting the boys off to school. I was actually out first thing in the morning (at 6:00) emptying the pool, rinsing out the guck, and refilling it. I dug up under where the pool had been and found worms galore! Nice protein breakfast for my duckies! Put the duckies in the pen when I took the littles to school, and hit Zumba just after. Our church was having the floors refinished, so we were moving to our backup location. I stopped and put a sign up in case people hadn't heard at the last class or the Facebook post. This church is smaller and has carpet, but I've hit some of my highs there ... not today though. I did get a cute picture of a bunch of us with our various gadgets! While I was out, I stopped at CalRanch and grabbed more feed for the duckies and some wood chips for bedding. I stopped at Maceys after to grab the groceries I didn't get yesterday. Back at home, putting everything away, pulling the 50pound bag of feed around back, and the big thing of wood chips ...letting the big babies out and then doing more digging. I ended up planing some tomatoes and lettuce (I know it's late, but we'll see if it grows ... for the duckies) and a snowball bush I'd purchased last week but hadn't gotten around to planting. The big babies make gardening hard, as they are looking for worms and bugs under every shovelful of dirt. I really didn't feel like I could leave the duckies unattended, because Momma comes after the big babies, and the big babies come after the little babies, and the little babies are wandering everywhere now! I put the big babies back in the pen for after school pickups, then let them out again, once the boys were around to help me keep an eye on them again (and I finally got in a little more elliptical). Even MORE ducky distraction than usual today, as I was hearing some peeping and quacking that was NOT my duckies! Apparently there was a momma and babies in the house behind ours! Our Momma flew away for a bit, making some big circles in the sky with the Mr (we only saw him from a distance, he didn't come into the yard), and then our little babies wandered away. I went out to check on them and couldn't find Momma and the babies anywhere! I searched out in front, and found frantic momma at the neighbor's house with some of the babies ... and some down the window well. My 10-year old was able to crawl down (it was tricky, under a bush, and Momma duck attacked him at one point) and pulled the three babies from one well, and one more from another. It was a bit tricky to get them back into our backyard ... the babies went under the fence and we had to convince Momma to fly over. But then, everyone was back safe and sound. Phew. I know the odds are against us to come out of this unscathed, without losing some babies but ... Hubs and #3 did a Lego derby. Hubs had been hurting SO bad yesterday. He did finally call an orthopedic office, but they couldn't get him in until next Wednesday. Luckily he slept good last night and was doing better today, and #3 is such a good help for him. He had some ducky time when he got back ... he'd picked up some mealworms and feeder fish last night, and fed them to duckies today. It was about 9:30 before I got in my final session on the elliptical to finish up my hour. I did get a blog post done, and made churro waffles for a late dinner (when I made them Sunday, they hadn't gone over that well, but then the kids requested them tonight ... ??) Although I really don't have a ton to show, I feel like I didn't stop moving this entire day! Hope I can sleep tonight!

0525 (Wednesday) 167.7. Steps 31189. Total Burn 3423. Exercise Burn 1105/1645 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2900.  Up early and got in my first 20min as usual, but only hit 10min before taking the littles to school ... had to get the big babies into the pen before leaving, and the boys didn't want to be "late" (as in later than 20min early) like yesterday. I hit Zumba, then stopped at Walmart, Sams and Sears on the way home. There was a box waiting for me on the doorstep ... it was WORMS. Mealworms. I should have waited for Hubs to deal with it, but he'd be rushing home from work to a derby, and they needed to be moved from the box into new storage (plastic containers with oatbran). Oh my heavens it was SO bad! Mealworms and disgusting grubs. Last year, at least the boys were around to help. The duckies were around to "help" grab any that fell as I attempted the transfer (the duckies got a lot of mealworms). I put the big babies away in the afternoon and headed over to the elementary for #5's school program. I hadn't been sure if I'd get out in time to pick up #3 from school, but #2 happened to be available today and he took care of it. I didn't feel like I got anything accomplished today. Didn't make it back down to the gym, even when the boys were home to help keep an eye on the duckies. Hubs and #3 left for their derby and I spent some time out back closing up the holes in the fence ... I don't want our babies wandering like yesterday. #5 had basketball practice tonight instead of the usual Friday. I did practice a couple Zumba songs (just 3min here and there) and finally got back down for a couple elliptical sessions to finish up my hour (although the last 10min wasn't done until after 10:00 at night). Unfortunately, a little stress eating today ...

0526 (Thursday) 167.7. Steps 26115. Total Burn 3169. Exercise Burn 1139/1408 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2600. Early morning awakening by a distressed ducky! Momma was quacking ... it was a cat! Our six were protected in the pen, but Momma's 13 babies scattered. My heart sunk when I could only see Momma and three babies! Hubs and I grabbed flashlights and went out back in our jammies (it was 4:30am) and we were able to locate the other 10 babies huddled at the other end of the yard. We got them reunited with Momma. Hubs went in and showered and headed to work. It was too early to get up for me ... but I couldn't get back to sleep either. I heard a noise outside again a little after 5:00 and saw the cat again. I chased it from our yard and hopefully scared it. It had to jump the fence, as I'd blocked all the little holes (to prevent ducklings from wandering out again). I counted ducklings ... and there were only 12! I was able to find the final one hiding, but he looks hurt, his left leg not working right. A little later I had to help him out of the pool, he couldn't make the jump. He has a limp but is trying to keep up with his siblings. It breaks my heart! I did get in some early elliptical and my Zumba class. Hubs had another derby tonight, #3 went to help again.
0527 (Friday) 168.2. Steps 20238. Total Burn 2718. Exercise Burn 750/944 (60minElliptical, ZumbaPractice). Calories in 3350. So, last week's weight-loss didn't stick around, back up again this morning. #3 came with me to drop off the littles at the elementary, and then we stopped at Dunford Donuts, as he wanted to buy a dozen for his classmates. Of course I picked up a dozen for our family too ... and ate one, or two ... maybe three throughout the day. Yes ... over on calories today. The kids have been wanting to try Marco's Pizza, so I placed an order for dinner and had Daddy pick it up on the way home from work. I tried a breadstick, but wasn't that impressed, and the kids weren't overly raving. I think we'll stick with Dominos. Tons cheaper and closer. #2 was even around tonight! He's such a stranger ... but all his friends are in St. George for a basketball tournament, so he had nothing better to do than to hang around home.
0528 (Saturday) 168.2. Steps 19995. Total Burn 2760. Exercise Burn 350/979 (Zumba). Calories in 2500. I was awake early, so I went ahead and hit a Zumba class. It's a smaller gym, and we pretty much packed it. I was just a couple minutes late, but it must have run under too, I only registered 50 minutes. Unfortunately, I didn't feel up to hitting any elliptical or additional exercise, so that was it for the day. I did mow the lawn though ... much to the duckies distress. Poor duckies! It was my dad's birthday today, and my brother was putting together an impromptu barbecue.  Surprisingly we and all my in-town siblings were free to attend. I made jello cubes, chex mix and brought the stuff for Brazilian Cheese Rolls (gotta make them there, as they need to be fresh). All gluten-free options (as my dad and brother hosting have Celiacs), but well received by everyone. Hubs had to step away for a phone call, and when we were talking later he said "There were Brazilian cheese rolls?" ... gotta be quick to get them! I'd considered bringing the six big ducklings. I thought the cousins and little nieces would get a kick out of it, but wasn't sure about transporting them. My youngest brother brought his dog, so maybe it was good we didn't. It was a nice evening. When we got home ... Momma and babies were nowhere in the backyard! Ah, panic! I found them across the circle, sampling the bugs in the neighbor's yard. Now, I know she's wild, not "ours" to pen up ... but bad things will happen if she's out wandering, I just know it! I think she'd probably head back "home" because we have the pools of water for them, but I went ahead and ushered them back. Still thirteen babies ... 
0529 (Sunday) 169.8. Steps 7958. Total Burn 2117. (No Exercise). Calories in 2200. #3 awakened me around 7:00 to say Momma and babies had wandered again (I've TRIED to block off the various holes in the fence, unsuccessfully I guess) and was next door with two babies down a window well. I had to go hold her off (she pecked my leg! I think I might get a bruise!), protecting MY baby while he rescued her babies. She headed into our backyard without any assistance from us but when we counted babies ... only 12 :(  One was missing! We did a thorough search and kept our ears open (usually the frantic baby peeping is how you find a lost duckling) but nothing. I'm so sad, but it was bound to happen. Hubs has been surprised we made it an entire week without a loss. It some ways, I guess it's a bit easier if one just disappears ... no body to deal with or cry over. See Momma? This is why I say stay safe in our backyard. I realize that being foragers, they (with our six too) may have combed the place for bugs, but we are supplementing their diet. I took her and the babies out front later in the day for a supervised wandering. I didn't get much done today .... I did get a nap. No exercise though, just dragging. #2 had to work, and misses out on Daddy's smoked dinners, so today he put the ribs in so they would be done at 11:00, when #2 got off work. I was so tired though, I was in bed by 10:00. The boys said they were delicious though. 11:00 eating ... even if I had been up, not sure I'd be up for that.

0530 (Monday) 168.8. Steps 23782. Total Burn 2860. Exercise Burn 1070/1076  (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. Memorial Day ... generally I'm a little less motivated on a holiday, so was happy I still got my "regular" exercise in today. I was up fairly early ... I just don't sleep in much when it gets light early, and my kitty paws at the door wanting his breakfast. I did wimp out on going to Southziders Zumba, Hubs wanted to take my car anyway while he ran errands. I DID still do Zumba at home though! Practiced a few of the songs enough that I think I can lead them now. Hubs took the boys and went to Maga's house. They got haircuts there courtesy of Aunt Olivia, and then they went round to some of the cemeteries. I ran to the grocery store and grabbed a few items. We got a letter from our missionary and I updated his blog. Hubs had brined a turkey and put it on the smoker, but it didn't get done until late. I filled up on his yummy mashed taters anyway. I'd done decent on calories until that point ... 

0531 (Tuesday)  168.8. Steps 34800. Total Burn 3573. Exercise Burn 1650/1987 (60minElliptical, Zumba x2, Bike). Calories in 1800. Back to the routine and it was a pretty productive day. Still got up early, and got a couple sessions of elliptical in. Marian was out of town, so I was in charge of class today. The church was still quite smelly from the floor refinishing. One of the gals didn't think she could handle it, and left to hit a different class. Our class was quite small ... due to the smell? The day after a holiday (felt like Monday)?  The crazy that is the last week of school?  Or ... they knew it was me leading ;)  I got good stats, and actually did the hour on my own, as neither Christa nor Suzanne was there. Good thing I practiced yesterday! Back it home, it inspired me to do several other songs, testing my knowledge of them. Sometimes I'm not sure what I really know or not. I got in an additional hour of Zumba just going over songs. I finished up my hour of elliptical, and then did a late session on the bike as I wasn't quite feeling tired yet. Full day, and I kept calories in check too!

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  1. You had a busy packed month!!!! Here is the thing. You have the knowledge of what happened and what you could do to fix things. You've got this!!!!


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