Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Five Series I've Finished Recently

 My elliptical/exercise time is my TV time.
...and it's TV Tuesday. 

While I kept current with a few regular shows (Grey's, GoodWife, Scandal, Nashville), I always need something to tide me over (as I usually get in an hour of elliptical a day). Here are some of the other series I watched these last few months ...

I usually don't watch "new" current shows ... 
but I caught three new series starting their first season.

"The Catch" was new this year.  The main gal there, Mireilla Enos ... I admit, I wanted to see her in this role. She'd been in "The Killing" and "World War Z" where she was portrayed as anything but glamourous. Here, she looked good (some of those clothing choices though??) It's always interesting seeing actors change characters in the different productions they are in. Peter Krause was also a familiar face (Parenthood, SixFeetUnder). I recognized the gal who played Margot from "Lost" days, and while "Mommy" looked familiar, I couldn't place her until the end, when she was dressed as a cook in the kitchen and then hey ... it's Ms Patmore from Downton Abby, of course! 

 As "Grey's Anatomy" is a favorite, I thought I'd give another medical drama a try. I have NOT seen either of the other "Chicago" shows, so when they did a crossover episode, it was a little annoying to me. I'd record these as they aired with my PlayOn service, wait a few weeks and then watch several episodes back to back. I liked it, but am not sure if I'll commit to continuing on next season. We'll see.

Another current show I recorded, then watched once I had all the episodes. I don't know ... this was really dark and gritty and I wasn't sure I cared about the characters. I had to force myself to finish. I like the closure of at least completing a season .. of course this had a total cliffhanger ending. I doubt I'd watch or recommend, I just didn't enjoy it, although it did give you things to think about.

I was happy to see the season three of OrphanBlack added to AmazonPrime. I've enjoyed this series it's first two season, and am always amazed at the versatility of the lead actress! I believe season four has aired, now I have to wait for it to hit prime (probably before the next season starts).  I'll be watching ...

... and finally ...
I'd missed the first few episodes of Downton Abby season six when it started last fall. I might have been able to locate the episodes (or buy them) but I decided to just wait until the entire season hit Amazon Prime. This happened a couple weeks ago in June ... I've since seen season six. I'm glad I waited, and watched this world back-to-back, not jumping to other shows/genres in between episodes, nor waiting between weeks. I was thoroughly happy with how everything wrapped up. Perhaps a bit too picture perfect ... but I'll take it.

... as I finished Downton, I'm struggling to select my next series. I have a list a mile long on Netflix, and Amazon Prime, but nothing seems to be clicking for me. I didn't make it down to the elliptical on Saturday or Sunday ... I had no show pulling me there! What I'm watching really can be quite a motivation to me!

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