Monday, June 13, 2016

Working Out With Kitties Around

What's in YOUR gym bag?
Silly kitty!

So much of the time, our kitties are lazy slug-a-bugs. They are always sleeping! It's hard to be human, and stay active all day when the kitties are setting such an example. Some days ... don't we all just want to "cat"? Zzzzzzzz ...

We love our kitties, and they love us. If I head down to the basement gym to exercise, they often follow. If I shut them out, they will pitifully poke their paws under the door.  For the most part, I'm okay if they are in the gym with me if I'm on the elliptical or stationary bike. I tried letting them stay while I did weights ... but they were constantly underfoot (literally) or jumping and sitting on my chest while I was trying attempting a chest press. They had to go while weightlifting.

 ... and of course, anytime the treadmill is on, they aren't allowed in.
 Sorry kitties, you'll have to get your steps in elsewhere!

Here is Oreo "helping" while I hula hoop.
Silly kitty!

While normally I feel like the elliptical is pretty safe, I was aware of Oreo jumping into the open back section. Often, he'd do this RIGHT as I was about to start a session. I'd have to coax him out before beginning. Silly kitty! The other night I had a bad scare (we both did!) as he must have already been in the machine. I didn't know he was there :(  I started ... and luckily it does start up quite slow, but still, there was resistance, a thunk, a "meoooowww"  and I immediately jumped off but poor Oreo had some difficulty getting out. I'm not exactly sure how it impacted him, if anything was smashed. His poor fur had the grease from the gears on it. He ran right upstairs, and wasn't limping, or showing any visible signs of injury but still, I was sick about it! It took a day or two before I was confident he hadn't been hurt ...  poor kitty!

My sweet kitty! Both our kitties have their active, crazy moments too, where I'm sure they get their heart rate racing. But so much of the time ... sleepy snuggles. I had to laugh, when Oreo came and cuddled with my sweaty stuff after one of my Zumba classes. I'd changed out of my shirt, pulled of my Polar HRM strap and set them on the bed and ... Zzzzzzz.  Silly kitty!

How do your animals impact your exercise?


  1. Jen, I had to laugh out loud reading this post, though my pets have passed away, this brings back memories of trying to do any floor exercises with my dogs. The minute I got down on the floor, the dogs thought it was time to play fetch and out came the ball. We all got our exercise but it's hard to concentrate on reps when a dog is barking at you to put down the dumbbell and throw the ball already. :-)

  2. Gotta love kitties! I love mine for sure! I'm so happy to hear that Oreo was unscathed in his dramatic elliptical event!!!!!!

    I love to 'cat''!!


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