Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ice is Nice :)

Time for a Thankful Thursday post ... 
One small thing I'm thankful for, is ice. That's right, frozen water. 

I know everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to drinking water. Some people struggle with sensitivity to cold. But me? I like my water cold. Ice cold. I even invested in a new, BIG, pink, water bottle to take to my Zumba classes each day. Before my big bottle, I'd have issues (first world problems for sure! *Ü*) . I'd put in too much, and run out of water during class (yes, I could run to the drinking fountain for a refill, but then I'd miss some of a song!) or I wouldn't put in enough, and it would melt and my water wouldn't be cold. I love my big bottle! In addition to oodles of space for ice and water, the opening up top is big enough to add ice easily (which is not to say I don't drop a piece or two on the ground while filling. Every. Single. Time. Seriously. ) I also get a nice arm workout with my big bottle ;)

I'm grateful we have a working ice maker. Those little trays you have to fill up yourself? Been there, done that. I realize I'm totally spoiled with an ice maker. Especially this week, where two of the boys have a basketball camp starting at 9:00 each morning (that's when most of my Zumba classes start), it's enough ice for all of us (although it does need to get to work to crank out more after we attack it each morning!)

Now if you look in the picture above, you might notice a bag of ice as well. Pebbled Ice (ala Sonic). In December 2013, I was struck down with the Flu (The Flux2). For almost a week, I was unable to eat, or drink, anything (lost almost 10 pounds in a week, wish it would have stayed off!) Hubs grabbed some pebbled ice in an attempt to keep me somewhat hydrated, and I was able to keep a little down. And even though I was the only one sick, everyone enjoyed the ice! There is something magical about pebbled ice. We've looked into a pebbled ice maker, but they are pricey! Pebbled ice, while not a complete constant over the past few years, has been a pretty regular addition to our freezer.

What are YOUR thoughts on frozen water?

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  1. Hi Jen, I love ice water too! I finally found some water bottles that I can unscrew the top, add ice, and refill. I've never seen pebbled ice, but I'm sure I'd like it. :-)


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