Monday, June 27, 2016

Our Fitbit Family Update

What's up with our Fitbit family? 
We're still plugging along, and my 12-year old STILL has me beat on steps!

So just a quick family Fitbit review, in our home we have ...
  • Two Zips: Hubs and #2 (17-year old) have the Zip. I think the Zip is the best option for both of them, because it has a replaceable battery - it doesn't need to be recharged every few days, which I think they would both forget to do. The Zip doesn't track sleep, but neither of them wear theirs to bed anyway. 
  • Three Ones: I have a One, as does #3 (15-year old) and #5 (the 10-year old). I stick mine on the charger when I shower, and that seems to keep me in business. I have myself set up to receive emails when the kid's devices need charging, and I remind them. #3 only wears a Fitbit for me (he could care less), but #5 was so happy to switch from a Zip to a One a while back, he likes it much better. "It's numbers glow, I can check my stats in the dark!"
  • One Charge: Originally purchased for #1, then passed to #4 (12-year old) ... generally worn on his ankle rather than his arm. He looks a bit like a prison convict on house arrest. 
  • One Charge HR: My secondary Fitbit (as I do still wear my One), I like the heart rate feedback for exercise and at rest, but I don't sleep in it (as I am tracking sleep with my One, I find the armband awkward to sleep in, and it seems to need daily charging, so I just put it on the charger every night). 
I figure I can have two Fitbits, as #1 doesn't actually have one. My oldest is in Mexico on a mission and doesn't have access to internet to sync a device, so I just sent him with an inexpensive Omron pedometer. He sends me his steps with his weekly letters, and I manually enter them into Fitbit to see where his steps stand with the rest of the family... I wonder which Fitbit he'll want when he returns? There are a couple new ones out, the Aria and the Blaze, that we haven't introduced to our family yet (Hubs DID try the Surge, and my dad and brother have it).

So, we've had some minor issues with family Fitbits of late ...
On my One case, the little black tip flipped off. It's not the first time it's happened. While it is still wearable, with the sharper metal protruding, it has scratched me, and poked holes in my clothes. I was able to find to tip, and used superglue to fasten it back on. So far, it's holding up great! My son clips his One onto his pockets, which are often a bit thick. His Fitbit has stretched out, and then doesn't hold when he's wearing shorts with less material. His Fitbit has slipped off several times, but luckily we've been able to locate it. I had an extra holder around, so I've switched him out, although it's just a matter of time before the new one bends. While Fitbit customer service has been kind enough to send us free replacement cases before, I looked on Ebay and found some inexpensive knock-offs (about $3 each) and ordered a few so we'll have them around for backup. I've received them, and they look identical, but we haven't tried them out yet.

We've also had some issues with the Charge wristband. We originally purchased the Charge in Jan2015. My oldest wore it for a couple of months, then we passed it onto #4. The strap started to break last fall. We contacted Fitbit and they replaced it (it was still under the year warranty). But the strap on the new one failed recently too (photo above. You can see tape remnants where he tried to duct tape it together. Superglue did NOT work in this instance). At this point, we were past the warranty, but, Fitbit customer service is great, and they said they would do one more replacement for us.

I think they may have stopped making the Charge though, with the new and improved Aria model at the same price point. So instead of a Charge, they are sending my son a ChargeHR. Normally, I would ALWAYS recommend the HR over the Charge ... except for my son. As he usually wears it on his ankle, instead of his wrist, the heart rate function won't work (when worn that way). While I love the watch type strap, I think it might be harder for him to manage. Most importantly though, I think the HR's battery life is lacking (most likely because of the heart rate function). So we'll have to see. As mentioned above, I have to charge mine every night. #4 has been wearing his Charge to bed and using it to track his sleep, so we'd miss that if he has to charge it nightly as well.

I've had my ChargeHR for over a year now, and have had no issues with my strap. 
Knock on wood!


  1. I still go back and forth with wanting to get a Fitbit or not! Ok, I want one....but I debate if it would be a wise purchase and a wise tool for me!!


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