Saturday, June 25, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #152

Technically down a smidge, but it's all within the normal daily fluctuations ... NUMBERS: Down .6, but average was up .69 to 168.33. Crunching the ins and outs, I ended with a weekly deficit of -1194. Average intake was 2229, average burn was 2658. Average steps for the week were 19708. No weight workouts, 795 active minutes, 68.33 exercise miles. FOOD: Always a struggle, there were donuts Fri and Sat. I did have three days where I kept calories in check, under 2000. FITNESS: Only hit my hour of elliptical four days this past week (the weekdays), got in eight hours of Zumba, and two sessions on the bike. Two days with a 3000+ burn, one day over 30K. FAMILY: Family in town, so visits Saturday, and a family party on Sunday. The teens were gone this week to a basketball camp at Dixie. This was originally scheduled to be a family vacation to Seattle, but Hubs pulled the plug, and probably a good thing as he did have Menerie's attacks Friday and Wednesday.  Here's a quick week recap:

  • Friday (0617): Blechy morning. Did an hour of low-key Zumba practice, only 20min elliptical.
  • Sat (0618): Only activity was mowing the lawn. There were donuts today (and yesterday). 
  • Sun (0619): Father's Day. Big breakfast of waffles, eggs, hashbrown and smoked bacon. Family party in the evening.
  • Mon (0620): Early up to get the boys off to their basketball camp. Very productive day with Zumba class and practice, elliptical and bike ... plus cleaning. Hubs was amazed. 
  • Tues (0621): Not super productive today, but did get in two Zumba sessions (class and practice) and elliptical.
  • Wed (0622): Just Zumba class today (no practice), but did get in elliptical and some shopping steps. Hubs and the littles did a derby.
  • Thurs (0623): Zumba class and practice, plus elliptical and some shopping steps. Made the littles favorite chicken and rice, which I also ate, which pushed me over on calories. 
 *** Five Photos From The Week ***

 The munchkin up a tree at the family party on Sunday.

Kitten cuddled up in #3's packed bag ... I guess she wants to go too!

Varsity crew ready for basketball camp ...

... the sophomores ... and my shadow!

Got a late night text Monday, after the first day of play. #2 had split his lip, all the way through! Probably could have used a stitch or two, but with the ER as the only option for medical care, #2 decided to just go with superglue to keep it closed up. He said it worked fine ... scars are sexy, right?

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  1. Your holding steady...even with the donuts!!!!!!


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