Monday, October 24, 2016

Musical Monday - Car Crash

It's been interesting listening to music in the car again. I have SO many songs in my Itunes library. I just put the playlist on random and see what comes up next. Music from my teenage times, musicals, obscure soundtracks, and Top10 from recent years have all spouted from my speakers.

Several times in the past couple weeks, my 13-year old has turned to me and asked "WHAT IS THIS?". Silly boy hasn't been properly exposed to Billy Joel and some of the other 80s greats!

When familiar songs come on ... it's another issue. In our little morning carpool, a couple of our carpooletts start singing along. Loudly. The slightly off-key crooning is driving my son to distraction. Seriously stressing him out (anxiety issues). I may need to create a "carpool playlist" of only songs I'm sure the kids do NOT know to appease my son (or he's taken to wearing headphones with his own music blaring to drown out any annoyances .. like everyday conversations).  

Do you sing along with songs in the car?

While I was driving with my 16-year old son (HE was driving, gotta get those practice hours in) the music was playing as usual. I wasn't paying particular attention until my son muttered "that song really isn't appropriate you know!"  No - it wasn't some explicit version with foul language, it was "Car Crash" by Matt Nathanson. I had to laugh a little ... as I skipped the song. 

I can't help but notice the beat on this song ... it was on my "running" playlist, one that I could jog to. Those rare times I jog to music, my footfall MUST MATCH the beat exactly. This one is actually a bit on the fast side for me (since I'm sllloooooowww). I looked it up at to catch the BPM ...

I'm more of a 5mph gal (12 minute mile) myself, but for those times I need a challenge and inspiration, I'll have to give this one a try, and continue to make sure it doesn't appear on the playlist when my student-driver is at the wheel. *Ü*

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