Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies (oh my)

 Time for TV Tuesday!
Showcasing some supernatural shows.

My mother was the first person to recommend "iZombie" to me. I noticed the first season was on Netflix, so I decided to give it a try. I really thought it would be too silly. The main character (turned into a Zombie, but still able to retain her human side as long as she consumes enough brains) is subtly named Olivia Moore ... or "Liv Moore" (live more, get it? Ha ha). Not only are several of the characters cartoonish ... cartoon drawings (comic book style) introduce the show during the title credits, and as scene starters.

Olivia had been on a path to become a doctor, but switches to the morgue ... easier access to brains there. Upon consuming said brains, Liv also assumes some of the characterizations and qualities of the deceased. She also sees visions (often of their death), which she passes on to the local police to help solve crimes (her diet consists mostly of murder victims). 

It sounds super silly, doesn't it? But you know what? It worked. I really looked forward to the next episode, and even got in some extra elliptical sessions to watch just one more. While there is a lot of humor, it did have its serious and exciting moments. A dramedy. I even figured I'd try and catch the new episodes as they aired with the Fall Premiers ... but then I realized that it's Season 3 starting up (air date still not set, not until 2017). Season 2 recently came out on DVD (quite a few holds at my local library, I must not be the only one enjoying and catching up on this series). No season 2 on Netflix yet, but I just checked and it IS coming later this week (October 6). Yea! Plenty of time to catch up and then see if I want to continue catching it week to week ...

Next, no Zombies, but a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost!

The series "Being Human" has been out for a while. There is a British version going in the UK (five seasons on Netflix), and an American one here in the states (four seasons on Netflix). I decided to watch the American version. 

Here we have a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost, who decide to become roommates and try to live as humanly as possible.  I watched season 1 quite a while ago. I liked it a lot, but then decided to move onto something else when I finished it up. I'd been meaning to get back to this series for quite a while, and so recently, it was season 2.

It didn't take much to get back into the story (I worry about that a bit when I go months or even years in-between watching). I didn't enjoy this second season as much as I remember liking the first. There were a lot of flashbacks (for our resident vampire). A LOT a bloody orgies ... I realize they are vampires, there will be blood, but it was a little too much and too icky (I struggled with this watching the first season of TruBlood too). Also the CGI werewolf shifts, and waking up bloody and naked. I had to push a bit to finish up the season. Not sure when/if I'll continue ... we'll see.

Are you into supernatural series? 
"Supernatural" is one I've been meaning to get back to as well ...
(stopped after season 4)

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