Monday, October 31, 2016

"Thrilling" Halloween

It's Halloween! I not a big fan. In fact, I'm a bit of a Halloween hater. A few of my Zumba classes had introduced some seasonal songs into the playlists. "Thriller" being one of course. I was able to hit a Friday class, and we were encouraged to dress up. I did! I surprised myself a bit, because I usually don't go to that much effort.

The costumes and songs did add a fun energy to class!

Here's a peek at that class Thriller here ...
We also did Thriller on Wednesday at MZL, and Saturday at Thryve. Thursday, Melanie came and did quite a few Halloweenish songs (Ghostbusters, I Want Candy, Monster Mash and more) but no Thriller. My friend Christa and I taught the Southziders class this morning, as Nina and Cassie had kids in parades at the school. I didn't put in the effort to attempt to learn to lead one of these at the last minute though, so today ON Halloween, we were pretty standard. 

At our elementary, it's tradition to have the 6th graders perform Thriller. Last year, my #4 was taking part ... reluctantly. The dance was right after the parade, and I honestly wasn't expecting much. It was pretty entertaining though, and I'd positioned myself perfectly, right in front of my kidlet. 

 He looked "thrilled" but I loved it!

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Oh my...I miss Zumba so much!!!!! (Struggle to find a class that works with my ever changing schedule and later hours!!

    I love your costume!!


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