Friday, October 7, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #167

WHAT? Whereas last week I had an unexpected, and undeserved loss ... this week, completely unexpected and undeserved gain. I was GOOD this week! I was really trying, keeping calories in check. Made it through the weekend without a big scale shift, then up, Up, UP.  Not fair. Even if last week's weigh-in was a fluke, and shouldn't have been as low as it was, I can't for the life of my figure out what went so wrong this week. It wasn't the numbers (other than that one on the scale!) ...

NUMBERS: Heavens ... up 4.9??? The average was down a smidge (-.64 to 171.29, it didn't include this week's weigh-in though, as I calculate it Fri through Thurs). Average intake was 2029, average daily burn was 2883. Crunching numbers, I calculated a weekly deficit. -3729. Where is my one pound loss?  Average steps 22229. 35minWeights, 855minCardio, 90.41 exercise Miles. FOOD: I actually stayed under goal (2000) four days this week! I didn't have any over 3000 days. FITNESS: I did have 3000+ days for burn four days this week, although I didn't hi any 30k days. Got in my hour of elliptical six days, Zumba five days, three sessions on the bike, one on the treadmill, and just one with weights.  

SO completely discouraged this week. I'll admit to feeling down almost all week. Friday, with last week's weigh-in, I was pretty optimistic and motivated. I really wanted to keep that scale shift, and stay in the 160s. Even after a good day on Friday, it bumped up. Saturday wasn't great for eating or exercise, but Sunday I kept calories in check and even got some exercise in, even though it was a down day. I've been unable to shake the sadness this week. Monday was more of the minimum for fitness, but food was in check. Tuesday ... eating and exercise were good, if not great ... yet, the scale. An up? And then up again? I'll admit on Thursday, I was in a little bit of a "what does it even matter" mood, but I still got in my activity and kept eating in control.

Almost FIVE pounds? One week?  A "good" week?
Here's a day by day recap ...
  • Friday (0930): Calories in 1900. Daily Burn 3125. Feeling motivated after the weigh-in. Got in 80minElliptical, Zumba-ed on my own for an hour, got in a session on the bike, and did weights. I did make Swig Sugar Cookies ... they'll be tempting me this week.
  • Saturday (1001): Calories in 2750. Daily Burn 2523. Those cookies be calling ... just an hour of elliptical today for exercise, although I did mow the lawn. Videoed #5 in a couple basketball games. Homecoming for #2, all day at a wedding for Hubs.
  • Sunday (1002): Calories in 2000. Daily Burn 2116. Down day ... had to get in some exercise endorphins. 20minElliptical and a session on the bike. 
  • Monday (1003): Calories in 1700. Daily Burn 2907. Four 20min sessions on the elliptical, Zumba with Southziders ... I had to push through a bit. Just dragging.
  • Tuesday (1004): Calories in 1850. Daily Burn 3327. 80minElliptical, Zumba with Marian, Bike and Treadmill. Should have done weights though, so even though I kept calories in check, it just felt like an okay day. 
  • Wednesday (1005): Calories in 1900. Daily Burn 3129. Back to just an hour of elliptical. Zumba with MZL. Shopping steps, plus lawn mowing and a walk.
  • Thursday (1006): Calories in 2100. Daily Burn 3052. Hour of elliptical and Zumba with MountainView. Discouraged day with weight up, but really tried to still keep things in control.

 I didn't take many pictures this week ... but it was Homecoming for my Senior. I missed the photo session (same time as my munchkin's basketball game) but was able to snag pictures from #2's phone and from other parents ...

 The guys at the game Friday night ...

 The guys ... ready to pummel their dates

 Hey, my boy happened to be with the Homecoming Queen! The photographer part of me really wants to shift them over to another background, free of empty water bottles and such. 

Silly socks!
The boys all got matching socks ... they matched each other, and nothing else!

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