Thursday, October 6, 2016


A few months ago, I did a little write up about PokemonGo ... and it's still going here at our house. It's been amazing motivation for my mini-me homebody boy. If Daddy or I are running errands, he wants to come with, to check in a poke-stops and catch wild pokemon. During the summer, and now after school, he roams the neighborhood, clocking kilometers to hatch his eggs.

He (just turned 13 years old) doesn't have his own phone, but we have a family cell-phone that he has been using for this game. He doesn't take it to school ... so I had the bright idea that I could bring it to Zumba. All my Zumba classes are held in local churches, and all churches seem to be either a gym or a poke-stop. Happily for him, MY Zumba churches have all been pokestops. 

At first, I figured I'd just check in a couple times, once before class and once after. But in three of my classes, while I'm standing/dancing in the church gym, I'm in position to hit the poke-stop after it resets ... which happens about every five minutes.

So ... in between songs, as I go grab a drink, I reach down to the open iphone and give the stop a little spin, wracking up pokeballs, potions, razzberries and even an egg here and there. #4 has been pretty happy with my help.

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My little nephew is also big into this PokemonGo business. His dad just caught him a Charizard close to where he works downtown. I am NOT that cool. I've tried a time or two to catch a critter as they appeared when I've had the phone in hand. I've watched my munchkin do it dozens of times ... yet I was never successful.

Until today. 

I caught a Pikachu. It was after Zumba, and I'd stopped at a store to grab a few groceries on the way home.

I'm certainly no Pokemon Master, but I'm not too bad as a Pokemon Mom. Especially as I go to Zumba at least four times a week, and can usually hit up the poke-stop ten or so times each class. 

What can I say, I like to multi-task. 

Zumba ... and Pokemon Go!

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