Saturday, October 22, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #169

Weight was up and down all over this week. Very little rhyme or reason. With this being Weigh-In #169, I was hoping to have a 169 on the scale (not that 169 is where I want to be, but I thought it was doable this week). Official weigh-in was about where I was at least week. After a bit of a drop after Mon/Tues I thought the scale might record a loss, but then it slipped up again after Wed/Thurs. NUMBERS: Officially down .1, average dropped to 172.13 (-1.9). Average Intake was 2143. Average Burn was 2722. Crunching numbers, there was a deficit for the week (-1943). Step average was 19164. 30minWeights, 753CardioMinutes, 65.83 exercise miles. FOOD: Only managed to keep calories under 2000 one day this week, but didn't have any days over 3000. Big meals on Sunday, donuts on Thursday ... candy corn every day in-between.  FITNESS: Only got in my hour of elliptical four days this week. Zumba also four for seven. No treadmill, but did do tennis! Bike once, weights once. 

Here's a day by day recap...
  • Friday (1014): Intake 2100. Burn 2705. Bit of a down day. Managed 80minElliptical.
  • Saturday (1015): Intake 2200. Burn 2355. Got in 20minElliptical and some tennis with #4 in the morning. #5 had FOUR back to back basketball games in the evening. Whew!
  • Sunday (1016): Intake 2500. Burn 2042. Slow Sunday (20minElliptical), big breakfast and bigger dinner!
  • Monday (1017): Intake 1700. Burn 3100. Great day! 80minElliptical, Zumba with Southziders and a session on the bike. Kept calories in check too. I always seem to do better with the return to routine after the wicked weekend.
  • Tuesday (1018): Intake 2050. Burn 3138. Pretty good day.  Zumba with Marian is early and close. 90minElliptical today, and I did weights. 
  • Wednesday (1019): Intake 2100. Burn 3035. Four 20min sessions on the elliptical, Zumba with MZL. Shopping steps and lawn mow. 
  • Thursday (1020): Intake 2350. Burn 2680. Fall Recess. Still hit Zumba (with MountainView) but only managed two 20min elliptical sessions. A bit of house cleanup, as we had company in the evening. Donut day pushed calories over.

Five Featured Photos ... 

 Tried tennis with this kid (#4)

 Zumba Photobomb

Finally gave in and allowed the update ...
(I don't like change!)

Mowing the lawn ... love the smell and the sun!

#5 - quite the bottle flip feature!

... and a quick video clip bonus,
 deep-3 buzzer beater from #5!
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