Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tasty Tuesday - Brazilian Cheese Rolls

I know many of the health/fitness blogs out there have a  food focus ... featuring recipes of good-for-you food. Me? I have not excelled at the eating side of this journey at all. But I figured I could still share a recipe or feature a food here and there. Don't expect anything too healthy though!

I made Brazilian Cheese Rolls this past Sunday. Also known as Pao de Queijo (my brother spent a couple years living in Brazil, so they call them by their real name). Bread of cheese ... yum! They have become a family favorite, and a go-to dinner bread, especially when we need something last minute. They are so quick and easy. They are also gluten-free, always requested at family parties (as my dad, brother and sister all suffer with Celiacs).

I first discovered them at one of the Brazilian restaurants. Then my son needed to make a South-American recipe for his Spanish class. I picked up (and pinned) the recipe from Our Best Bites. There are many others out there, but we LOVE this one, so I haven't gone on to try any of the others.

The Tapioca Flour is the only tricky ingredient to find. I've found it in the bulk section at Winco, but Hubs recently brought me home a 25 pound bag he found at a local kitchen supply store ... much easier than attempting the bulk buy in plastic bags, when I know I want a lot. 

You need a blender and a mini-muffin pan ... I once tried making them in a regular size muffin tin, and they were okay (a little more eggy in the middle).  I love the smaller bite-size. I only have one mini-muffin tin, but I've found I can empty it, and immediately refill the batter for a second batch. It doesn't even require a second coat of cooking spray, and often the second batch comes out better than the first, and people are happy to have an opportunity to have them hot out of the oven again.

I love how puffy they are ... often almost popping right out of the tin. Unfortunately, they do collapse quickly most of the time. They still taste good, but they don't look nearly as pretty. I've searched for solutions to this problem, but so far is seem to just be par for the coarse, similar to a souffle.

Unfortunately, with the oil, egg and cheese ... they aren't "healthy" or low calorie. I always top them with Parmesan cheese and some kosher salt too. At least I don't add butter as I do with traditional bread/rolls.

There were several entries already in the MFP food bank ... I don't know how accurate this is, but looking at it I'd assume it's fairly on target. I have a hard time limiting myself to three though. They are so easy to eat!

That's it for this first edition of Tasty Tuesday! 
Have you tried Brazilian Cheese Rolls?

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