Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Eats ~ Egg Treats

When I think of Easter Treats ... I do think of all the "egg" editions. A personal favorite are the peanut butter m&m eggs. Although PBm&ms are available year round, I adore the Easter Egg issue. It's just a different ratio of chocolate to peanut butter. A few weeks ago, I had purchased a bag (they are a little hard to find sometimes) and ... ate the entire thing. Not in one sitting, but in one day. Just grabbing a few here and there and suddenly the bag was empty. Seven servings or so. Ouch. I was uber over calories that day. 

Other Easter favorites are also "eggs" ...
Again ... with Reeses. The ratio of the eggs (or the pumpkins or the trees) is different than the standard cups available year round. I adore the eggs. But only the size pictured above ... not the bigger single-serving size, or the HUGE ones. The chocolate/peanut butter ratio is off on those. My three oldest boys love Reeses too, so they each got their own bag. I must admit, I found some on sale the day after Easter and grabbed a few. I'll try to portion and parcel them out in the next little bit. I had three today (90 calories each).

I know the Cadbury Mini Eggs are essential to Easter for so many. I hear about it every year, but honestly ... they don't appeal to me at all. I mean, I'll don't find them disgusting, but they just aren't worth the calories. They are just plain chocolate. I like a little something more with my indulgences. Sons #2 and #3 are fans though, so I do grab a couple bags each year.

Now the Robin Eggs ... malted milk ... basically "Whoppers" but with a harder candy shell. I LOVE these. I prefer the mini ones. I like to eat them one at a time. I'll savor it slowly, sucking on the outer shell until it dissolves and the malted center hits. I only found a couple at the one store I hit after Easter, but previous years I've stocked up and they have lasted me all year long, as I would indulge here and there.

Jelly beans are pretty classic Easter fare ... but honestly, I only like the red ones. Okay ... I'll eat the purple ones too, but I won't touch green or yellow. Sometimes I'll eat an orange one. But RED is the favorite. A few years ago, Starburst came out with the FaveREDs package. Yea! My boys prefer the red ones too. They get mad at me as I STILL pick out the darker red ones over the lighter red ones ;)

For the boy's baskets ... we've often thrown in the traditional chocolate bunny. The two littles don't like peanut butter, so they got Kit Kats instead (there are Easter editions ... but they are still just the basic bars, although there is a bunny shape on the chocolate. Makes them harder to break into four individual sticks). I usually pick up a couple packages of Peeps, although it's more just because they feel like Easter than anyone actually requesting them ... although they do get gobbled up. 

We didn't get around to actual egg dyeing and decorating ... but I made sugar cookies.
That kindof counts, right?

I'm a little surprised I made it through Spring Break and the Easter holiday and managed to keep calories in check. I'm SO bad when it comes to caving to cravings ... especially as everything IS around and available. I really don't think I'm one who will ever be able to eliminate treats completely, so I've just got to learn to keep control.

What are YOUR favorite Easter eats?

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  1. Hahaha, I am laughing so hard right now...people look at me like I'm absolutely nuts when I talk about the perfect ratio in my Reece's cups....and the perfect ratio in my Reece's pieces and peanut butter m&m's. (The regular m&m's don't have the perfect ratio...I never tried the m&m's eggs though!!). Your post has vindicated me!!!!!!


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