Tuesday, April 4, 2017

TV Tuesday - Clones and Robots

I get in an hour of elliptical almost every day ... am I dedicated to exercise, or is this just an excuse to watch a favorite show? Other than an occasional DVD or series watched with the Hubs, the only TV time I allow myself is if I'm being active. So while I might watch a lot, I'm moving the entire time. TV Tuesday ... it's what I've been watching!

First up ... Clones! I discovered Orphan Black shortly after Season 1 came out a few years ago. As each new season became available for free streaming on Amazon Prime, I'd indulge.

Season 4 has been out for a while. It started airing April of 2016, so almost exactly a year ago. I don't catch anything "live" and am not even sure what station it airs on here in America (it  comes out in England earlier). I saw it was on Amazon ... but for purchase, not part of Prime (yet). While it wasn't that expensive ($15 for the 10 episodes) I was willing to wait. I'm patient, and there's plenty to entertain me. It was available on DVD a few months ago, and my library carried it, but there were quite a few holds. Still waiting. 

Finally, mid-March, it was included in Prime streaming. With only 10 episodes, I got through it pretty quickly. Even though it had been over a year since I'd finished up the previous season, it was pretty easy to get back into.

I'm impressed with the lead actress. She plays several different (really different) roles ... clones. Overall it's full of drama and action ... but there is SO much funny stuff to lighten it up too. Unfortunately, this ended on a cliffhanger. I've heard Season Five will be the final season.

As I was watching Orphan Black, I noticed that "Humans" was airing it's second season on AMC. It started in February and wrapped up in March. I remember Season 1 hit Netflix quite quickly last year, but I went ahead and recorded the episodes using my PlayOn service. With only eight episodes, this was a quick season. 

It picks up pretty much where Season 1 left off. Very easy to get back into it all. Again ... I was impressed with the acting, as humans portrayed human-like synthetics(robots). While very advanced, it's still obvious these are not real (in the story-line) but some of them have gained consciousness, and then are quite difficult to tell apart from human counterparts. It's an issue that's been dealt with in other productions (I-Robot being a favorite of mine). I really like the characters and presentation here. I wish the season was longer!

But ... still plenty to watch and keep me entertained while I exercise. Onto the next series ...

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