Tuesday, April 11, 2017

TV Troubles

Time for another episode of TV Tuesday.
I like to get my heart rate up with exercise.
Lately, I feel like TV troubles are upping the blood pressure!
This has been my view while on the elliptical or treadmill TOO MUCH lately. Loadin........g. TV is my motivator! It keeps me entertained while I exercise. An action filled show helps pump my adrenaline, upping my energy. A compelling program keeps me coming back, excited for my next session. A boring blue screen and constant disruptions ... not so much!

My TV in the home gym doesn't have a cable connection. It can't receive live TV, which is fine, as I workout on my schedule, not when the shows air. So I use Netflix, Amazon or PlayOn to watch what I want (I have a DVD backup and should use it when wifi is wonky). And it's been wonky!

I'm never certain where the problem is ... is it Comcast? The router? The service itself? I can usually troubleshoot, but once I've started a workout, I hate to stop. Lately it will stutter and load ... then start up again, only to stop again, start again, stop again, start again. I can check Comcast via an app, and even restart the router with that. It does often help, but it's uber annoying!

I seem to have the most trouble with PlayOn. I'm not sure if there were connectivity issues when recording the show, or while playing the show, or if it's wifi and Netflix and Amazon would be having the same problems. 

In addition to connectivity concerns ... PlayOn has been having other problems too. My subtitles suddenly stopped working when recording from Hulu. Ad skip stopped working when recording from the Xfinity channel. Once I've been spoiled with captions and ad skip, it's so hard to go back to not having those options. I've been in contact with customer service but haven't found a resolution to these issues yet.

One of the shows I recently watched was on Amazon. It had me frustrated as well. Hubs had watched the series (Sneaky Pete) to episode 8 when I started it. Everything I'd come on, it would be there at episode 8 again, and I'd have to manually go back to where I had been watching (and having to remember where that was). I also dislike the AutoPlay at the end of each episode. Right as it's almost over, the screen gets a gray overlay saying the next episode will start in two minutes ... it make that last minute really hard to watch. And sometimes I turn off the TV without exiting out of Amazon and it continues to autoplay, even when no one is watching.

Netflix is my favorite. As I've used PlayOn to keep up with some current series (Grey's Anatomy, TWD, Designated Survivor), I wonder if I should just WAIT until they hit Netflix. Watching the episodes back to back rather than waiting a week (or months) in between. Shows like "The Voice" never hit Netflix though, so PlayOn is my only option (I actually only watched the Battle Rounds ... I like the harmony of the duets, and it just gives me a peek at the season so I have some idea if people are talking about it). 

First world problems, I know! We get spoiled in this day and age, don't we?


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  1. The internet where I live is so spotty that I rarely watch my Netflix....or use my amazon account. Isn't that a shame??


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