Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Upping the Activity

 Workout Wednesday
Ah ... my home gym. Treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike and full weight set (and a few fans! *Ü*) I'm spoiled. In the past few months, while I never stopped working out, my activity did wane. With the holidays, prepping for #1 son to return home after two years away (we'd given away his room and had to rearrange to find everyone a spot) and just some discouragement ... 

Trying to jump back on the workout wagon (even though I KNOW it's the eating!)

Tuesday, I had my first 30k day since October(2016) when I had two. 
Then today ... Wednesday, I did it again. 

I've been good at getting up and hitting the elliptical first thing. One 20min session then I wake up the boys. Prep lunches and make sure they are ready, then another 20 before driving middle school carpool (#2 drives himself and #3 to school). Back home, one more 20min session then off with #5 to elementary. 

I haven't been great at getting to Zumba on Wednesdays for a while. But I did today. Then I had some treadmill time. 30min/2miles.  I really tried to push myself. I know ... I'm more of a quantity over quality when it comes to workouts. I have such a hard time getting my heart rate up. Admittedly, my elliptical is pretty easy, my bike time is more about reading than riding (I just feel a little guilty spending too much time in a book, but if I'm "exercising" than it's okay, right?)

Zumba can be a little hit and miss. At times, I have great energy, get really good stats/steps and other times ... it's half hearted (and that is absolutely reflected in the heart rate). It can depend on the teachers, and whether or not I know or like the songs ... and other times, it seems like no matter what I do, even giving it my all, it just doesn't show much in the stats. I still absolutely enjoy my Zumba though. Beyond just exercise, it gets me out of the house (which is an issue), has given me confidence and many new friends.

Here's a closer look at my Treadmill Time ...

I do NOT like running. I rarely "run" ... 5mph is a comfortable jog, but I can't keep that up for too long (I did do one WHOLE mile last week). As everyone seems to say HIT workouts are the thing, I try to add intervals, turning up the treadmill (I tried a little 6mph, 7mph and even 8mph for a small stretch ... very small).  But this might motivate me to see if I can improve on these stats, push it into the peak a bit more. I don't know that I'll ever actually enjoy running ... I know MOST people prefer the outdoors to a treadmill, but the weather (hot sun or cold rain), cars, dogs, insects, stranger danger ... and just the possibility of getting stuck far away from home if there is a problem (even just a potty problem). 

See? Here's #1 having to pull rocks from the groves in his shoes.
That doesn't happen on a treadmill!
 ... and a little funny from last week. #1 son took off running in the rain. It turned to snow and he was freezing and miserable and had a cramp and was a few miles away from home, up by the high school. He went into the school, and had his brother called from class ... and absconded with his car, driving home. 

He tracks his miles on his shoes ...

When he first got home from his mission, he spent a little time in the gym (with weights) but hasn't been in there much. The seniors on the other hand ...
They seem a little lost without basketball. It's been LIFE for the past several years, and now it's over (except for Stockton ... he's planning on playing college ball). Many days after school #2 and friends hit our home gym. #3 son has been spending time with weights too, and even #4 has started hitting the gym again (both working with weights, and on the treadmill). Once again, BOYS IN MY GYM! I always try to make sure I get in whatever workouts I want during the day, because I don't know if my gym will be available when school is out. 

Next is Spring Break ... not sure what that will do to my routine!

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  1. I would croak if I had a 20k day!!!!! Let alone a 30k!!!

    That said.....upping the exercise will give you a bit of leeway with your food. My brother says that's why he rides mad miles on his gives him impunity to eat what he wants!!!!!!


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