Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Footwear Feature

Workout Wednesday ... or What I'm Wearing Wednesday.
Either one works as I feature my footwear!
Lately, I've been pretty good at getting the workouts in. I pop down to my home gym multiple times a day. I just keep my footwear there in the gym, because I rarely wear them anywhere else. The other day, as I'd done four different workouts wearing four different types of footwear ... they were all lined up and I HAD to shoot a picture. 

I've talked about shoes/slippers several times on the blog before. My pink fuzzy slippers and navy slippers appeared all the way back on a post in 2014. Not much wear and tear on the elliptical and stationary bike. I've also had my Sketchers ... the "Shape-Ups" that were all the rage years ago for a long while. I only wear them for my weight workouts ... I never liked walking in them.

Even with the little running (jogging ... wogging) I do, I have had to replace my running shoes a few times. I have yet to go to a running store to have a personalized recommendation. I guess I feel like I'm not a serious enough runner to do that. My most recent pair are Ryka brand, and I've liked them ... as much as I like any shoe. I hate shoes. 

My oldest son just bought himself a new pair of running shoes ... and he's been using them. He marks the miles on the side of the shoe. He ran a marathon! Over six days anyway. He's been trying to keep up with me on the Fitbit Family list (I'm currently staying ahead though.)

I like that the boys are old enough now that they are buying their own shoes. 

I'm cheap ... they are not. 
They are Nike snobs

#1 son bought these RoscheTwoFlyKnit shoes, and #2 liked them enough that he immediately ordered a pair too. 

#2 bought himself the basic Nike Rosche shoes a while back. #3 ended up getting a couple, and then the little boys did too (courtesy of #2 for their birthdays). They are really showing the wear and tear. Toes poking through! They do get pretty rough treatment though. 

While I don't run a lot, I do spend quite a bit of time dancing. I bought shoes specifically for Zumba when I started going five days a week. I loved my Ryka Downbeat high-tops, but after a year or more, I could feel I didn't have the support or cushion I needed. I'd originally got them on quite the deal, but the few I could find out there were pretty pricey. I've been using a pair of Reeboks that work, but kept glancing at the Downbeat on Amazon and elsewhere. A few weeks ago, I saw a couple being sold on Amazon for $25 (I'd paid $30 when I pickup mine up originally, most places they were $60 or above). It was a new seller ... no reviews. I was a bit skeptical ... but, it's Amazon. They stand behind their brand, so I figured I was safe. It was a scam. The shoes never came. The tracking number I was given was fake. But Amazon DOES stand behind their brand and I was covered under their A-Z Guarantee. Still sans the shoes though.

Running shoes, Zumba shoes ... I even have bowling shoes! My own pair. For several years, the local bowling alley would offer two free games during the summer. Shoes were extra, and they hoped you'd buy some food or play in the arcade (and yes, that happened). 

I hated shelling out the $3.50 each time. I checked out bowling shoes online and found these for just $20! While we don't go bowling that often, I've saved quite a bit by bringing my own shoes over the years. Unfortunately, with the boys constantly growing feet, it isn't as economical to buy for them. I did buy a men's size 9 (which fit the oldest then ... I figured with five boys, they would all move through that size at some point. The older three are over, but #4 is in a size 8 now ... so he's coming up (I just have to remember where I put them when #3 outgrew them). 

My sons LOVE shoes. For me, they are a necessary evil.

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  1. Work shoes are evil for me. But exercise/fitness shoes are important enough that I spend the money for them!!!!!


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