Friday, July 28, 2017

Family Favorite - Chicken Alfredo Pasta

It's Friday.
Time for a post about
Family Food Favorites!

I know a basic chicken alfredo pasta isn't too hard to make from scratch. I have done that ... but pulling a bag from the freezer is SO quick and easy (and honestly, the boys said they liked it better than the homemade version). While not everyone in the family loves this meal (Hubs and #4 aren't interested) it really is a favorite for everyone else. In fact, the kids don't even know this by the "Skillet Sensations Chicken Alfredo" because we simply call it "Favorite Noodles".  Just dump the contents into a large skillet, stir every few minutes, and about 15minutes later. Dinner is ready. Sometimes the boys don't even bother to transfer it to plates, they just pick out the pieces straight from the pan (hey, less dishes that way!) I'm not normally a fan of broccoli, but in this dish, it's my favorite part (drenched with alfredo sauce true, but still, green veggies! It's something I really struggle with).

Many years ago, it started out as a Stouffer's Lean Cuisine meal. I don't know that it was really that different. I think the calorie count was simply divided into three servings, rather than the two in the regular Skillet Sensations package. 

Then, they discontinued the Lean Cuisine version.

It was fine, because we just moved to the regular Skillet Sensation. I really don't know that it was any different, other than orange packaging rather than the white "Lean Cuisine" and the stated two servings rather than three. This was a standby for several years. Then it disappeared, but was  replaced by a larger "family size" bag with servings for four. This actually worked out well, because as the boys were getting older, they were eating more. The smaller package didn't really work that well anyway (unless only two were eating).

I always grabbed the bags at Walmart. They were quite a bit less expensive there. $6.98 vs $7.99 at Smiths or $10.99 at Maceys. I'd always try to keep a few in the freezer. The other day, we were out. I stopped by a Walmart Neighborhood Grocery store (sometimes I prefer the smaller, less crazy experience) but they didn't have any. I just assumed it was because it was the smaller store. They don't have room for the same inventory.  My son made a trip into the Walmart Supercenter and I told him to grab a few bags ... but he couldn't find them. I first I figured it was just his inexperience, not knowing where to look, but then I started to have a sinking feeling. What if it was being discontinued altogether now?

The next time I was at the bigger Walmart myself, I looked ... I couldn't find any. Couldn't even find a spot on the shelf where they should be. There are similar products (Birdseye, etc) but we've tried them and the boys were not impressed. We've lost several favorite foods over the years as companies change and discontinue items. Why is it always OUR favorites? 

During my shopping trip at Smiths however, I was able to locate the bags in the frozen section. So it's just Walmart not carrying the product, not the company not making it. Phew ... even if it does mean I'll have to pay higher prices. It's a family favorite!The other day though, I DID find it on sale. I stocked up. How many bags can I fit in my freezer?

Have any of your family favorites been discontinued over the years?

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  1. Whew! I was getting worried about your family favorite!!!! I hate when they discontinue or 'improve' things. Don't mess up what is already perfect!!!!!


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