Monday, July 10, 2017

Weekly Review #205

The whole summer schedule is such a shift from the set school routine, but this week, add in a mid-week holiday (July 4th on Tuesday) and ... well, not a good week for eating/exercise. I've been enjoying my Zumba, but other workouts have gone by the wayside a bit. Still getting my steps in, well over 100k for the week...

NUMBERS: Official weigh-in was up 2.2 pounds, average was up .73 (to 177.43). Not really a surprise, with intake averaging at 2529 and burn just at 2678. Intake was over burn six out of the seven days, resulting in an overage of 2558. Step average was 20,542 with 38.55 logged miles. 40min w/weights, and cardio minutes came in at 630/604/919 ... I've never had THAT big a dependency between my One and my personal tracking and the ChargeHR! The latter registers more as "cardio" (walks, my extra Zumba, bike, lawn mowing) and I guess those extra minutes added up. They are not really cardio, but I still like seeing what gets picked up by the different devices.

EXERCISE: During the school season, I'd get in my hour of elliptical (three 20min sessions) in the morning as I got the boys off to school. This week, I didn't get a full hour in any day of the week, although several days I got down at least once. I've been enjoying my Zumba though! My regular Tuesday class cancelled on July 4th, and so did my backup (Prairie Stake) so I went to MZL and got a great workout. I'd been to this different location a time or two, but it was a good reminder to me that it really isn't much further. I ended up going there on Thursday too ... after a partial class earlier. I was still feeling stiff from the 5k last Saturday, and didn't make it onto the treadmill, but I did do a couple walks (not always intentional ... looking for my backyard birds who had flown out of the backyard!) One session on the bike and one workout with weights. Add in the usual lawn mowing ... which is picked up by the ChargeHR, and quite a bit of yardwork, which didn't make it's own mark on the Life Cycle graph.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: Still no basketball this week (although #1 took the two littles to an NBA summer league game), but summer season starts up this next week, so it should reappear on the graph. Got in the usual grocery shopping, and a little other shopping (picking up some shoes for #4) and some family time on the 4th.

A look at the day to day ...

  • Monday (0703) Hubs was off to hike Mount Olympus in the morning ... and came home exhausted and needing to recover most of the day (and didn't exercise the rest of the week). I hit Zumba w/Debbie, and then took #4 to the church to play basketball, getting in an hour of Zumba practice while I waited.  Some grocery shopping steps, and a neighborhood walk tracking down duckies. 19518 steps. 2510 burn. 2200 intake.
  • Tuesday (0704) Fourth of July! My Zumba class was cancelled, as was my backup, so I went to MZL and got a good workout. I forget how close this alternate option is. Pretty low key day. Fit in one session on the elliptical. Family gathering in the evening. Lots of fireworks from the neighbors! 17324 steps. 2649 burn. 2900 intake.
  • Wednesday (0705) My usual MZL Zumba had to move (floor refinishing at the church) so I decided to try out a different Zumba class, one I'd been to before, but long ago. First time syndrome)...also did an hour on my own (supervising #4 at the church while he got in some basketball practice) and one session on the elliptical. Also a little walk around the neighborhood looking for two of our backyard birds ... I didn't find them this time. Three of the boys went to an NBA summer league game. 27971 steps. 3001 burn. 2000 intake.
  • Thursday (0706) Up fairly early, even getting in an elliptical session before early (8:30) Zumba w/Coriann ... which I snuck out of a bit early to run to Zumba w/MZL. But then I was a bit of a slug for the rest of the day, until a session on the stationary bike in the evening. Over on intake (barely below burn), partially due to Snickerdoodles. #5 had basketball practice. 22968 steps. 2884 burn. 2700 intake.
  • Friday (0707) Zumba with Debbie to start the day, I forgot to bring weights. I also did a little more Zumba on my own at home. One session on the elliptical, and a weight workout. #5 requested Mac&Cheese before his basketball practice ... and I ate some (I didn't realize it then, but it WAS National Mac&Cheese day!) Hubs made popcorn, so calories were up and over. 21719 steps. 2900 burn. 2700 intake.
  • Saturday (0708) Did an hour of Zumba on my own, and probably 30 min more throughout the day. Also mowed the lawn and got in some shopping steps. Hubs and the boys went to the lake. 21768 steps. 2678 burn. 2700 intake. 
  • Sunday (0709) A little bit of Zumba, just about 20min. Some yardwork, moving and placing stepping stones. Made macaroni rosa for dinner, homemade oreos for dessert. 12476 steps. 2343 burn. 2500 intake.
Five Featured Photos ...

 Hubs hiked on Monday

Pretty pot of petunias!

 Summer Basketball (Wednesday)

Sun and Sand on Saturday

 Everything in order ... slightly OCD son left things better than he found them!

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