Monday, July 17, 2017

Weekly Review #206

Another week, another update ... not a whole lot to report. Same-o stuff. Uber over on the eating for the weekend, so the little uptick on the scale isn't surprising. Back to basketball, and our goose is gone, and our final duck flew the coop as well. We'll see if saying farewell to the backyard birds frees up any of my time.

NUMBERS: Official weekly weight up .4, with the average up also (.81 to 178.24). Only managed to keep intake under burn two days ... end of week overage of 1865. Average intake 2543. Average daily burn 2729. Step average came in at 20,395 with 45.77 logged miles. 40 minutes with weights, and cardio minutes came in at 750/732/837.  No 30k days, five were over 20k. Only one day with a burn exceeding 3000. 

I was pretty happy to see my #1 son appear in the top five on my Fitbit friends list this week! He is friends with both my Fitbits ... and actually isn't too happy about me taking the top TWO spots on his Fitbit friend list. He's threatened to drop one of me ... #4 wears his Fitbit Alta all the time and is fairly active, but just doesn't SYNC HIMSELF! Hubs has been quite active too (this week he did a trail run, a street ride, a mountain bike ride, a hike) but he's wearing the competition (an Apple watch) so I can't see how we sync up.

EXERCISE: Again ... my HOUR of elliptical has not been happening. During the school season, I'd get it done first thing no problem. Now? It feels so hard! I did hit the elliptical every day for at least one session (at least 20min). Not quite as much Zumba as last week. Six official classes, and a little extra at home.  I did my first official "sub" for Marian's class, and was able to hit Southziders. Two treadmill times, once on the bike, and one time with weights. 

OTHER ACTIVITIES: Basketball ... Summer season started, and #5 had two games this week. It's pretty sporadic though, the next games aren't until August. As usual, there was some grocery shopping steps and my mowing. We had our family party on Sunday, but Life Cycle doesn't allow me to choose where my week ends (running Sunday through Saturday, when I personally mark it starting on Monday) ... so it will appear next week I guess. 

Here's the day by day recap ...

  • Monday (0710) Zumba w/Debbie to start the day, and I did a little more on my own too. One elliptical session, and a couple small walks ... one before #5's basketball game, and one around the neighborhood. Goose on the loose. 23249 steps. 2859 burn. 2200 intake.
  • Tuesday (0711) Marian is off for the summer, so I'm the sub for summer. It's always fun to be able to pick the playlist, and energy is up when you are up front. Still did another 30min of Zumba on my own later too. 30min on the elliptical, and a weights workout. Also threw in some hula and ping pong and mowed the front lawn. Kept calories in control too. Felt like a good day. 24398 steps. 2993 burn. 1800 intake.
  • Wednesday (0712) My usual MZL class had moved (floor refinishing) so I decided to head to Draper/Southziders. It was fun to see folks I hadn't run into in a while, and dance to the Southziders songs/steps. I did another 30min on my own at home, plus 30min on the treadmill, and 30min on the elliptical. Made banana bread ... ate banana bread. 25787 steps. 3059 burn. 2600 intake.
  • Thursday (0713) Double Zumba day. Start with Coriann's class at 8:30 ... I sneak out a bit early there to hit MZL. Did a little on my own too, so I still say a full two hours of dancing. Also some elliptical. My library book is due back soon, so I really SHOULD get in some reading/riding! I planned to, but it didn't end up happening between grocery shopping, making cookies and running #5 to/from practice. 23415 steps. 2870 burn. 2500 intake.
  • Friday (0714) I was up early enough to get in a session on the elliptical early. Then Zumba with Debbie, and I even remembered my weights. Did a little extra Zumba practice on my own, and hit the treadmill for 30min. Leftover chocolate chip cookies added to the calorie count, and I made lemon jello cake for dessert after dinner. 20249 steps. 2643 burn. 2800 intake.
  • Saturday (0715) One session on the elliptical, a bit of Zumba practice, and mowed the lawn. Uber over on eating (coconut goodies added to that). 13669 steps. 2349 burn. 3200 intake. 
  • Sunday (0716) One session on the elliptical, one session on the stationary bike, and a bit of Zumba practice. Family gathering in the evening. 12001 steps. 2328 burn. 2700 intake.
 Five Featured Photos ...

 Hubs did a mountain run on Monday ...

Weight Workout - Hubs want to replace the leg press with a spinner bike.
Guess I'll use the press while we still have it!

 #1 son finished off five Zingers before I finished bringing in the groceries!

#1 and the littles ... 174, that's a good game!

#5 and the kitties.

... and a couple videos ...

... and highlights from #5's Monday basketball game ... 

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