Sunday, July 2, 2017

June 2017

Well, the summer schedule certainly impacted the exercise! Some sleeping in, some boys in my gym ... elliptical is WAY down, as is treadmill time, bike and weights. The only activity that us UP is Zumba. Without late-start middle school on Fridays, I can now hit a class at the end of the week, and with some subbing coming up, I did quite a bit of practice time on my own as well. 

NUMBERS: Weight started at 176.7 and ended at 175.6. High was 179.20 and low was 175.6. Average was 177.39, which is up 2.12 from last month. Intake average was 2410, Average Daily Burn was 2694. No deficit, over by 6654. Step average was 19,398 with 581,953 total, and 177.44 logged miles. 90min spent in strength training, 2620/2711 cardio minutes.

EXERCISE: I only got in my hour of elliptical six days this month! Some days I'd hit one or two sessions, adding up to 12 hours total. I went to 20 official Zumba classes, and did several practice hours on my own. Treadmill time eight days  plus a couple walks outside. Three sessions on the bike reading/riding and two times with weights. 

OTHER ACTIVITIES: There was some end of school stuff...  school program & awards assembly at the elementary, and graduation for #2.  The boys had a bunch of basketball (Dixie Camp, Utes Camp, CHHS camp) but I only went to watch a couple games finishing up #5's Spring season.

While the ducks&geese didn't make it into the monthly picture collage, they have taken up a lot of time every day. Guy goose decided to test his wings and search for greener pastures. He's gone. :(  Girl goose took off for a day but came back and is still hanging out. The garden is growing! 

Hubs and I had some quick medical tests as we are applying for life insurance. There was a dog bite and my MIL ended up the ER with a cracked skull.  We had our annual Family Father's Day gathering. I haven't gotten out as much, because #2 and his girlfriend have been willing to take the littles out for summer fun (bowling, swimming and a trip to Airborne). The guys have gone waverunning a couple times. Summer has started! Here's a look at the daily details.

*** JenB's Journal ***

0601 (Thursday) Weight 176.7. Steps 9108. Total Burn 2196. Exercise Burn 210/384 (20minElliptical). Calories in 3000. Graduation day for #2. I'll admit, I was a bit stressed about the whole thing. I just don't do well with crowds, and ceremony and sitting. Instead of being downtown at the Vivent Arena, like #1's graduation was, it was at the Maverick Center. A little closer, a little smaller too. At first I thought being closer would be better, but traffic was SO bad, parking impossible, and the place was absolutely packed. There were the sections for the box seats unoccupied, but the only way you could get into those was by climbing over the railings ... which is what we had to do. I was stressed, as we'd had to park at a nearby hotel (for hotel customers only) and was worried we might get towed. We did run into the grads lining up outside to make their entrance and got a picture with #2 and his buddies. I knew quite a few kids in this graduating class ... friends of #2, kids from the neighborhood (even though we are all on permit). The valedictorian and class president were both neighbor gals, and the vice-president was #2's old girlfriend (all three spoke). The speeches got a little long with the principal, and then over 800 graduates to be presented. Apparently, we went overtime, and the next school (Herriman, where #1 graduated from, I remember we followed Copper Hills then too) was there waiting ... I have NO idea where they parked! Trying to get out of the lot was pure gridlock (I was with #2 who had driven separately as the grads needed to be there earlier). Seriously, an hour of just sitting. Hubs had gotten out faster and was waiting for us at Red Robin for a graduation luncheon. Maga had come to the ceremony too, and #1 was meeting us for lunch. Hubs had to sneak out early and get back to work, so I caught a ride home with #1. I was exhausted! It went so long, I had to text #3 to pick up #5 from school (luckily it was a carpool day for #4 to get home ... I remember being in a pickle for those pickups back when #1 graduated). #5 had practice with his Wolves team at 6:30. I dropped him off and one of the other mom's said she'd bring him home after. At home, the boys were watching game 1 of the NBA finals. I spent some time out with the birds ... and then to bed!

0602 (Friday) Weight 176.7. Steps 17458. Total Burn 615/534 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2850. Slept in a little, even needed my alarm for the 7:30 wake up! I hit the elliptical for a session. #5 was the only kid going to school (his last day) and #3 dropped him off and then went to the high school to pay some fees for upcoming basketball camps. I had the school awards assembly at 10:00, and #5 received the "Citizenship Award" for his class (only given to one boy/girl in each class). After it was over I made a quick stop by Reams (for lettuce and grapes) and then at Dunford, as it was National Donut Day ... we needed to celebrate, right? It was a short final day, out at 1:00 ... I wonder if they let them out a little early because I was at our usual spot at 1:05 and #5 wasn't there nor was the usual crowd at the school. I drove to the school (just a bit further than we usually meet) just as #5 was calling me to see if I'd forgotten to pick him up. I thought he was handling it okay (he did exactly right, that's the routine, go back to the school and call) but he was in tears as he came into the car. I felt so bad, but I really wasn't that late! I was a little surprised he was having such a tough time. He had a few hours, and then he was off for the evening for a basketball tournament. It was down at an industrial area by the airport, and I didn't feel up to that environment myself, so I'd arranged for him to catch a ride. I dropped him off and followed on social media as a couple of the other moms posted updates. They won both their games (6:00 and 8:00). He was home late and exhausted!

0603 (Saturday) Weight 176.9. Steps 12527. Total Burn 2354. Exercise Burn 0/534 (no exercise). Calories in 2900. The waverunners had been serviced, so Hubs decided to hit the lake today. #1 has been itching to go. Of course #5 had games and couldn't go, but I wouldn't have been going regardless. I'm just not a swimsuit gal (plus the drive, etc.) Hubs and the other four boys were off (that's all that fit into the truck towing the toys anyway). #5 had his first game with his Grizzlies at 1:00. They got the win, and play in the championship game next week. Then I dropped him off across town at Eastmont, where the coach's kid was playing (several of the boys are on two teams) so #5 could catch a ride to the tournament games with his Wolves team. Games at 4:00, 6:00 and 8:00. They lost the 4:00 game by just four points ... and that was the top team, that they played again (and lost again) at 8:00 for the championship. There was a 3-point contest too. The family giving #5 a ride home took him to ice cream afterward. I didn't get in any official exercise today, but I mowed the lawn and spent some time digging in the garden unearthing worms for the geese. I spent some quality time out on a towel with the big babies, who were nuzzling my clothes (that tickles!) and when Hubs came out, they untied his shoes. Silly birds! Hubs smoked some pork and made mashed taters. We had some skookie for dessert.

0604 (Sunday) Weight 178.1. Steps 12813. Total Burn 2247. Exercise Burn 350/412 (45min/2.25mileTreadmillWalk, ZumbaPractice). Calories in 2500. Oops, there is that scale jump. Hope it doesn't jump again tomorrow morning for weekly weigh-in as it's already a gain as of today. At least it did motivate me a bit, getting in a walk on the treadmill and some Zumba practice (I'm subbing tomorrow).  Hubs went into work, as between the Memorial Day holiday, graduation, etc, he didn't get much done that he needed to this past week. The goslings are looking like geese now. The sleeping outside (free range for them, in the pen for the ducklings) has made things easier. No more (or less) poopy towels. No need to catch the ducklings, just nudge them in the right direction, which is often effortless. I laugh at how often they simply enter the pen of their own accord (on the grass, we do have to urge them in at night usually). Still quite the routine each morning as I move the pen to the grass, letting the littles free range for a bit while I change the water, fill the food dishes, prep "salad" and spray away the poop droppings all over. We did french toast for breakfast. #1 was speaking at Stake Conference. Maga came by to listen to his talk. Seminary graduation for #2 in the evening. I did squeeze in a nap in the afternoon, as Hubs, home from work, took a couple boys to the movies (Guardians of the Galaxy #2). ♥ 

0605 (Monday) Weight 176.7. Steps 23092. Total Burn 3004. Exercise Burn 1087/1213 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2100. First official "summer" day ... and I slept in until 7:00ish. Had a rude awakening at 5:30 though from the alarm ... not MY alarm, I had remembered to reset it for summer, but the FIRE alarm. It went off for a minute, stopped, went on again 15min later for a minute then stopped. It was all the alarms too, not just one (like low battery) ... Hubs and I couldn't figure out the problem. No fire. Hubs was off to work and I fell back asleep for a bit. Got one session on the elliptical in and the ducklings/geese taken care of before heading out to Zumba. I was subbing for Debbie, who was out of town. At the church, there was the dreaded "Closed for Cleaning" sign. Why? How does it happen that for this building, it happens to fall on a Monday when we have class. For our building, last year it happened to fall on a Tuesday, the day of class ... and so on. It always coincidentally conflicts with the Zumba class and whoever is in charge of scheduling apparently doesn't care enough to check and see what is already on the schedule to let us know. Luckily for us, these guys were nice and said we could still use the gym for an hour while they worked in other parts of the building. I KNOW that would work, but the guys before have been totally unwilling to work with us in the past. So we got our class in, low numbers. Summer? Or that people knew there was a sub (with songs/steps they don't know)? I'm fine with whatever, it's still much more fun working out at an air conditioned church gym with a few people than at home alone in my bathroom. Stats: 6943 steps. 3.21 miles. 487/450 burn. AvHR121, High147, in zone 38 of the 62 minutes. I stopped at Smiths on the way home to pick up a prescription and some fruit/veggies for the ducks. They also had juice boxes on sale so I stocked up on those (real juice ones). #1 had early work, and #2 was off on a couple interviews (UPS and one that turned out to be a job selling knives that he scoffed at, rightly so). I turned the Durango over to #3 to take to his basketball practice at the high school. He got his schedule for the tournament later in the week. I hope he can arrange rides as I can't part with my car that long, and the games are downtown at the University of Utah, where I don't go. I guess taking Trax is always a possibility.  #1 took the two littles over to the church for a little basketball in the gym. I was totally dragging today, not sure why. Had to lay down a little, although I didn't actually nap. I made the cold chicken/pasta salad, a lunch/dinner for Hubs and #1, the rest of us just pieced. The panini maker has been a big hit. I did finish up my elliptical hour, getting a couple more sessions in, but no other exercise. I showered and headed to bed, letting Hubs put the babies away for the night. I didn't even check on them (as I always do) ... although I did in the middle of the night when I was up for a quick potty break. The geese were there at the duckling pen rather than in their usual spot under the porch. Wonder why?  

0606 (Tuesday) Weight 176.7. Steps 22932. Total Burn 3030. Exercise Burn 1044/1223 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2600. Second summer day ... sleeping in feels nice. No exercise before Zumba, although I got the ducklings out (moved the pen, refreshed the water, prepped food plates for both broods). Nice day to walk to Zumba, but I had Marian's big bag from subbing last week and it's a little heavy, especially with my water bottle too. In fact, they set of the sensors sitting on the passenger seat ... I get a seatbelt notification as it thinks someone is sitting there. Zumba was good. Stats: 6070 steps. 2.7 miles. 435/414 burn. AvHR118, High139, in zone 27 of the 60 minutes. Back at home, I spent some more time out in the yard with the birds. Digging up areas, emptying and refilling the pools, spraying down the poop. I tried to catch a little sun on my legs, putting my top portion in the shade, but the goslings don't like to leave me alone! The boys went over to the church to get a little basketball in. #3 had practice over at the school again. I prepped chicken pillows for dinner, with yellow rice, and then made some fried chicken for the littles. The oldest two boys ended up being out, but they like it leftover fine. Hubs really only likes it fresh ... and he got it fresh. 

0607 (Wednesday) Weight 176.4. Steps 15740. Total Burn 2445. Exercise Burn 350/647 (Zumba). Calories in 2500. I didn't get in any elliptical before Zumba ... nor after Zumba. Zumba was my only official exercise for today. Just dragging! Couldn't get the heart rate up in class, and I'll admit, I wasn't trying that hard. There are some of my favorite instructors this day ... but also a couple young gals that do styles I don't care for and can't follow well. Stats: 5739 steps. 2.47 miles. 340/316 burn. AvHR96, High125, in zone 0 of the 62 minutes. I stopped at Sam's Club on the way home. They had NO 2% milk, and that was one of the things I'd gone for. #1 son will be disappointed as he runs out, as I didn't really want to stop somewhere else in addition. I'd mentioned to #2 that maybe he could take the littles bowling. It's $2 per game per person, $2 for shoe rental ... but free shoe rental if you come before 11:00 am. So I'd wanted them to go early, but alas, he was still asleep until almost 11:00. #1 was home from work and seemed interested in bowling, so he and the two littles went, even though we had to pay for shoes. I got in some yard work. Digging up the pen area and mowing the lawn (just the front). I made spinach and black bean enchiladas for dinner (I don't eat them, but Hubs and #1 like them). #2 was working and #3 took off to go swimming with his friends. #1 had friends over in the evening for pizza and hot tubbing. 

0608 (Thursday) Weight 177.4. Steps 22316. Total Burn 2868. Exercise Burn 555/1047 (Zumba, 40min/2milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200. My summer 7:30 wake-up has become pretty standard.  I must admit I like sleeping in, but I miss my early morning elliptical. It's been hard to get it in if I don't get it in early. I didn't get any in today. Zumba was early today. With MountainView over, I hit Prairie Stake. They are 9:00 during the school year, but switched to 8:30 for the summer. It's about the same distance for me as MountainView was. I really like the teacher, she's a fireball. Lots of energy, very cute. I like that she has a set playlist going straight from one song to the next. But lots of her songs are ones I know different choreography to, so that can be a bit of a challenge. Lots of little kids running all around, through the dancers, across the stage. It's distracting. A longer cool-down than I like too. Stats: 5377 steps/ 2.32 miles. 341/366 burn. AvHR109/High125, in zone 2 of the 59 minutes. Still needing milk, and needing more greens for the geese (even though I'd just been shopping on Monday) I did a slight detour to Smiths Marketplace on 7800. Stocked up on groceries, and then made a second trip back to grab a couple hanging baskets of flowers. I haven't purchased ANY flowers this year yet. Unloaded at home, and got my new flowers settled. Spent quite a bit of time in the back yard working on the garden area. Weeded, then planted all the seeds I had. Moved some planters. I hadn't had time to do the whole ducky routine in the morning with the early Zumba class. #1 son was home and I'd asked him to take care of them. He let them out of the pen, but didn't move it onto the grass, just letting them free range with the geese. Sometimes the geese get after them, but everyone was still alive. The littles are pretty good at getting out of the way. I ended up getting quite a bit of sun on my back! An old neighbor texted that they were going to be in the area and wondered if their son could come hang with my #5. We didn't really have anything planned for the day, so that worked out perfectly. He's an easy kid and I was happy to have him over to entertain my munchkin. The mom came back and picked them both up and took them to McDonalds for a bit too. We've been on doggie duty, for the neighbor's next door (off on their honeymoon) and #4 has been so good at going over and letting Remmie out and playing with her. 

0609 (Friday) Weight 177.8. Steps 22887. Total Burn 2848. Exercise Burn 750/1035 (Zumba, 60min/3milesTreadmill). Calories in 2200. Up around 6:30, as we had a 7:00 exam for some life insurance we are trying to purchase. I've realized how ill equipped I am (even thinking about going back to work) if anything were to happen to Hubs, so ... we got that done and Hubs was off to work and I was off to Zumba. I'd been given the key to the building, but it was one of those new fangled electronic ones. I didn't even know how to use it (just hold it up and wait for the beep. There was an actual key too, and that is what threw me, looking for a key hole!) Inside, there were lights strewn across the top and a small gazebo type setting up front. Looked like a wedding. No tables though, so it didn't get in our way, and we'd laugh as I'd be centered by the backdrop, and one of the ladies had even though about plugging the lights in and turning off the gym ones for cool down ... except that some fellows came in and starting cleaning up (so I guess the wedding reception was last night, not set up for tonight). It was Carma and I leading, and I got good stats. 6685 steps. 2.96 miles. 416/480 burn. AvHR123, High143, in zone 41 of the 63 minutes. As I'd stopped at the store yesterday, I didn't make any detours today. Spent some additional ducky time (I had let the littles out before I left) but didn't really want to stay in the sun as I'd gotten quite a bit yesterday. #4 wanted to go to our church for some basketball and #1 got home from work and was willing to go and supervise. #5 went as well. #4 often walks to/from the building, and he walked home today ... and was bit by a dog. A HUGE hound dog. There are two in the neighborhood, and I suspected the wrong one at first (as it was outside their house, and they have a couple other dogs that I've had uber issues with over the years). It hadn't broken the skin, but a distinct bite abrasion and bruising. I have an inate fear of dogs myself and was quite upset, but #4 didn't seem too traumatized. In fact, we are helping our neighbor's out with their dog as they are out of town, and #4 went over immediately to take care of Remi (who is a pretty big dog, one that I'm not quite comfortable around myself). We did report it ... not so much because our incident was so bad, but just it had happened before or did again. Apparently the dog was still out and running and I think there was another bite. The owners did contact us and were very sad and sorry and let us know the dog was up to date on all shots and such. #5 had a practice (at yesterday's Zumba church) and I was just about to head out with him when #2, heading out for some basketball of his own, offered to drop him off. #5 had also made arrangements to hang out with a basketball buddy after practice ... and I was quite pleased I didn't have to leave the house. It was a horribly windy evening. At one point, I looked and the duck pen (the ducks were not in it at the time) had been picked up and blown against our back fence. I straightened it out, but then looked a bit later and it was GONE. Over the fence this time (it's just a basic PVP pipe with mesh and a tarp over the top). I had the boys (#5 was back with his friend at our house now to watch the NBA finals game) help me, hopping the fence and lifting it back over. It's fairly broken up, but I tried to piece it together. Hubs has brought up leaving the ducklings out during the night too, but I just couldn't relax. During the day I can supervise, and the geese have been getting after the littles, and had grabbed hold of one a couple times today. The littles just don't seem to want to leave them alone, they will run when chased, but then them come close and practically cuddle with the geese. The geese too, for all they go after the littles, end up right next to them outside the pen these last few nights. The wind finally died down around 10:00, so I went out and put the babies away and then went to bed.

0610 (Saturday) Weight 177.9. Steps 15546. Total Burn 2497. Exercise Burn 450/665 (40minElliptical). Calories in 3000. Ugg, over on calories. Finishing up the Snickerdoodles, some cheesy bread for lunch and Hubs smoking stuff for dinner ... plus my usual treat temptations. I got in a couple 20min sessions on the elliptical. #5 had his final spring game with his Grizzlies, final game with this coach and his son (Freeman) as they are moving to St. George. We'll miss them. We couldn't quite get the win, but it was close. Back at home, I mowed the lawn, front and back. I did put some sunscreen on, as my back is still quite toasted. Hubs smoked some Tri-Ti- and made mashed potatoes. I made brazillian cheese rolls. #2 made cheesecake. The two older boys were off with friends (#2 with girlfriend at the drive-in) and #3 had some friends over to our house.

0611 (Sunday) Weight 177.9.  Steps 4832. Total Burn 1958. Exercise Burn 0/145 (no exercise). Calories in 2400. #1 had early work. Hubs had a meeting downtown, but #3 made waffles for everyone. I added bacon and some sausage. Taking a rest day today, so very low steps and low burn. Under 2000 when I'm not active. Hubs had put a pork butt in the smoker for a dinner of pulled pork. 

0612 (Monday) Weight 178.8. Steps 24096. Total Burn 3030. Exercise Burn 1035/1195 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. Subbing again in Daybreak. I don't mind subbing at all. It's fun to be up front, and be able to choose the songs I know and like ... but it isn't something I'd want to do all the time. I also like just being able to be one in the crowd, following the instructor. It's all good. We had a few more people today. Debbie will be back for Friday. Stats: 6463 steps. 2.84 miles. 516/434 burn. AvHR 124, High142, in zone 42 of the 63 minutes.  I stopped at Smiths on the way home to grab some groceries. I had let the ducklings out of the pen before I left, but with little more time I prepped their food and changed the water and sprayed off the poop from the patio. I got in my hour of elliptical in four sessions. The boys had basketball clinic today. #3 goes from 10:00-1:00. With Zumba, I couldn't get him there, but #2 dropped him off. I did the pick-up. #5 had clinic from 4:00-7:00 (my paper said 4:30-7:30 so they were late!). #5's little friend had come a couple hours earlier to hang out, so I dropped them off together. #5 called and went home with them after to watch the (final) NBA championship game. I made chocolate chip cookies, but didn't feel like they turned out. Very flat and unattractive, although they still tasted okay ... I mean, I still ate some anyway!

0613 (Tuesday) Weight 178.1. Steps 19915. Total Burn 2790. Exercise Burn 997/976 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Rainy morning! Very cool too. Started the day with Zumba. There were more cars at the stake center, but it was because the young women were meeting there, heading up to girls camp. One of our Zumba ladies, Suzanne, too. She and a few of the other instructors and gals did come peek in at the gym and did a couple numbers with us. Stats: 5753 steps. 2.5 miles. 385/371 burn. AvHR110, High133, in zone 7 of the 59 minutes. #2 and his girlfriend took the two littles bowling. The bowling alley near us has ended up participating in the "Kids Bowl Free" promotion (they didn't last year, but had every year to that point). #3 and #5 had their basketball clinic again (Mon-Thurs this week). #3 wanted to use the car in the afternoon/evening ... I told him my only thing was needing to get #5 to the school at 4:00 and picked up at 7:00, so he did that for me and got to use the car for the hours in-between. Hubs didn't make it home until late, as he had a derby. It was up by his work, so he took the trailer and went straight. #2 and his GF went on a double date with my folks (the grandparents) and then my folks came over to the house after to play games. Speed Rummikub and Tapple.

0614 (Wednesday) Weight 177.2. Steps 20976. Total Burn 2784. Exercise Burn 996/978 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1900. Started the day with Zumba with MZL. They had a little "kids" section of three songs. Two of them were still energetic enough, and the young people leading were capable, but the third song just doesn't move that much. I've been struggling a bit getting my heart rate up here of late. But, still gets in my steps. Stats: 6416 steps. 2.77 miles. 406/365 burn. AvHR105, High134, in zone 2 of the 65 minutes. I often stop at a store on the way home on Wednesdays, but I figured we were okay for another day or so, and I wanted to get home to get #4 off for a friend's birthday party. It had originally been planned as a campout, but that portion got postponed. Today there were going bowling  (I'd mentioned the "Kids Bowl Free" program to the group) so we prepped a quick gift and got his bowling coupon ready. He ended up staying to play basketball in the park for a few hours afterward. #3 had his basketball clinic in the morning, then he had to go help with the younger kids, when #5 was going. I had planned on just letting him take the car (and #5) but I knew I'd have to pick up #4 at some point (the other guys and their cars weren't around) so I ended up dropping them off and then picking them up again when it was over.
0615 (Thursday) Weight 176.7. Steps 18806. Total Burn 2565. Exercise Burn 575/754 (Zumba, 40min/2.25milesTreadmill). Calories in 2800. I did okay on calories yesterday ... and felt starving all day today. I was up a little early, to hit the 8:30 Zumba class. It actually came in handy being early today, because while #2 had been dropping #3 off to his basketball camp at 10:00 the other days, he had a conflict (working a home rennovation job) and couldn't today. We had a sub in class ... Kirsten and Carma instead of Coriann. Stats: 5978 steps. 2.6 miles. 358/341 burn. AvHR100, High130, In zone 1 of the 62 minutes. I barely got home in time ... and #3 had paperwork for me to sign. One which required a notorized signature. Oops. This isn't the first time we've done this came (week away at Dixie) so I should have remembered, and we shouldn't have waited until the last minute. I figured we'd have to run to the bank or something for that part, but #3 investigated at the school and a lady in the office was a notary and could help us out. So after his clinic (the last day, but then went over by an hour as they got in a little extra practice) I went to pick him up and ran in and signed the paper and we got it all turned in. Whew! Back again at 4:00 dropping #5 off, pickup at 7:00. He won one of the little contests and got a small basketball as a prize. I made mint brownies today ... it's been a while. That's just one of the reasons calories were over today. I got down to the gym once more for some treadmill time. Hubs wasn't home until very late, staying for a work awards ceremony. Their company received several awards in the Parade of Homes.

0616 (Friday) Weight 176.3. Steps 17012. Total Burn 2658. Exercise Burn 617/847 (Zumba, 30min/1.75milesTreadmill). Calories in 2500.  #2 was working the renovation job again, but basketball clinic was over, so no conflicts. I hit Zumba in Daybreak, with Debbie who was back from her trip. Class was fun. Cathyleen and I were a bit silly, and Jill had to "break up our fighting" a couple of times during class. Quite a bit of chatting afterward too. Stats: 5729 steps. 2.66 miles. 429/404 burn. AvHR115, High145, in zone 25 of the 60 minutes. I stopped at the Walmart Grocery on the way home. Disappointed in their prices on lettuce and grapes though ... I know they are on sale at Reams. Walmart isn't matching prices any more. I picked up a few things to make dinner tonight ... haven't needed to make dinner for a bit as we've had so many leftovers (I was making stuffed shells). I found some caramel M&Ms. Bought said M&Ms. Ate said M&Ms. Sharing size ... I didn't share. Back at home I did hit the gym once more for some treadmill time. #1 was heading out a little early. A memorial party for a high school friend and then going dancing with friends. I decided to make dinner early so he could eat, even though I didn't think Hubs would be home in time. It's hard to plan when everyone has crazy conflicting schedules! The two oldest liked the shells. I reheated them for Hubs when he got home. Quiet evening in the backyard with the birds. Maga stopped by ... she has been considering a puppy. Hubs says "no, don't do it" but his brother is absolutely egging her on to do it.
0617 (Saturday) Weight 175.3. Steps 12022. Total Burn 2246. Exercise Burn 250/438 (30min/1.5milesTreadmillWalk. 40minWeights). #5 seemed to be at a bit of a loss today. No basketball games! Hubs was off running errands (Costco and more), I hit the treadmill for a bit, then did a weight workout. I was actually feeling a bit sore from the lunges and squats from Zumba yesterday. We'd talked about hitting "Windy Ridge" ... a favorite restaurant up in Park City for Father's Day.  We couldn't do it tomorrow as we had the family BBQ, so we decided to try for it today. Early afternoon we were on our way (sans #2 who had already made plans for a chalk festival with his girlfriend, but we are one too many for our car anyway). As we approached the canyon, the traffic backup was terrible! We had to quickly rethink, and bagged the attempt and re-routed to Rodizio and got right in. It's a little hard to tell how much you are eating, as it's all served piece-meal.

0618 (Sunday) Weight 177.6. Steps 6384. Total Burn 2069. Exercise Burn 0/248 (no exercise). Calories in 2700. Hello two-pound jump on the scale. And with Father's Day today ... no exercise and extra eating, that doesn't bode well. Hubs was actually up early getting the brisket started smoking and then off on a bike ride. So no breakfast in bed for him, although we did prep it when he got back. I then made some sweet chex mix and loaded up a bunch of yard games. We brought the brisket and some pebbled ice, and I had stuff to bake the Brazillian cheese rolls there (you have to have them fresh out of the oven). It was fun to get together. My sister's family from St. George was up, just missing my brother in California (they are coming up in a few weeks). We took the annual family picture. All us kids had gone in on a cordless vacuum for Dad.   

0619 (Monday) Weight 179.2. Steps 20182. Total Burn 2762. Exercise Burn 807/950 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1600. And ANOTHER two pound jump on the scale. I was up early, as #3 needed to be at the high school at 6:30 to leave for his basketball camp in St. George. I should have hit the elliptical when I got back ... but I went back to bed, and back to sleep! Up in time to make it to Zumba with Debbie. Stats: 5794 steps. 2.5miles. 389/367 burn. AvHR107. High146. In zone 3 of the 62 minutes. I stopped at Smiths on the way home to grab some groceries. After I unloaded a put the cart away, I noticed another cart had a watermelon and a couple bags on the bottom. Not sure how someone forgot that! Very visible. I ran the cart back to the store customer service and hopefully the person will realize they left it and be able to pick it up. I'd let the ducks out of the pen in the morning and given them a little food, but I spent more time out back when I got home, and again in the evening. I fit in a couple sessions on the elliptical, but needed one more to hit my hour. I'd snacked on the leftover Chex Mix, and I'm not sure if it was too much (pure sugar and corn syrup) but I got a horrible stomach ache in the evening. It would come in waves, where I'd feel okay for a bit, then be doubled over in pain. I felt like I might improve if I threw up, but that didn't happen. Hubs was home quite late, having taken a movie break mid-day then staying until 8:00 or so to get work done.

0620 (Tuesday) Weight 178.4. Steps 20036. Total Burn 2642. Exercise Burn 720/829 (20minElliptical, Zumba, 30min/1.5milesTreadmill). Calories in 3000. Feeling yucky kept me from eating at the end of the day yesterday ... but I was starving today, while still feeling a bit off. I walked to Zumba with Marian. Stats: 5515 steps. 2.38 miles. 361/336 burn. AvHR104. High121. Didn't make it into the cardio zone for any of the 58 minutes. Poor #4 was SO bored. He wanted to play basketball and I offered to take him over to the church, but he wanted someone to play against ... I'm no good at that. His older brothers aren't very available this week, #5 had a birthday party coming up and all his friends were off on a scout camp. He ended up coming with me to drop off #5, picking up some pokestops along the way. We grabbed some pizza/crazy bread at Little Caesars too. Hopefully that was enough to break up his day. I would have offered to play ping pong with him too, but the table is occupied with #1's church project. #5 got dropped off back home after the party ... along with some of the cake. So ... there's cake. Hubs was late again, after 7:00. Busy, he can't seem to get on top of everything. I did make it down to the gym a couple more times, for some treadmill and one elliptical session.

0621 (Wednesday) Weight 178.9. Steps 25345. Total Burn 2983. Exercise Burn 800/1162 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2000.  Hit the elliptical first thing, then Zumba with MZL. It's a little easier to get a session in before class with the slightly later start. Stats: 5848 steps. 2.54 miles. 377/357 burn. AvHR103. High121. Didn't make it into the cardio zone any of the 62 minutes. Stopped at Sam's Club on the way home to grab some groceries. Mowed the lawn. Got in one more elliptical session. #2 and his girlfriend took the littles to the pool. It was HOT. Kept calories somewhat in check ... quantity, still not quality. 

0622 (Thursday) Weight 178.1. Steps 24986. Total Burn 3020. Exercise Burn 900/1395 (20minElliptical, Zumba+, Bike). Calories in 2800. Early ... 8:30 class today. I was pretty much on time, but it had started, even with only the instructor and two others. More came. Kids running all around this one though. It's distracting! Stats: 5174 steps. 2.23 miles. 349/321 burn. AvHR111, High 133, in zone 7 of the 56 minutes. Poo #4 has been SO bored, and SO wanting to play basketball. He was even willing to let me take him to the church (I'm much more boring than his brothers) ... but happily #1 was off work today and he and the two littles went and got some balling in. #5's basketball team was playing in a tournament this weekend too. As Hubs and the boys were planning a trip to Bear Lake, I'd told the coach we wouldn't be able to play. But ... as this first game was today, and they aren't leaving until tomorrow ... and the coach had put our name on the roster just in case. I didn't want to go myself though. This was the "Big Mountain Jam" at the South Towne Expo Center. I do dare drive to the location, but I was afraid inside would be overwhelming. I can't stand Sport City, with four courts set up for play ... this had 32! So I dropped him off at a teammate's house to catch a ride. They won, but were quite late getting back. I guess the kid they went with is playing on another team too and they had a game after. If I'd known, I could have come and grabbed my boy, as he didn't really want to stay. Times like this, I wish he had a cell phone, even if he is only 11. The boys and Hubs did their packing for leaving tomorrow. I'd stopped at Maceys after dropping #5 off earlier, restocking greens for the geese and grabbing some treats for the road trip. I had managed one more session on the elliptical ... and then finally hit the bike before bed. It's been a while since I'd done any reading and riding. Calories were bad today ... Jif Fudge PB cookies and Lays chips being the main culprits.

0623 (Friday) Weight 177.9. Steps 20704. Total Burn 2763. Exercise Burn 500/734 (Zumba). Calories in 2600. Hubs took the day off from work and was up for the final prep for his weekend getaway with the littles. #3 really would have liked to have gone, but he wasn't arriving back home from his week-long basketball camp until later in the day. I wish #1 and #2 would have made a little more of an effort ... both had to work and didn't feel like they could get it off. So, they were off. I hit Zumba with MZL again. Even though I'd gone Wednesday there, they have so many different instructors there are so many different routines, it's pretty much a different class. Different instructors on different days too. Stats: 6216 steps. 2.7 miles. 414/408 burn. AvHR109, High134, in zone 1 of the 62 minutes. While I get the steps and the sweat, I have NOT been getting my heart rate up lately. On the way home, I stopped at Walmart. I was going to check out plants, but I did a quick walk to the freezer section as I'd asked #1 to grab some of our "favorite noodles" (Skillet Sensations, Chicken Alfredo) and he couldn't find it. I'd tried to pick some up at the Walmart Grocery store last week, and when they didn't have it I just figured it was because they were a smaller store. But now ... I was worried they weren't carrying it at all, or it had been discontinued by the company. I couldn't find it either :(  I checked out with a few plants and a tomato cage. I also stopped at Lowes, and bought a few more plants there, wishing I'd gone there first as the plants were better quality and on sale for less. At home, I spent almost the entire day outside planting and working in the yard. Turning over dirt in the big area by the shed, planting the veggies I'd bought, dealing with the ducks and geese (finding worms, filling water, moving the pen). I ended up with way too much sun on my shoulders and back again! Took a cool shower in the evening and then let the cold, wet hair rest on my back ... I usually don't like that but today it felt good. Hubs and the littles arrived safely at Bear Lake, and #3 arrived safely at home ... unfortunately, MIL was NOT safe. She had fallen badly, cracking her skull. She ended up at the ER with traumatic brain injury. Hubs hated being away and was debating heading back (about four hours away) but his brother said he had things under control, although both sisters were badly shaken about it. #1 son ended up going in to the hospital and spending a couple hours there. There are some memory issues, she's not remembering what happened at all, or where she is or why. Very much like my dad after his heart attack (which he fully recovered from). They are keeping her for another day or so to keep an eye on the brain bleed and until she's a little more recovered. Sometimes I stay up late when Hubs is gone ... but not today, I was exhausted and out!
0624 (Saturday) Weight 178.5. Steps 22272. Total Burn 2929. Exercise Burn 593/1104 (20minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. A local gym had been advertising an "appreciation day" with free classes ... one I'd hit before for their Zumba when there was no cost. But alas ... no Zumba this time. I had Zumba on the brain, so I did an hour on my own. I didn't want to work outside today (too much sun yesterday) so I was putting off the mowing, and figured if I spent as much time IN the house working as I had spent outside yesterday, I could really get things cleaned up for Hubs return tomorrow. I didn't last all day, but did get some things done. Still spent about an hour outside with my top half in the shade, trying to let my legs catch up a little while I got some reading in. Dinner was Ziti for the boys (I don't eat it) and then I hit the store to restock on some groceries. I found our "favorite noodles" at Smiths ... so they are still out there, just quite a bit more expensive than Walmart price. I stopped and dropped off some pebbled ice at a friend's while I was out. Her son had his tonsils out and hasn't really been able to down anything. I remember how the pebbled ice somehow appealed to me after I had been so sick and not been able to drink (although that wasn't because of a sore throat) ... but figured it would be worth a try and the rest of the family could enjoy it if it wasn't helpful to him. I made it down to the gym for a single session on the elliptical. Not sure why I've been so unmotivated for activity lately. Back when school was in session, I was getting in an hour of elliptical early, plus Zumba and some treadmill time... and often bike and weights!
0625 (Sunday) Weight 177.9. Steps 20710. Total Burn 2693. Exercise Burn 500/867 (Zumba). Calories in 1800. I woke early, around 5:00 to the thump/thump of the ice machine. Not sure why it started going off this morning. I peeked out at my birds as I almost always do and saw one goose by the back door. I had a momentary thought of "just one" but so often the other is just on the stairs or something. When I actually got up (because while I was awake, I wasn't UP) and went out back ... just one goose. He'd been flying just a bit, but this was still really unexpected! I went and walked the canal, and had #3 jump on the fence to peek into neighbor's backyards. No goose. I've been enjoying my Zumba a bit more right now, attempting to memorize some songs/steps and started a session. I goofed on the timer so I wasn't sure how long I'd gone and just did 40 minutes. I did another 20 later so that I'd have a full hour. I did some cleaning around the house, mowed the lawn and got the monthly bills paid. We're in the red this month :( Hubs and the littles made it home around 3:00. Hubs and I went to visit his mom, who was now home from the hospital.

0626 (Monday) Weight 175.9. Steps 19647. Total Burn 2922. Exercise Burn 789/1088 (40minElliptical, Zumba+, Weights). Calories in 2300. That was a crappy night. I couldn't get to sleep, and then I was awake in the night for a while. Hubs too. He got up and went to work around 3:00 am, I did fall asleep from about 4:00-7:00. Girl goose took flight today, but landed at a neighbor's and flew back home when I called her. Knowing that she could be gone any day now too, I spent a little one-on-one time with her saying my goodbyes. She's welcome to stay as long as she wants and I hope she stays a little longer! Off to Zumba with Debbie. Stats: 5597 steps. 2.5 miles. 373/388 burn. AvHR105, High137, in zone 2 of the 60 minutes. Debbie, Carma and I chatted for a while after. I baked some homemade bread ... and ate several slices. The boys loved it too. I got in some additional Zumba, a couple sessions on the elliptical, and I did weights. I meant to hit the bike before bed, but I was so tired. Hubs had come home from work a little early (I mean he'd done more than eight hours early!) and got in a nap, but was still ready for bed too. #1 had been craving Popeyes, and went and picked some up. It was late, I'd already brushed my teeth ... but it smelled so good. I had a couple tenders. Hubs went on a purge of his closet. He'd done a little shopping picking up some new jeans. He likes the ones that have a little "stretch" (spandex) in them, so much more comfortable ... so much so he doesn't think he'll wear his other, older ones. That ... and he's lost 20 pounds recently.

0627 (Tuesday) Weight 177.8. Steps 25522. Total Burn 2853. Exercise Burn 686/1024 (Zumba+, 60min/3milesTreadmill). Calories in 2400. #3 had been invited to a party, which was also going to be a sleep over. As I didn't really need the car last night, and could walk to Zumba this morning, I let him take the Durango, rather than requiring me to drop him off and pick him up. He ended up home early ... I could have driven to Zumba, but it was a nice walk. Zumba with Marian. Stats: 5989 steps. 2.6 miles. 381/391 burn. AvHR108. High134. In zone 5 of the 58 minutes. I did a half hour of Zumba practice at home too, plus some treadmill time. Spent some time out with goose girl, digging worms. #1 took the littles over to the church for some basketball, then #2 and his girlfriend took the littles to Airborne in the early evening. We had a little gadget "plasma ball" ... a glass orb that had little streaks of light connect to your fingertips as you touch it ... HAD, it exploded! Glass everywhere. Hubs went over to check on his mom, said she wasn't great, hanging in.

0628 (Wednesday) Weight 178.5. Steps 30852. Total Burn 3281. Exercise Burn 1000/1627 (30minElliptical, Zumba+, Bike). I was up early enough, and with Wednesday Zumba starting a bit later, I thought I'd hit the elliptical early ... but that didn't happen. I was doing my usual morning feeding duty (the fish, the cats, the backyard birds) when girl goose took off flying. I ran to the front yard to try to see where she went and call to her, but she was gone. She had flown Westward, so I took a walk, looking in the all yards, the canal, the park, the field. As I was almost home, I could have sworn I saw her, the shadow, at the neighbor across the street, but when I got there ... no goose. Wishful thinking? I was sad ... hoped I could snap out of it at Zumba(MZL), and I did. Stats: 6467 steps. 2.86 miles. 401/426 burn. AvHR109. High130. In zone 11 of the 60 minutes. I stopped at Maceys on the way home to grab some groceries, so some shopping steps there. Also a quick stop at the post office. Back at home I got in some elliptical for #3's friends came over and monopolized the gym for a while. #5 also had a friend over. I did a little Zumba practice in my room. I baked up some chicken, prep for tomorrow's dinner, and made meatball subs for tonight. Got the kitchen sink cleaned, and organized on of the kitchen drawers (Hubs had needed a stamp yesterday and we had a hard time finding one ... now, not a problem ... of course he probably won't need a stamp again for another year or so). In the early evening, there was a knock at our door, and it was our neighbors ... and our goose girl! She had just flown in, and our neighbors thought they'd bring it to our attention that she was out front (they hadn't really seen her for several weeks, and she'd been so much smaller then they weren't sure she was ours, but  then again ... ) She walked right into our house! Hubs walked her out back and she went straight for the water. Took quite a few drinks then went back to the pool for a swim. I guess she didn't find the canal. Although I had spent some time in the afternoon out back giving the patio a good cleaning, I was glad she was back and I hopes she sticks around where there is food and water and some protection (and socialization, she likes us humans ... in fact I even put together a "scarecrow" but it's a "comfortcrow" to make her feel like someone is out there even when we are in the house. Hubs had just purged his closet a day or so ago so I grabbed jeans and a shirt, an old hat and some shoes ... she loves to tug on shoelaces!) Hubs was zonked out early, so I hit the bike for some reading/riding before bed.

0629 (Thursday) Weight 175.9. Steps 24760. Total Burn 2897. Exercise Burn 870/1225 (30minElliptical, Zumba+, Bike). Calories in 2500. Zumba is a little earlier on Thursdays. Stats 5464 steps. 2.36 miles. 314/306 burn. AvHR91. High111. Didn't make it in the cardio zone any of the 60 minutes. I like the instructor, she is full of energy and has a prepared playlist (one song straight tothe next, no dead time) but she does a longer warm up/cool down often, and the crazy kids! Seriously, they are SO distracting in this class and often I'm a little afraid to move (because they are running around everyone and I don't want to trip over them).  After class,  #4 needed to be dropped off at 10:00 to go boating with his buddies. He's never spent the night off without family, but this is such a great group of friends. Pushing the boundaries a bit for my fellow homebody. We got some fun picture updates throughout the day. Girl goose is sticking around. Still flying a bit, but making sure she stays in the yard. The ducks are starting to get up in the air a bit too. I emptied both pools, did some digging for worms, refilled the food, etc. Made chicken pillows for dinner. Hubs wasn't feeling well when he came home. A bit of a Meneire's attack. He was able to fall asleep for a while ... waking up just in time for bed (needed a Benedryl to help for the night). #5 had basketball practice. #2 dropped him off for me, and I did the pick up.  #1 usually has school, but the teacher had a conflict, so with it cancelled, he and his latino buddies went to a shooting range. For additional exercise, I did some Zumba practice, elliptical and hit the bike before bed.   

0630 (Friday) Weight 175.6. Steps 28475. Total Burn 3183. Exercise Burn 1250/1368 (30minElliptical, Zumba+). Calories in 2300. Hubs slept in. After his minor Menieres last night, late nap and then Benadryl ... plus, #2 had mentioned his car had the "check engine" light come on, so Hubs was going to try and take it in (but the place was too busy). He planned on hitting the lake a little later, so he prepped that, taking the wave runners with him to work, and having the boys who wanted to go meet up there in the afternoon. I hit Zumba with MZL. Even though I'd just been on Wednesday, they have so many instuctors and songs, that it is almost always a completely different class. For once, I was able to get my heart rate up. Stats: 7351 steps. 3.36 miles. 531/520 burn. AvHR119, High141, In zone 32 of the 68 minutes. #3 needed the car for an interview at KFC, so I went straight home after. He got the job and needs to go in for some paperwork tomorrow. He and I set up the portable air conditioner in his room for the summer. Then #1, #3 and #5 took off to meet up with Dad and go waverunning. #1 even took a date. #2 didn't really have anything going on, but just wanted to hang out at home, and #4 was heading home and I picked him up from his overnighter at the lake.  Hubs and the boys weren't home until late! I got in a little elliptical, and several sessions of Zumba practice ... going in alphabetical order over the main list to see which ones I actually know.

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