Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hula Hooping for Health?

It's Workout Wednesday.

I always enjoyed hula hooping as a young girl. I was pretty good at it. As a mom to BOYS, we still invested in some hula hoops over the years. They would try the traditional way, and then also throw them and roll them ... and try to jump through them. I'd heard of hula hooping as a workout, with a weighted hoop, and I figured for a $20 investment, I'd give it a try.

My hooping "helper" ... silly kitty!
While you wouldn't think it, the weighted hoop is actually easier to keep going than the smaller, plastic versions for the kids (I'm sure there is a bunch of science about the weight/momentum and the larger area adding to the ease). The constant rubbing/banging against the hip bones and such can cause a bit of discomfort though ... and as I like to be barefoot, it HURTS if it falls on the feet!

I probably CAN hoop for 15-20 minutes at a time if I try. It gets a little boring to simply go in circles. I know if you look up hooping workouts, the women in the videos can get a little crazy with some different moves. I know I've seen people at parks doing amazing tricks ... I've never really tried anything but the simple circles, although I do change directions. It does require a bit of room (and while I'm super spoiled with my home gym, there isn't a ton of open space). 

My Wii Fit has a hula hooping option too. 

Last Friday, in Debbie's Zumba class, one of the songs lyrics spoke of "hula hula hoop" and I jokingly asked the instructor if we should bring our hula hoops on Monday. She said yes! I brought three (my big weighted one, and two kids ones), and several other people brought some, so there was enough for everyone. It was a lot of fun actually ...

Have YOU hula hooped recently?

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  1. I have never been able to hula hoop! It's been one of my great disappointments in life. Teeheehee. I can see though where it would be an awesome workout!!!!


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