Sunday, January 10, 2016

WWI #128 - First Week of 2016

My weekly weigh-in and the new year fell on the same day, which is nice for record-keeping. Even with the return to routine, and the whole "New Year's Resolutions" thing, I still haven't been able to get back to my old, energetic self. Still struggling. NUMBERS: Official weight was down .6, but the average was up a smidge (to 165.9). Average intake was 2064, average daily burn was 2417 ... no deficit for the week, over by 564.

  • Friday (Jan1): It's hard to start the New Year off on the right foot when you sleep in, don't exercise and overeat. That was my New Year's day though!
  • Saturday (Jan2): Got in an hour of elliptical and kept calories low. Spent some time on the computer doing end of the year cleanup, and chauffeured the boys around for some basketball a bit. 
  • Sunday (Jan3): 30min on the elliptical today. Should have done better on eating, as we didn't do our usual Sunday Circle breakfast but treat temptations abounded and I indulged.
  • Monday (Jan4): Back to the routine. I just didn't quite have it in me to hit Zumba, but did get 70min on the elliptical, bike and WEIGHTS in. Kept calories just under 2000 too. #2 had a basketball game in the evening.
  • Tuesday (Jan5): Did hit Zumba, and got in an hour of elliptical. Ortho appointment for #3 today and basketball practice for #5. I walked around while waiting but my legs felt ready to give out! Did keep calories under 2000. Hubs and #3 had a derby.
  • Wednesday (Jan6): DOMS from Monday's weights affecting me, I hadn't been sure about hitting Zumba, then #4 stayed home from school sick. So no Zumba. Just 30min Elliptical, and a little over on eating. #5 had a game in the evening.
  • Thursday (Jan7): Foggy roads this morning. Did hit Zumba, but only got in 10min Elliptical.Still not feeling very motivated. Ran out of gas ... literally! Hit a couple stores, and had meant to fill up but forgot, then didn't make it home from #3's school pickup. Luckily we were close to a gas station, but still, not good. Had to send #3 with a teammate to his game, while I got #4 to/from practice and #5 to his game. Snowy roads! 
 Pictures from the Week ...

Maga's Pastry Wreath (a NewYear's tradition) 

 The boys dress up on home game days.
They look snazzy!

Tuesday Zumba
Pretty good crowd - Love all the bright shirts

Double duty on the HRM again - 
my new Scorshe in addition to my ChargeHR

 One of #5's basketball games ...

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  1. You may not be back to your total energetic self...but I can see the return is close! Good job for getting yourself back on the road to that energetic self!


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