Friday, January 1, 2016

WWI #127 - Last Week of 2015

... and that wraps up 2015! It wasn't a very successful year weight-wise for me. I ended up about 10 pounds over where I started. This final week, we had Christmas, and New Year's Eve, and another week without the usual routine in-between. I only hit one Zumba class, only hit the elliptical here and there, and did no other exercise beyond that. Eating, as always, was an issue. NUMBERS were bad. Actual weight was down a smidge, but the average increased +1.6 to 165.6.  Average intake was high, ad 2571, burn was low, at 2140. That did result in a large overage, 5920.

I did do a little blog backlog, got the belated monthly updates for October, November and December done. The missionary blog is up to date, the basketball blog is pretty current (#3 was in a tournament over the weekend and had three games, all those highlight reels are done. But it's about to get CRAZY with the boy's games ... there are eight this coming week!) and while I'm still behind on the family blog, I am catching up. There's been quite a bit of time sitting at the computer this past week. 

Here's a quick week recap ...
  • Friday (1225): Christmas Day! No exercise, and WAY over on the eating! We went to see Star Wars as a family (it was the third time for #3, first time for me). 
  • Saturday (1226): Some Christmas cleanup, a basketball game for #3. I got in a little bit of exercise and did keep eating in check. Daddy and the boys went to a Jazz game in the evening.
  • Sunday (1227): Not feeling good today, spent most of it in bed. No exercise, eating was high (popcorn while watching Homeland). 
  • Monday (1228): I might have hit my usual Zumba, but #3's basketball game was at the same time (ironically, right down the road). I did get some steps in just trying to keep warm while waiting, the place was freezing, but still just 8250 steps for the day. High calorie intake today.
  • Tuesday (1229): My usual Zumba was taking the week off. I did get in 50min on the elliptical and managed to keep calorie intake under burn, but just barely. #3 had his last basketball game of the tournament. Three of the boys and I went to Red Robin in the evening with my folks and brother's family.
  • Wednesday (1230): Went to Zumba today, and still got in some elliptical too. Pretty productive day, but also overate (dang those Reeses trees!)
  • Thursday (1231): New Year's Eve ... Hubs still went into work today. I cleaned the house as we were having my parents over for games. Did some errands (Sam's,Walmart,Nike) and ran the kids to the gym and friend's homes during the day. #2 had to work, but everyone was home at midnight, but #5 was asleep!
Chatting with #1 son via Skype

 LOVE, love, love this picture that he sent!

We did have a WHITE Christmas.

Daddy ordered a "mullet on the go" for the boys. Yikes!

Here's a quick clip of the Pie Face game ...

New Year's Eve ... Grandma couldn't stop laughing as we put a tiara on the sleeping #5. 

But we finally got a group picture ... Happy New Year! Zzzzzzzz....

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  1. Other than being sick the one day, It sounds like an overall good week. Life will hopefully settle back into a routine for you now and you can knock the weight in the keister!


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