Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Zumba Stats Catch-Up (2015)

For a while there, at the end of each month, I'd do a blog post reflecting on the Zumba classes I attended. I'd post pictures, and my stats, and give the record high and any other pertinent information. I slacked after September, and didn't get a ZumbaStats post up for Oct/Nov/Dec ... so here it is, finally. I really don't know if it's of interest to anyone else, but I like to reflect on how my classes compare

25 Zumba classes in October. I did double on Thursdays (and one Monday), hit several Fridays, and even got in a Saturday. In addition to my regular classes (Southziders, Marian's, MZL and MountainView) I was able to get to Debbie in Daybreak, Becky and Hollie, tried out Nina's paid class, and even made it back to "the Underground" (which was being held at Crossroads Gym, which then promptly closed right as I rediscovered it!). I only missed one regular day, when the elementary school had their Halloween parade at the same time as my MoutainView class. No new "highs" for this month. Hit an average HR of 130 only once, 7000+ steps six times. I threw in a few TRACK stats just to compare the numbers walking/jogging to my Zumba.

22 Zumba classes in November. In addition to my regular classes, I was able to hit  Becky&Hollie, Debbie and Nina's paid class. Basketball began to monopolize Thursday nights, so after the first couple of weeks, I was no longer able to attend Marian's evening class for my double dose. I did skip out on Thanksgiving and the day after, but got my highest stats of the month on Monday(Southziders) after that break (500+ calorie estimate, average HR 135). I was able to get 7000+ steps three times during the month ... all at MZL.

Only 12 Zumba classes for all of December ... I was struggling. Between the holiday season, feeling sick, and just being in a slump, it wasn't a great month. I only hit my regular classes. I only made it to Southziders once, MountainView took the last couple weeks off, and for a couple weeks there I only hit one class a week. I still got some some great numbers (at the beginning of the month). A high of 591/546 for calorie burn, and 142 for the average HR! I really didn't FEEL like I was doing much more that day, and joked that maybe it was because I couldn't really breathe with my cold. I had another day of average HR at 130, and exceeded 7000 steps four times.

So ... to look back, I picked out some of my "highs"
All my regular classes made the list at some point. 
These are the stats to try to beat in 2016!

Wearing purple at MZL for abuse awareness ...

... and purple again at Southziders
A couple more photos from Southziders

... a baby shower after class for Nina
She danced right up until her due date!

Halloween Zumba with Becky and Hollie

More MZL

Marian at MountainView

Me ... at Marian's Tuesday Morning

As always - a big THANK YOU 
to all the instructors giving their time and talent away for free here in Utah!

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