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December 2015

December ... basketball is in full swing, #2 and crew went to Orlando for a tournament there (and plenty of playtime at Disneyworld). They took 1st place, as did the Varsity team! The other boys had a bunch of basketball games too, and with my computer back up and running, I was busy making muvees, and started up my Basketball Mom social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to share the sports stuff without overwhelming the family accounts. Of course, it's Christmas time. We put up the tree, but never got around to decorating it, afraid of what the kitties would do! Santa stuff and snow, and that's the end of the 2015!

I wasn't feeling great for much of the month (not really sick like a couple years ago, but enough that it really impacted my exercise ... but not my eating). Lots of computer catch-up (blog, creating calendars and slideshow, basketball highlights and social media stuff) meant a lot of sitting, in addition to the general holiday and end-of-year drag. NUMBERS ... intake and burn were almost even (around 2200 each). Started the month weighing in at 164.7 and ended at 165.6. High of 167.20 and low of 160.7 throughout the month, quite the ups and downs! Average weight for December was 163.78.

Here's a look at the day to day doings ...

1201 (Tuesday) 164.7. Total Burn 3055. Exercise Burn 1150/1294 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2400. Hubs got the computer to the shop today and things look hopeful it can be revived, but I'll still be without it for a while. Got in my Zumba and elliptical. #2 had a basketball game, but it was in WoodsCross (to far for me, and I was on chauffeur duty for the other kids), Hubs made the final bit to text me a play by play. Our boys lost, and #2 was so down about it.  #5 had basketball practice in the evening, and I walked around while I waited.

1202 (Wednesday) 164.7. Total Burn 3005. Exercise Burn 880/1252 (40minElliptical, Zumba).  Calories in 1450. Actually controlled intake today! Just wasn't that hungry. Had an appointment at the elementary at 2:00 to discuss #5, who has been in speech. I'm not sure his little issue with s/z is fixed, but we really don't care. He's ready to be done with speech and I'm fine with that. #5 had his first basketball game with the 5th grade team. It was downtown at West High, which I don't dare drive to. We both hitched a ride with one of the other player's family's. Our boys got smooshed, but #5 actually did quite well. He made 7 of the 13 team points. Hopefully not all the teams are better than us!

1203 (Thursday) 163.2. Total Burn 2740. Exercise Burn 882/997 (20minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1600. Another day of controlled calories. Zumba in the morning, but only two10min sessions on the elliptical. I was feeling so tired, I had to lay down for a little nap today. #4 had basketball practice in the evening, and I walked while I waited, getting in a couple "hallway" miles.

1204 (Friday) 161.7. Total Burn 2384. Exercise Burn 520/610 (50minElliptical). Calories in 1900. Happy that the lower calorie days have shown up on the scale. I should have hit Zumba this morning, but I'm really having a hard time getting motivated on Fridays! Didn't even get in the full hour of elliptical. #2 had a game today, at Herriman. I arranged to drop off #5 at a teammate's house to get a ride to his practice, and arranged a ride home for #3 from his practice, and I went out and watched. I love watching my boys play. I got video, and they won, so I'll need to make a highlight reel ... once I get my computer back!

1205 (Saturday) 160.7. Total Burn 1907. Exercise Burn 0/169 (no exercise). Calories in 2500. Back to basketball for all the boys! #4 had his first game and I loved seeing him play again. It's been a few years, as his anxiety issues have kept him from being on a team. This was a group of school friends, and I wasn't sure what the competition would be like, but our boys won easily, and #4 got in a few baskets. #5 also had a game. Again, it was slightly out of my comfort zone, but driveable. NOT my favorite gym though, no room for spectators! Our boys won this game and I got compliments on my little player from the other team. 

1206 (Sunday) 162.7. Total Burn 1752. Exercise Burn 0/0 (no exercise). Calories in 2100. Slow Sunday ...

1207 (Monday) 163.6. Total Burn 3328. Exercise Burn 1550/1574 (90minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2000. Ready to get back at it this morning. Got in early elliptical ... an hour before even heading out to Zumba. I did feel a little draggy in class. Amanda was back (morning sickness had been keeping her away), and Nina showed up and did a couple numbers too (just three or so weeks since she had her baby). I stopped at Kmart and Smiths on the way home. Time for additional elliptical and bike. Grabbed the kids after school and made haystacks for dinner.

1208 (Tuesday) 163.4. Total Burn 3125. Exercise Burn 1480/1371 (80minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2000. Had a little trouble pulling out of bed this morning, but did still manage to get in 30 minutes on the elliptical while getting the kids off to school. Hit Zumba, at the South church instead of our neighborhood one, as there was a funeral today. Unfortunately, a bit of an unproductive day. Did do a bit of catch-up on the computer (cause it is back! Updated the missionary blog, went through some video clips, made a muvee). There was a varsity game at the high school, #2 got a minute of playing time, and #3 went to watch. I took #5 to his basketball practice and walked the entire time while reading my book. They actually didn't have the signs barring the track, and there were people up there, but I stuck to the hallway.

1209 (Wednesday) 163.0. Total Burn 3088. Exercise Burn 1050/1337 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2600. #5 had a field trip to the symphony today. Usually it's downtown at Symphony Hall, but this year they were just going to Herriman (where I was last Friday night). The child wasn't thrilled about needing to dress up for school. I got in my Zumba and several small sessions on the elliptical (only one 20min, the rest were 10min ones). #5 had a basketball game in the evening, again, out in Herriman, at the middle school there (my first time to that school). I swear they had the a/c on ... a little cold for spectators but probably felt good to the boys. It was a pretty close game but our boys won it. 

1210 (Thursday) 162.9. Total Burn 2827. Exercise Burn 880/1074 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2900. Bad food day. I'd stuck a roast in the crock pot, and that was yummy, but it was overindulgence in treats that really pushed me over. I did get in Zumba and two 20min sessions on the elliptical. #2 was off to a tournament game. I wish I could have gone, but it was a little far and I did have the other kids chauffeur duties.  #4 had practice, and #5 went to play on one of the extra hoops. I dropped them off, and had Hubs do the pickup, as I was taking #3 to his game. They lost by three, as did #2 in his tournament game earlier ... the varsity team was playing in the evening, and it was being shown online, so the boys and I tuned in to watch. #2 sits varsity, and as they were winning by a bunch, he got some playing time! It was fun to see him, and hear the commentator announce his name in the play by play (although he said "Blackman" the first couple of times).

1211 (Friday) 163.1. Total Burn 2363. Exercise Burn 405/611 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2400. Yesterday I hadn't sent #2 with any food, not realizing they would be leaving straight from school and wouldn't be home until late. A bunch of parents got together and made sure the boys were fed, but this morning, I made sure to pack him a big lunch. I had by usual uninspired Friday ... just two 20min sessions on the elliptical. #2 did win his tournament game today, as did Varsity (but #2 didn't get any playing time as it was pretty close). #3 had practice, and #5 did too (but am just dropping him at a teammates to catch a ride rather than going myself).  

1211 (Friday) 163.1. Total Burn 2363. Exercise Burn 405/611 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2400. Yesterday I hadn't sent #2 with any food, not realizing they would be leaving straight from school and wouldn't be home until late. A bunch of parents got together and made sure the boys were fed, but this morning, I made sure to pack him a big lunch. I had by usual uninspired Friday ... just two 20min sessions on the elliptical. #2 did win his tournament game today, as did Varsity (but #2 didn't get any playing time as it was pretty close). #3 had practice, and #5 did too (but am just dropping him at a teammates to catch a ride rather than going myself).  

1212 (Saturday) 161.4. Total Burn 2075. Exercise Burn 0/333 (no exercise). Calories in 2550. Busy day, mostly because of basketball. #2 was off for his final day of his tournament. I packed him a big lunch again. #5 had been invited to a birthday party. Luckily, the family was willing to let him come a big early and give him a ride to the venue, as the actual location was too downtown for my comfort, and it conflicted with #4's basketball game at noon. It was another easy win for the 6th graders.

1213 (Sunday) 162.1. Total Burn 1733. Exercise Burn 0/0 (no exercise). Calories in 2800. Slow Sunday. Just haven't been feeling like exercising, but I have felt like taking a nap, and I did today! Three hours! We'd done our usual Sunday Circle breakfast, and then went to Mountain Mikes for dinner. #4 didn't want to be there, not sure why he was in a bad mood.  Also overindulged in treats, some mint chocolate chip ice cream, and I made brownies for lunches, but ate some too.

1214 (Monday) 163.6. Total Burn 2356. Exercise Burn 450/600 (40minElliptical) Calories in 2300. We were hit with quite the storm last night and it was a winter wonderland this morning. It wasn't too bad getting the boys to school, so I headed out to Zumba as usual. About halfway there, I got stuck in unmoving traffic and knew I wasn't going to make it. I turned around and made my way home, still stopping at a couple of stores that I'd planned to hit after Zumba. I had to go to the high school mid-day for a meeting with #2 and the school councilor, a meeting for all juniors to look over classes, talk college/graduation, etc. Then I had to go back again at 6:00 for a parent basketball meeting, as the boys are leaving tomorrow for Orlando. I barely had time to pick up #3 from his practice, he had to come with and wait during the meeting. Only 40minElliptical today.

1215 (Tuesday) 162.9. Total Burn 2442. Exercise Burn 610/691 (20minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1800. It was a cold morning, and would be an "inside day" at school, so we left a little later, and I went straight to Zumba after dropping the boys off. I only got in 20min on the elliptical. In the late afternoon, Hubs and I went to Hale Theater with his company for the Christmas party. The show was good, a little different than when I was in it 30 years ago (wow, seriously, 30years??) Dinner afterward was included but Hubs ducked out. I'd had to arrange rides for the boys to get to/from basketball practices without me around, thankfully it worked out. #4 watched "The Voice" finale and doesn't know what he'll do on Monday and Tuesday nights now. #2 finished up packing and was picked up to go to the airport, off to Orlando. Hope they get some sleep on the plane!

1216 (Wednesday) 162.7.  Total Burn 2758. Exercise Burn 705/1008 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2400. I just haven't been able to pull myself out of bed to get in my early elliptical. A few weeks back, I was getting in 30min before Zumba, now I hope for 10min, and got 30min the entire day! I was a little late for Zumba, missed the first song or two. Didn't quite get my hour. Stopped at Sears and Sam's and Walmart on the way home. After school, #4 asked if I'd take him to a friend's house to play. After I picked my jaw up off the floor I said sure (this is my homebody child who has never gone to a friend's house to play!) and took him. When I picked him up a bit later, we stopped at Little Ceasers and grabbed some crazy bread. I'd also put a roast in, so it was a bit of a higher calorie day. #5 had a 9:00 basketball game, but at least it was close by. They won.

1217 (Thursday) 163.2. Total Burn 2680. Exercise Burn 740/933 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1800. Dropped the boys off at school and hit my Zumba class. Instead of starting and stopping the timer on my ChargeHR, I just let the device track the workout on it's own (as sometimes I forget to turn it off and that skews the heart rate results). It worked well, although I did miss the running timer. Three 10min sessions on the elliptical throughout the day. I dropped off the little ones to basketball practice and arranged for Daddy to do the pickup. Then #3 and I headed out to his game. It was snowing, HUGE flakes! The boys had a pretty easy win, and Santa was there cheering them on. I grabbed a picture of #3 with him after the game. Then Hubs took the three boys to a late night screening of Star Wars. It started at 10:45 ... that's past my bedtime.

1218 (Friday) 162.3. Total Burn 2075. Exercise Burn 100/328 (10minElliptical). Calories in 2450. Late nights are not good for school mornings! #4 was in such a bad mood. That boy needs his routine. After dropping the munchkins off, #3 and I hit Smiths to grab some Jolly Ranchers as a gift for one of his teachers. I got him to school and returned home. I haven't had the energy for Zumba, not even for any more elliptical (I'd gotten in 10min). Early out at the elementary, and then packing for a weekend getaway ... just Daddy and the two little boys. #3 didn't want to miss his Saturday game. They got off, and #3, still at practice, was then invited to go see Star Wars ... again. So I had the house to myself. It's very quiet ... on more motivated days I'd get in oodles of exercise. Alas, that is not the case.

1219 (Saturday) 163.4. Total Burn 1951. Exercise Burn 105/197 (10minElliptical). Calories in 1800. With only one kid home, I had only one basketball game today, and it wasn't until later. I worked on some videos and calendar pages ... lots of time on the computer. Actually kept eating under control though.

1220 (Sunday) 162.7. Total Burn 1967. Exercise Burn 0/209 (no exercise). Calories in 2500. Quiet morning with the family gone. #3 was up and off to church. I admit I slept in and was still in bed when Hubs face-timed (thus catching me still in bed).  I finished up the calendar pages. Now to get the calendar together, uploaded and paid for printing and shipping. I wasn't sure how late Hubs and the kids would be home. They were on their way, but stopped at Hoover Dam. I grabbed a birthday cake for #5 ... double digits, 10 today! I wrapped some presents (birthday and Christmas) and got them under the tree. #3 pulled out some additional decor, the stockings and the ice skating rink. Hubs and the boys got home around 9:30, and #2 returned from his trip around 10:45. Nice to have everyone (sans #1) home again.

1221 (Monday) 164.1. Total Burn 1921. Exercise Burn 100/163 (10minElliptical). Calories in 2300. Attempted some elliptical today, but didn't feel up to Zumba. I was able to finish up the calendar and get it ordered, but alas, it won't make it here in time for Christmas Eve, which is when it is usually handed out.

1222 (Tuesday) 165.7. Total Burn 2208. Exercise Burn 375/441 (Zumba). Calories in 2300. I figured I would hit Zumba today as it's so close and often some of my favorite songs/steps. Still not feeling great though, and it was definitely hard to make it through the class. I cooked up some chicken, prep for making soup on Christmas Eve. Finished up wrapping some presents and such ... but had to stop and rest several times during the day. Just dragging!

1223 (Wednesday) 164.5. Total Burn 1765. Exercise Burn 0/5 (no exercise). Calories in 2400. I spend almost the entire day in front of the computer today. There was Zumba and I probably should have gone. I'm just still not feeling great and did want to get started on the slideshow. Every year I make one for the family part at my folks. I'd had all my siblings sent in their pictures and in making the calendar and prepping, they were fairly organized (chronologically or by certain subjects) but still, it takes a long time to get them all input, cover the cropping, rearrange as needed and then do all the finishing touches. But it's done!

1224 (Thursday) 165.3. Total Burn 2142. Exercise Burn 0/417 (no exercise). Calories in 2000. Christmas Eve. Hubs actually went into work for a bit today. I went to work at home, making the dough and getting breadsticks rising and finishing up the chicken soup. I'd cooked and prepped the chicken on Tuesday, and that did help it go faster today. A few last minute presents arrived today, just in time to get wrapped and under the tree. Did the final preparations for heading out to my folks for the annual Christmas Eve party. Soup and breadsticks, the slideshow, candy bar game and gift exchange. I'd been on my feet much of the day and wasn't feeling great. When we got back home, I pretty much just went to bed and Hubs had to handle all the Santa stuff (we were pretty much prepped). And to all a good night!

1225 (Friday) 166.6. Total Burn 1877. Exercise Burn 0/105 (no exercise). Calories in 3800. Christmas morning! The boys didn't wake us up very early, but did rearrange all the presents under the tree into their proper piles. We opened in the front room, instead of the family room as we have in the past. After our morning, we headed out to Maga's house and spent some time there. The PieFace game was a hit. We headed home for the call from our missionary, which was about an hour late. Very good to be able to see and talk to him (over Skype). The 40min went fast. Hubs suggested hitting Star Wars ... #2 and I still hadn't seen it (although #3 had seen it twice but was all for going again). So, popcorn and treats to end Christmas Day. I did like the movie.
1226 (Saturday) 165.6. Total Burn 2213. Exercise Burn 250/447 (10minElliptical, 30minTreadmillWalk). Calories in 1800. Did some Christmas cleanup. My sister's family is in town for the holidays, and they have a Pinewood Derby coming up and asked if Hubs could help (since he is an expert and has all the tools). So they came out in the morning and Hubs, my BIL and their boy worked on the car while the other cousins played and I chatted with my sister. Until I had to leave ... #3 had a basketball game at 1:00, I got a bit of walking around in while waiting.  Poor #3 got hit in the mouth, and with his braces it was bleeding pretty bad. Our boys lost, but managed to keep it pretty close. In the evening, Hubs and #4 had tickets to the Jazz game. #3's friend had four tickets but no rides, so four teenaged boys accompanied Hubs ad #4 (although they were sitting on the other side of the arena). Too bad the Jazz weren't able to get the win either.

1227 (Sunday) 165.3. Total Burn 1695. Exercise Burn 0/0 (no exercise). Calories in 2400. The usual sleep in Sunday, then our usual Sunday Circles breakfast. I wasn't feeling great, a little fuzzy/dizzy. Managed breakfast then went back to bed and stayed there most of the day. Hubs and I had a little "Homeland" blitz watching three episodes, and he did make me popcorn ... 

1228 (Monday) 167.2. Total Burn 2009. Exercise Burn 0/234 (no exercise). Calories in 2700. Ooops there it is, the popcorn from last night! #3 had a basketball game at 10:00, ironically just a minute away from my usual Monday Zumba, which was taking place at the same time. The venue was Soccer City, which isn't that great a setup for basketball, and it was FREEZING. I walked around before the game started just to stay warm, then videotaped during the game. We lost, but after being down 19 at the half, our boys made a nice comeback, just not quite enough. The little boys wanted to go to the gym after we got back home. I dropped them off and then hit Kmart to pick up an order and spend some points. #3 went to hang out with a friend, making his brother drive him while I was gone (I was on pickup duty later that night). I worked on the computer (basketball muvee, blog). Hubs and I finished up "Homeland". 

1229 (Tuesday) 165.6. Total Burn 2368. Exercise Burn 500/602 (50minElliptical). Calories in 2100. My Zumba class was on hiatus for this week, but I did hit the elliptical a bit. #5 had a basketball practice and #3 had a game. We won the game, but it was very anticlimactic. In the evening three of the boys and I joined my folks and my brother's family at Red Robin for dinner (Hubs was too tired, as he'd gotten up around 2:00, and #4 just didn't want to go). I just had the "kids" fish (2-pieces instead of the usual four) but did indulge in some cheese sticks. Passed on the calendars, that had arrived today. 

1230 (Wednesday) 165.6. Total Burn 2572. Exercise Burn 830/806 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2800.  Pretty productive day actually. I got up and went to Zumba. I wasn't sure I was up to it, but felt like I should probably try for one hour workout this week. It was a little hard, but doable. I tried out my new Scorshe heart rate monitor too ... it came in HIGH compared to Fitbit estimates. Stopped at the post office to mail off a calendar to my sister. Happily the post office wasn't busy now that Christmas is over. The boys wanted to go to the gym, so I dropped them off. I made a muvee of #4's game, and I'm officially caught up on all my current clips. Of course, next week there are EIGHT games (with only two overlapping) so I'll have plenty of new material! I added all the upcoming games to the new calendar. Whew, that was quite a task! I did a little blogging, paid some bills, and even got some elliptical in (started catching up on TWD, I haven't seen any of this season, although I've heard some spoilers). Unfortunately while at the computer I did indulge in quite a few Reeses trees. I eat a lot of those quickly! Oops! The house really needs some cleaning. I did dishes, some laundry, but so much left to do! Tomorrow? 

1231 (Thursday) 165.6. Total Burn 2244. Exercise Burn 0/478 (no exercise). Calories in 2400. New Year's Eve. Hubs still went into work today. The boys wanted to go to the rec center to play basketball, so I dropped them off for a couple of hours. We'd invited my folks over to play games tonight, as we have done for the past several New Years, so I worked on cleaning up the house. No official exercise but that did get some steps. The boys had been looking at a Playstation4/Battlefront, after playing it at friend's homes. After discussing it for a few days, pooling money and such, they had decided they wanted it. It was out of stock most places, but I found it at Sam's Club (looking online) so #3 and I went to pick it up. We stopped at Walmart too (to grab another paddle and some groceries), then the Nike store (to get him a jacket) then I dropped him off at a friend's house for a few hours. I grabbed some Papa Murphy pizza on the way home for dinner tonight. It was super busy! I really wasn't feeling great, got a tiny rest before my parents came over. We played Speed RummyKube and then the adults had a full game of Progressive Rummy ... and I won! The two littles fell asleep before midnight, although #4 woke up for a picture. We surrounded sleeping #5 and even put a little "Happy New Year" tiara on his head for the photo.

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