Thursday, January 28, 2016

Looking Back on Pact 2015

I've posted many times about fitness reward programs. Earning a bit of a kick-back from the activity I'm doing every day anyway. When I find someone who has a Fitbit, I love to tell them about the reward programs I recommend (FitStudio, Achievemint & Walgreens).  I usually leave Pact off my list, just because there is a risk with Pact, you can actually end up paying OUT money if you don't fulfill your commitment. 

January 2015, I posted about my experience to that point (My Yearlong Pact). As another year has now passed, I figured I'd do an annual update. If you just want the facts ... last year I made $113.38. This year it was $74.5. A decent return for doing things I'd be doing anyway.

I forgot to grab a screen shot at the end of the year (dang it, I know I thought about it but I couldn't find it in my files). So the image up top is showing me reset for 2016. I've earned almost $3 so far! I did change my profile picture sometime last year (to match my Facebook/Instagram/Twitter which I had updated earlier in the year. When I originally started using Pact, I was a little more enthusiastic about the program and had committed to tracking seven days a week. Although I never failed to meet my Pact, there were a few days when I didn't want to! I dropped down to five days a week for most of 2015. I lost a little motivation (and my free Friday Zumba when school started up with a conflicting carpool) and I dropped it down to four days. Then I was dragging SO much in December, I dropped it down to three (you are in control of what you commit to and can change it weekly if you wish). 

I caught a cold or something in December, and wasn't even sure I wanted to commit to three times a week for my exercise and food tracking. I decided to put my Pact on break (which is another option). Or I THOUGHT I did anyway. I apparently put the food tracking on break, but not the exercise/activity (which is too bad because I really was still tracking food the entire time). I hadn't even checked into the Pact that week, because I thought I was on break! I did peek at it as the weekend hit and ...oops, NOT on break! I really pushed on Saturday (Dec26) to hit 10k, but I just didn't have it in me on Sunday.

For the first time ... I hadn't fulfilled my Pact.

Actually, as I was anticipating writing up a review for the year, I figured it would be good to have the entire experience ... which can include paying out. Pact doesn't pull from your  earned credit, but from the credit card you put on file (required when you sign up). I did laugh a little when I was notified of the $5 deduction for the week. "Thank you for contributing to the Pact experience" ... "contributing" is actually a punishment but the made it sound like you were being magnanimous.

So looking back at Pact in 2015 ... my payout for the year was $79.50.  Minus the $5 payment I had to make, I earned $74.50 for the year. The weekly payout changes from week to week. It depends on how many participants did and did not make their Pact. Those who don't pay, and the pot is distributed among those who fulfilled theirs. I noticed some higher payouts in December ... I don't think I was the only one who missed a workout during the Christmas season.

Starting over again now.
I probably should up my commitment to at least four days a week ...
Maybe FIVE. We'll see.
I'll check back in January of next year!

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