Monday, January 18, 2016

WWI #129 - Still the Same

Not a lot to report this week. Still not feeling back to my usual self, still not getting back to my usual activity, still not controlling the eating. Weight not changing much. There was actually a bit of a drop (1.3 for my official weigh-in, 1.63 for the average) but it doesn't really feel like anything other than the normal fluctuations unfortunately. Gotta get back into the 150s before I feel like there has been a CHANGE. Average intake was 2138. Average daily burn was 2255. This ended in an overage for the week of 2527.

Here's a quick week recap: 

  • Friday (0108): Late start, early out. Extra chauffeur duty (but driving 15 year old boys around is rather fun) then cheering on #2 in his basketball game. Oops, no exercise, oops, a lot of eating ;(
  • Saturday (0109): Still dragging. No exercise. Caved to candy today too. Watched/Videoed a couple of the boy's games, but did have a conflict, so had to send #5 with a teammate.
  • Sunday (0110): Slow Sunday, not much movement at all. Spent some time on the computer and did get a little nap. Make cookie press cookies.
  • Monday (0111): Not feeling well today. I'd thought about hitting Zumba, but I took a nap instead. Did get a little on the elliptical but it was SO hard. 
  • Tuesday (0112): Zumba in the morning, then checked out the munchkins for a dentist appointment. Much sitting there. #2 had a game in the early evening. #5 had practice, but he wasn't feeling well so he skipped it. Not a good eating day as we stopped at Wendy's after the dentist, and I grabbed some Dominos after the game.
  • Wednesday (0113): Got in a little elliptical and Zumba today. Kept calories in check as well. Pot roast for dinner. #5 had a 6:00 basketball game.
  • Thursday (0114): Hit Zumba in the morning and stopped at the store on the way home. Hubs went to see Seinfeld, I got kids to practice and a 9:00 game.
*** Pictures from the Week ... All Basketball ***

 Driving this lot around was actually very fun! #3 and Friends.
They cheered the high school boys on to a win on Friday*Ü*

 #4 all ready for his Junior Jazz game on Saturday

#2 and the other starters taking a seat on Tuesday ... 
My boy  had 19 points and 9 assists!

Closing with a little clip from Thursday ...

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  1. Still not feeling right??? This has been going on for way too long! Hope it moves out of your system SOON!


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