Friday, January 22, 2016

WWI #130 - 167.3

Since I didn't really count my drop last week as a true loss ... can I not count this week as a gain? Still struggling with motivation and energy, add a weekend full of basketball, Hubs out of town, kids out of school (on Monday), science fair ... the schedule was screwy this week. If you do the math, weight is up 1.8 pounds. Average up 1.11. There wasn't a lot of fluctuation this week, in fact the scale seemed stuck on 167.3 for four days in a row. It did drop a bit for Friday's official weigh-in. NUMBERS: Average intake was 2229, average daily burn 2311. This week there was an overage of 2711.

Here's a quick weekly recap ...

  • Friday (0115): Busy basketball day, starting with an early morning practice, running the 15-year olds to a neighboring school to cheer on the team, and going myself for the JV game. We had a family dinner out afterward. No exercise, and food was high.
  • Saturday (0116): Four basketball games today. We left the house at 11:00 and didn't get back until 6:30. I was pretty exhausted. I did do a little elliptical before leaving, and got some walking around in between games while I waited. I started off eating well, taking some nuts, clementine and granola to the game ... but then did a stop at McDonalds (only the cheese sticks though) and overindulged when I finally did get home.
  • Sunday (0117): We went out to my brother's ward to hear his son's speak. It was super foggy though, anxiety inducing! Needed a nap after that. Went out with some friends in the evening. No exercise, but not feeling well kept food somewhat in check.
  • Monday (0118): Hubs left in the morning for a business trip. Kids were out of school for MLK day and required my chauffeur services, so I didn't make it to Zumba. I was running them here and there, everywhere all day. #3 had basketball game in the early evening. Parking was horrible, it was running very late, four games going at once so the crowds and chaos were completely overwhelming... didn't help that our boys got bashed too. I was SO done! 
  • Tuesday (0119): Determined to have a decent day! Hit Zumba, and my SIL came, so that was fun. I did good with additional exercise today too. Bike and elliptical, then walked during #5's basketball practice in the evening. A little over on food, but a good day.
  • Wednesday (0120): Maybe I overdid it yesterday (although that used to be normal!) because I was dragging SO much at Zumba today. Had to hit a couple stores, but couldn't wait to get home and collapse. #5 had a basketball game in the evening, but it was early so I could get home and go to bed!
  • Thursday (0121): Our Zumba instructor had a meeting, so she asked me and the other gals to cover class this morning. I was a little worried after my lack of energy yesterday, but it went great and my stats were super. Rushed over to the elementary after for the science far. Two basketball games in the evening and then Hubs was home!

Pictures from the week ...
 Our foggy Sunday drive ...

 My SIL came to Tuesday and Thursday Zumba

 I tried an audio-book as I walked the halls during basketball practice
I think I've been getting a kink in my neck from looking down at my book while walking.
I don't do earbuds though - big Bose for me!

 My Tuesday ... 

 We didn't plan the color coordination (or lack, being black!)

Son #4 at the science fair.
I even got a post up on the family blog about it already (here)!
I'm never that prompt at posting!

We're also not great at getting the cars registered in a timely fashion, but look at that license!
All updated and January isn't even over!

Now NO excuses next week ... return to the routine, sticking to the schedule. Let's see if I can actually get some good numbers for when I check in again.

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