Tuesday, March 3, 2015

TV Tuesday - On At Our House

Through the years, my boys have discovered some shows not currently on primetime, but ones I remember from my childhood or early married years. From Full House, to The Cosby Show, to Home Improvement. I can't recall how they discovered "Friends" ... but they did, and they loved it. I'm not sure WHY they liked it, and I know much of it isn't appropriate for their innocent minds, but ... We ended up picking up the entire series on DVD. I'd seen some of the episodes over the years, but I hadn't been a die hard fan. I think I have seen them all now, as they have played a LOT in our home over the past couple years.

If you are a fan of Friends, and a Netflix subscriber, you are probably aware that starting a couple months ago (in January), Friends has been available for streaming.  Streaming is easier than putting in a DVD ... so Friends has made a comeback in the past couple months.

Just so you know the boys aren't only watching mindless comedy ... another show that has peaked their interest lately is Brain Games, by National Geographic. I'm not sure where we heard about this one originally, I think it was my oldest son in his psychology class. 

Brain Games is an interactive series that uses games, illusions and experiments to show how our brains manufacture our reality and can often be easily tricked. My younger boys get just an engrossed in this as the older ones, and there are some interesting ideas (for upcoming science fair projects maybe?)  Seasons 1&2 are now available for streaming on Netflix. I was able to snag Season 3 from our local library ... I had to buy Season 4 for the kids as we didn't have another way of watching it.   It's pop science ... but it's still science! I like to see my kids watching something that makes them think.

Big Hero 6 also came out this last month. I went ahead and picked it up for the little boys the day it came out ($19.99 at Target for DVD/BlueRay and digital copy). They had seen it in the theaters with Daddy and had anxiously been awaiting watching it again.  As with most kids movies ... I rarely ever stop and watch, but just catch pieces here and there until I think I've seen the whole thing.  I really should stick it in the DVD player downstairs and watch it from beginning to end while I workout ...

February was a bit of an "off" month, what with prepping my oldest to leave on his mission to Mexico, rearranging/redoing many rooms in the house and then catching a cold ... I haven't been exercising as much. Thus, I haven't been watching as much TV.

Many of the shows that went on break before Christmas have started back up, and even though I don't have a lot of "must see TV" I've struggled to keep up. Grey's Anatomy is generally at the top of my  list. I've currently watched all but the most recent episode. I have the most recent "Good Wife" waiting for me, and just got in a couple past episodes of Nashville (but still have one waiting). I'm currently caught up on "The Walking Dead" (although hubby hasn't seen any since they started up again). I have several "Scandal" waiting for me, and I think I've just given up on "Revenge" ...

What have YOU been watching?


  1. I am surprised at how little I watch tv now that I'm on my own. The tv comes on once a week (The Walking Dead) ....ok sometimes an extra time for a hockey game. :-)

    1. I don't even know if I remember how to work with the TV in the family room or bedroom ... I never turn them on myself (hubs or the kids do). Walking Dead is a good one to work out to, as it can get the adrenaline pumping! Do you think they are finally safe? ;)


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