Thursday, November 21, 2013

Liquid Calories

One thing I've learned as I started tracking calories on My Calorie Counter is that MANY people struggle with drinks adding up. I guess I'm lucky, as I don't consume many liquid calories, what you see in the picture above? That's pretty much all I drink. Linking up with Peas and Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday ... although MY post is a little more "What I Drank Last Week"  *Ü*
  • Water: We are a water drinking family. I keep a big jug in the fridge and have to refill it every day. I keep some bottled water (the family prefers Dasani) to grab and go.
  • Milk: As featured in the photo, milk is front and center. I LOVE milk. As far as calories are concerned, that is where I need to be the most careful. And while I do love me a nice, cold glass of milk ... milk is often combined with other items (cookies, cereal, donuts, etc.) and that is where the calories really add up. If I can eliminate those carbs, my milk consumption does drop drastically. I have been happy with skim milk for years and years now (even before I was ever consciously trying to lose weight) and I really can't drink 1% or 2% ... they are just too thick. My oldest son had some 2% and fell in love, so I do usually try to keep a gallon around for him (hubby and #2 prefer it too). Even though my two youngest don't drink milk, we go through a ton as a family. I'll stop at the store and often buy five gallons at a time. I'll splurge on chocolate milk occasionally (drinking it myself I mean, it's pretty much a staple for the family, especially #3) ... my boys will ONLY drink "TruMoo" though, no other brand!
  • Sugar-Free Punch: I keep a gallon pitcher of punch in the fridge at all times too. I do drink a lot of it. Now, I am using a gallon container, and still mixing up just a 2-liter pouch of powder, so it is a bit watered down. I water it down further when I drink it ... I just like a bit of flavor (although I do love water too, it depends on my mood.) But ONLY cherry or fruit punch flavor, I won't drink anything else (no cherry limeade, pomegranate or raspberry flavors).  The kids got on a lemonade kick over the summer, and we kept a pitcher of that in the fridge too ... I will drink lemonade, but I rarely did.
  • Soda: I'm not a big soda drinker, although I will have some on occasion. I have a hard time with carbonation itself. I can't drink it quickly, so it is never something that I would drink to actually quench my thirst. I like root beer, Sprite and the citrus types (Fresca or Squirt), but I've never had any of the colas, Dr.Pepper, MountainDew, etc.
  • Juice: I will drink orange juice, although it isn't a favorite ... I don't drink ANY other kind, ever.
  • Coffee and Tea: I love hot chocolate, but I've never had coffee or tea. I actually can't stand the smell of coffee. Coffee itself (not all the additions that often go with it) has seemed to have some health claims of late ... tea too, but I'll be missing out on those.
  • Alcoholic Drinks: I've never even tried one of any kind. No beer (it smells awful!), wine, margarita, nothing. Yes, there were some religious constraints against drinking growing up, but I honestly don't know that makes a difference for me ... I've got eating issues and I think I'm even pickier with what I drink. Although there seem to be some health benefits associated with certain drinks, I think overall I'm probably pretty lucky I don't like these types of liquid calories. My MFP friends who do drink complain about the calories adding up (and the lack of self-control for eating that can often accompany the drinking). I have no excuses for my lack of self-control ... I just like to eat!
  • Creamy Drinks: I'll down an ice cream shake (vanilla or chocolate only though) with pleasure, but anything else ... protein drinks, meal replacements, smoothies ... that's not going down, even if you say "it's just like a chocolate shake" ... it's not, my mind knows it's not.

It's been a discouraging week looking at the scale.
I've been having daily deficits, even over the weekend!
Yet the numbers are inching up.

I have been keeping track & controlling my calories.
I'm lucky the liquid calories aren't too much of a temptation.
Can I count that as an NSV for the linkup?

What calories do YOU consume in liquid form?


  1. I would lose weight so much faster if I could break my soda habit! I can't stand milk, so I never drink that. I wish it would get cold enough here to start drinking hot tea, because I really like that, but not when it's still nearly 80 degrees outside!

  2. Agree! I am 99% water. I cut diet soda a while back, and feel SO much better. Unlike you though, I don't like milk, so I need to make sure I get my calcium in other ways. :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Again, I'm sort of stunned at all of the stuff you don't consume. I can't imagine how you eat between the food and the drinks you don't consume. So interesting. I love trying new stuff to eat. I'm going to make pumpkin soup this week from a pie pumpkin. :D

  4. I don't consume any calories via fluids. I drink water, decaf coffee, and iced tea. I don't sweeten anything. OK, I do use organic half and half in my 12 oz. of coffee each day, so minute calories there. I dropped all sodas, I don't drink alcohol, and I don't care for milk. Juices are too concentrated; I consume my fruits as fruits.

  5. I drink water, coffee (it is one of my favorite things in life--so glad it's full of antioxidants), and specialty herbal teas. That's it. Nothing else. I used to drink sugary drinks, but they make me fat and rot my teeth, so I will never drink them again!

  6. You can definitely count it for the linkup! I am lucky that I don't have too many liquid calories either. I only run into the problem on the rare occasion that I'm going out for a party and need to count alcoholic beverages. It is something to think about, I'm the type that would rather save my calories for food!

  7. I drink water, coffee, hot tea ... and that's about it. But I drink non-dairy creamer in my coffee and - at a pot of coffee a day - those calories add up!


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