Monday, August 1, 2016

July 2016

Another month in the books. It felt pretty full, even though we didn't really do that much. Not great on the scale though ... WEIGHT: Started at 165.70 and ended at 168.3. The low was unfortunately that first day, high was 171.4 and the average came in at 168.90. STATS: Supposedly had a deficit for the month (-4508). Average intake 2426. Average daily burn 2941. Step average 24,218. 250min weights, 4402 cardio minutes and 352.12 exercise miles. FOOD: Swig cookies and mint brownies ... not good for the calorie intake! Hubs has been using the smoker a lot! FITNESS: Hit my hour of elliptical 25 days this month. 24 Zumba classes, and 9 extra hours on my own. 9 sessions on the bike, and 7 weight sessions. My duckies decided to fly from the backyard to the local canal, so LOTS of walks there, I went every day!  FAMILY:  Anniversary with Hubs (24years), a couple of holidays (4th and 24th), pioneer trek, trips to the lake, trips to the dentist, and Pokemon fever hit the house!

*** JenBsJournal ***

0701 (Friday) 165.7. Steps 20848. Total Burn 2812. Exercise Burn 1092/1058 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3000. Hubs couldn't sleep and got up and left to work around 3:00. Oreo came in and I can't really sleep with him ON me, but I figured if I got up and put him out, that would wake me up too. So I'm not sure I really got back to sleep either. I was planning on hitting a class. I was thinking about going to Debbie's, but she does toning with weights, and I had a weight workout scheduled for later in the day. I decided on MZL, it's closer and while I've already been to them this week, they have so many different instructors and songs that it is often like a completely different class (which turned out to be the case today). Not great HR stats, but good steps. I was totally dragging a little later in the day. I laid down for a little, but napping didn't happen either ... but neither did weights. #3 went to the rec center, and requested a stop at Arby's on the way home ... I even indulged in an order of mozzarella sticks. Later  before I dropped #5 off at practice, we stopped at Artctic Circle where I had some tots and fried fish. #3 hung at friend's house that night, so I had to stay awake for pickup at 10:30. Hub's pinched nerve pain was bad, he tried getting comfortable in the recliner and almost slept there.

0702 (Saturday) 167.5. Steps 18401. Total Burn 2608. Exercise Burn 635/848 (20minElliptical, Zumba. WEIGHTS). Calories in 3250.  I planned ahead to hit a Zumba class. HeatherH was having her last one, as they are moving to California on Monday. While I never got the highest burn in this class, I'll always have fond memories of her energy, and she's the one who introduced me to "Shake" which has always been a favorite. After Zumba, I was feeling full of energy, so I did the weight workout I didn't do yesterday. I got the lawn mowed and some house cleaning. Hubs put ribs on the smoker, and we had a yummy dinner. I was really bad with eating today though, just craving (and caving) to sugary sweets!

0703 (Sunday) 169.2. Steps 11403. Total Burn 2305. Exercise Burn 450/494 (40minElliptical). Calories in 3000. We had our usual Sunday Circle breakfast. Smoked bacon is now the norm! That breakfast really fills me up, I'm usually stuffed well until afternoon. I did grab a nap ... a big meal makes me sleepy! We went to Rodizio in the early evening. I'd bought a Groupon and given it to Hubs for Father's Day. We even had #2 take off work so he could join us. It was yummy. After letting the tummy settle a couple hours, I made homemade oreos for dessert. Way over calories every day this weekend ... way to start the month Jen! 

0704 (Monday) 169.6. Steps 31291. Total Burn 3322. Exercise Burn 1600/1533 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, Bike). Calories in 2350. My usual Zumba class was taking the holiday off, but another gal I've met in classes (we're Facebook and Fitbit friends too) was having an 8:00 class, so I decided to hit it. Up early and off ... ran into a couple teen boys (friends of my teen boys) leaving as I showed up. They'd been playing basketball (MY boys were still in bed asleep of course! No early up for them) and some men were still playing, so it pushed the start time a bit. It was a fun class. I knew several people from other classes, and my friend Cathyleen had come after I'd told her I would be attending. I also got some elliptical in during the day, and #4 surprised me by asking when we were going to the church for basketball (Zumba practice for me while I supervise)... I hadn't thought we'd get it in on the holiday, but the family party wasn't until a bit later, so he and I went (none of the other boys wanted to go). Then it was over to my MIL's for an inflatable waterslide for the kids, see the kittens and BBQ. I don't like hamburgers, hotdogs or sausages, so there really wasn't much for me to eat ... which isn't necessarily a bad thing I guess. I did snack on too many chips. I'd driven separately, and #4 gave out, so he and I headed home.   Hubs left #3 and #5 (they didn't want to come home) and Aunt Ana dropped them off later. #2 had come for a bit but then had to go to work. Hubs and I had a little ducky time in the evening, watching the ducks who were a bit intimidated by all the fireworks. We had a little scare with them earlier ... right before I headed out to the party, I turned off a sprinkler in the back and counted ducks ... and there were only four (instead of the usual six). Uno and Jorge were missing! They have been flying some, so we knew this day would come. I peeked over the fence into the neighbor's backyard and there they were, looking a bit confused. The neighbor's weren't home, but had said I could go into their yard for ducks as needed (back when Momma and babies were wandering). By the time I walked around, Jorge had flown back into our hard, but Uno just couldn't figure it out. I debated trying to walk him home, I tried to "encourage" him to fly back, but it wasn't happening. I ended up grabbing him and tossing him back over the fence into our yard.

0705 (Tuesday) 166.8. Steps 30295. Total Burn 3456. Exercise Burn 1650/1683 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, Bike, WEIGHTS). Calories in 1800. Had the playlist all prepped for class when one of the gals texted she wasn't going to be able to make it - dang, I was looking forward to her songs. But happily it's easy to fill an hour now that I've been practicing. Over at the church ... trucks all in the parking lot! Uggggg, not again! Luckily we only had to shift parking to the other side and could still use the gym, but I wondered if it scared some people off (although I never heard back from anyone that they had tried to come) ... it was only me, Christa and a neighbor (new to class, hopefully this didn't scare her off completely having no one there!) After class, I jokingly asked Christa if she wanted to stay and practice, and she said yes. So we did another hour. After, she and her kids came over for a quick peek to see the ducks.  I got in my elliptical and did weights. Ran #3 to a church to play basketball with his buddies. I would have gone back to ours if my littles had wanted to, but they didn't push it (and I'd already gotten in my extra hour of Zumba). My computer monitor started to freak out. Aaaack! I can't deal without my computer (even though in this day and age so many things are still accessible on my phone, and we do have another computer in the house, but still ...) I switched out the cords, and even tried switching out the monitor with no luck. I was afraid it might be the video card on the computer itself. I finally tried a hard re-boot ... and that worked! The ol "have you tried turning it off and back on again" trick! Happy to have it back ... seriously, my motivation to do ANYTHING just tanks when I have computer issues (even though that's the perfect time to do other stuff like exercise, cleaning, cooking, etc). Hubs started feeling off in the early evening, and went to lay down, trying to ward off an oncoming attack. Didn't work ... around midnight he woke me asking if I could get him a bucket, and he threw up and had a full-fledged attack :(  Poor guy!

0706 (Wednesday) 167.1. Steps 30015. Total Burn 3220. Exercise Burn 1501/1461 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2). Calories in 2300. Hubs was still up and off to work this morning, even after the rough night. I got in a session on the elliptical, then headed to Draper for Zumba with Southziders. As I didn't get my Nina fix on Monday, I figured I'd hit it on Wednesday this week (and still be able to get my MZL fix on Friday) and hoped T would be there, as I haven't seen her in forever. When I pulled into the parking lot ... late mind you, there was nary a car there! Oh no, I gave up my MZL and now wasn't going to get a Zumba in? But ... everyone was just later than me. We got started and I was really giving it my all, trying to get some good stats (and I did, although still didn't get the Charge HR into the top tier). T was there, and it was so fun to do some of her numbers I hadn't danced to in a while. On the way home, I stopped at Walmart for some grocery shopping. I hit the one on 104th, as it was on the way home. I grabbed a couple shirts for #4 and when I got home poor #5 was like "are they BOTH for Cooper?"  He was so sad ... but that kid ONLY wears compression shirts (and would wear the same one for three days until I order him to shower and change) and I told him so. He said "well I would wear those!"  ... It's almost enough to make me go back and grab some for him! Almost. Got in additional elliptical, and mowed the front lawn. #2 didn't work today and was around ... of course, he generally is just vegging watching TV or taking a nap when he's home. The three younger boys were CRAZY today playing basketball in the family room. The two littles and I hit the church for their basketball, my Zumba practice. Orange chicken for dinner, and early to bed ... 

0707 (Thursday) 168.1. Steps 33355. Total Burn 3442. Exercise Burn 1628/1660 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, 1.5milesTreadmill). MountainView Zumba was taking the week off (4th of July holiday) so I figured I hit the one at Prairie Stake. I've only hit the Thursday class with Coriann once before, but the same location I'd been to on Monday (for Heather's class). Today it was was at 8:00, earlier than my norm, but I made it. I even took Denise, a neighbor who had some to Tuesday's class and had expressed interest in the other free classes around. There were no cars when we arrived right at 8:00. I have learned my lesson though, and I at least tried the door. It was open and Coriann was there and we got started. I did know several people there, others who also make the rounds to various classes. Back at home, I got in my elliptical, and then the boys (three today) and I did our hour at the church gym. I even got in a session on the treadmill ... 1.5 miles, at an incline for much of it, although the heart rate never really got up. Faster is better than incline, but I don't like running or jogging. It's SO hard! I'm enjoying "The Last Ship" though ... it's making me want to get additional exercise in so I can watch another episode. Hubs took the two little boys to see a basketball game (NBA summer series) and I put on my headphones and listened to my audiobook while I cleaned the kitchen (even mopped the floor), vacuumed, put laundry away and did the dishes. Hopefully burned some calories cleaning ... I was working up a sweat with that mopping!
0708 (Friday) 167.2. Steps 30064. Total Burn 3316. Exercise Burn 1623/1541 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, Bike, WEIGHTS). Calories in 3100. Got in an elliptical session to start the day, then hit Zumba with MZL. Got a call from #3 while I was there, that a couple of the ducks had flown over the fence into the neighbor's backyard. I told him he could try to get them back or wait for me (class had about 15min left). One flew back over, and he walked the other one back home.  I finished up my hour of elliptical, did a session on the bike and did weights (a full hour). Dropped #5 off for his basketball practice, then went to a Zumbathon Nina was hosting to raise funds for a friend. I only had an hour in me, It was a good day for exercise, unfortunately, eating was really high too.

0709 (Saturday) 167.9. Steps 19679. Total Burn 2550. Exercise Burn 650/771 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2900. Started the day with an early Zumba class, at 8:00. Denise came with, to Melody(ZumbaUnderground), holding at a church today. There was a pretty good crowd, and they were fun! A couple gals in the back were really getting into it, with the dancing and little whoops and such. It did up the energy, although my stats were just so/so. Hubs and the three youngest had taken the waverunners and gone to Pineview for a day at the lake (I'm not really a waterbaby). #2 really would have liked to go, but he had work. With the house quiet, I got in a nap. Only 30min on the elliptical today (body feeling yesterday's weight workout) and also mowed the lawn. The crew came back in the late afternoon ... sans the waverunners. Apparently the trailer got a flat tire and there was no spare. Poor Hubs, after dropping the kids and unloading other stuff, he had to go buy a spare and make the trek back to change the tire and bring the boats home. Not how he would have liked to spend the evening.

0710 (Sunday) 169.4. Steps 12508. Total Burn 3000. Exercise Burn 0/567 (no exercise). Calories in 2500. Every month my side of the family has a Westra/Waffles get-together. Usually at the folks house, but a couple of my brothers have hosted it as well to change things up. I figured it was our turn. It would help out Mom, who can't do as much with her pinched nerve pain, and let the nieces and nephews who hadn't seen the ducks see the ducks (before they fly away). We did some cleaning prep, and Hubs even painted the front door (a project that has been needed for a while, I guess this was finally incentive ... it looks great!). #3 was a huge help too, prepping waffle mix and manning the waffle iron. Hubs smoked bacon and I did sausages and eggs. My little nieces were more enamored of our two cats, although they liked the ducks too.

0711 (Monday) 169.3. Steps 32670. Total Burn 3346. Exercise Burn 1599/1563 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, Bike). Calories in 2400.  Back to routine, summer routine anyway. When I went out to give the ducks their breakfast, there were only four, instead of the usual six. Antonia and Phillipia were gone. I looked over the fence, by no sign of them anywhere. #4 and I took a walk up to the canal, to see if we could spot them there. No luck, although we did see a momma and her four almost grown babies (I recall seeing them weeks ago when they were tiny, the mother was distinctive so I am almost sure it's the same set). #4 caught some Pokemon on the way too, this Pokemon Go is the latest craze hitting the U.S. #2 is quite obsessed! My neighbor Denise wanted to try out Southziders, so I picked her up and we went out. They were having a little birthday celebration after. I brought the strawberries and blueberries left over from our party, but meant to bring Debbie some swig cookies, but I forgot. Back at home, I got in elliptical and bike, and we went over to the church for basketball and Zumba practice. #5 had a friend, and our neighbor Jacob came over to play too.  Of course, it's a Poke-stop as well! It was 7-11 free slurpee day ... we've attempted it before, usually with less than desireous results, so I didn't even bring it up this year. #3 had researched buying a WiiU (we've talked about it forever) and had found one on ebay that we'd ordered. It came today ... but we're lucky we received it as it was dropped off at the wrong house. Happily the lady was honest, and went out of her way to bring it to us. The kids got it set up and were playing it today and into the night. Hubs had to work quite late. We watched the last episode of "The Night Manager". What will we watch next?  

0712 (Tuesday) 168.6. Steps 29274. Total Burn 3291. Exercise Burn 1500/1522 (60minElliptical, Zumbax2, Weights). Calories in 2500. Hubs was up and off to work as usual, although he was planning on cutting the day short and heading up to the lake again, as #2 had the day off today and really wanted a turn on the waverunners. They did go up and had a fun day. The little boys didn't want to go, and I was fine staying home with them. Zumba over at the church, we had a few more than last week, but still quite small. I got good numbers though. The little boys and I went back a little later for their basketball time and practice for me. I got in my elliptical throughout the day, but was dragging a bit. I try to do weights on Tuesday, and did 20min, but called it at that. I made some mint chocolate brownies, which I haven't made for well over a year. Yummy.  Calories were over, as usual.

0713 (Wednesday) 168.8. Steps 22031. Total Burn 2814. Exercise Burn 896/1008 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2000. Got in a session on the elliptical, and then went to Zumba with MZL. It was a full house today! 70min and they were still going, so I snuck out and hit Sam'sClub on the way home, grabbing a few groceries. On the way home, I thought I saw a black bird at the canal. I stopped and walked it, and sure enough, it was Antonia! She made it to the canal! No sign of Phillipea, and Anotonia was attempting to hang out with another momma duck and her three babies (about a week old). After unloading groceries, I went back to the canal with a little food, but Antonia seemed  very antsy. I was wondering if she might come out of the water to me, but no chance! The boys said they didn't want to hit the church gym today, and that was okay by me, I was feeling tired. I mowed the front lawn, but was having a hard time being motivated. I didn't even get my entire hour of elliptical in. I made chicken pillows for dinner, and Hubs and I spent a little time out back with our four duckies. 

0714 (Thursday) 168.2. Steps 32260. Total Burn 3265. Exercise Burn 1650/1484 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Walkx3). Calories in 2200. This morning ... there were only two duckies! Two more flew the coop. Uno and Miguel. Just Ally and Jorge left. I walked to the canal first thing, just to see if they were there. I found Antonia around, and other ducks, but no Uno, Miguel or Phillipa. Went to Zumba at MountainView. Melanie had texted she has a stress fracture and asked if I could handle the class. I asked Christa to come help and she did. It went well. I stopped at Smiths on the way home and grabbed a few groceries. The boys didn't seem to be in the mood to hit the church gym, and I was dragging, so we didn't go today. I did get in my hour on the elliptical at least. #4 and I went and walked the canal later in the day too, and we found Uno with Antonia! Yea that they found each other! We walked all the way to the end, finding a momma and seven babies, probably only a day old (little fluff balls). There was a big group too, at least a dozen ... about the right age to be the ones that stayed with us for a while. I couldn't see the momma to see (our wild momma had been pretty big compared to most of the wild ones at the canal). I'd love to think it was our crew and that they have all survived. Hubs and #5 and I went for another canal walk in the evening. With the ChargeHR picking up "workouts" automatically, the three walks added up to 100minutes, almost four miles. My feet were very tired!

0715 (Friday) 167.3. Steps 27508. Total Burn 2954. Exercise Burn 1500/1165 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, Walks). Calories in 2600. I started the morning with a walk to the canal to check on the duckies. Our four were still hanging out in about the same spot and seemed pretty happy that I'd brought them a little breakfast (watermelon and some of the duck food). I even found Phillipa down stream a little. I tried to encourage her upstream to meet up with the others, but she got spooked and flew, and boy can she fly! I hope she makes it back to the canal and does find the others. It's a little lonely being a solo duck. No sign of Miguel as of yet. My neighbor Denise was asking if I was hitting a Zumba class, and wanted to join me, but I didn't really have one today. Nicole wasn't doing it, Debbie had cancelled ... I'd really thought about going across town to hit Heather's, but she left on Pioneer Trek. MZL had one, but it was at a different (further) building. I told Denise I was just going to do a practice session at the church but that she was welcome to join me, and she did. I got much better stats doing it with someone else than on my own (although it was also my only Zumba for the day, whereas my practice is usually my second hour). I got in my hour of elliptical too, and bike ... but not weights, which I really should have worked on. #5 had his basketball practice. #4 came with as I dropped him off, and caught some Pokemon and filled up at some Pokestops on the way. I'm SO tired Friday nights, so grateful for the carpool that is willing to bring #5 home from practice so I can just get my jammies on early!

0716 (Saturday) 168.8. Steps 19527. Total Burn 2563. Exercise Burn 745/774 (60minElliptical, Canal Walk). Calories in 2600. Had to set my alarm this morning, because #5 had an 8:00 basketball game. So early for a Saturday, especially after I've been used to sleeping in. Out at Dimple Dell ... we lost. Kept it even for the first half+, then the other team surged ahead. Our boys weren't playing their best, and we were missing a couple kids, so I don't feel like it was a mismatch, just an off game. My little started us off with the first seven points (one a three pointer). Back at home, I went for a walk at the canal and brought breakfast to my duckies. Just made one trip today ... tried out hiking boots to combat the goathead stickers. It helped a bit, but the boots rub. I hate shoes, but they are oh so necessary for the canal (after attempting a couple times in sandals). Got the lawn mowed. The front is looking better than it has in years, and now that the ducks are gone, Hubs is hoping to work on the back, fertilize it and such. Also got in my hour of elliptical, debated doing weights but didn't get around to it.
0717 (Sunday) 169.3. Steps 16983. Total Burn 2501. Exercise Burn 700/714 (60minElliptical, Canal Walk). Calories in 3500. We had our Sunday Circles for breakfast. Hubs smoked some bacon and sausage. I'd picked up some Hillshire after the boys had enjoyed it last week at the family party. I got in three 20min sessions on the elliptical throughout the day, even though my legs felt tired. Hubs and I also took a walk to the canal to see our duckies. They haven't moved much. In the evening, Hubs smoked pork chops, chicken drumsticks, and also made some steak and mashed taters (as when trying new things, he's not sure if anyone will like them). He made peach cobbler too, but he was the only one who liked it. Way over on eating without feeling like I over-indulged.

0718 (Monday) 171.4. Steps 24921. Total Burn 3066. Exercise Burn 1100/1267 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Canal Walk). Calories in 2500. I got a session on the elliptical in, and #4 got in his workout, then #3 and his friend hit the gym. Perfect scheduling this morning ;) I went out to Zumba with Southziders, taking Denise with me.  Back at home, I went for a walk on the canal to see the duckies. #4 came with, catching Pokemon. We had to walk a lot further down today, I wasn't sure if we were going to find them, but they were there. Pretty stand-offish today. I saw another duck with a black head, NOT one of ours (brown body/smaller), and saw a momma quail and her babies. So cute and tiny! I got in a couple more sessions on the elliptical, and then in the evening we went to a family party up in Alpine. A couple of the cousins had Fitbits, and we are now Fitbit friends too.  

0719 (Tuesday) 169.8. Steps 23149. Total Burn 2981. Exercise Burn 1120/1192 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Canal Walk). Calories in 2300. I'd walk to Zumba on Tuesdays, but when I'm in charge with the heavier bag (and my big water) and I think people NEED to see a car there so they know someone has opened the building. I've made that mistake before ... I didn't even try the door. Good class today, about 10 people. #4 and I took a walk on the canal a bit later, and the duckies had moved down quite a bit, so it wasn't nearly as long a walk as yesterday. There was this momma and three babies (I'm pretty sure she's the one that started with seven) that was intimidating my duckies out of the food I'd brought them. She wanted it. Got in my hour of elliptical in three sessions throughout the day. Watching "Finding Carter". Dropped #3 off at Jump N Bounce, then he and his friends went to a movie after. I took the two littles to the dentist, yea, no cavities! It was a pretty quick visit, a little reading for me, then visiting with a mom of one of the boy's classmates. I'd ordered a hammock, as #3 has been wanting one forever. It came today and we put it together. We'd ordered a used game disk for the Wii U ... and it did NOT work, we'll be returning it and reordering. The boys were disappointed. Hubs came home from work a little early, not feeling great, trying to ward off an attack. Tuesdays seem to have been bad days for him. It never fully manifested though, so that's good. I had planned on making tacos with the leftover chicken, but with Hubs down, I wanted to wait until he could have some too. I did the kids "favorite noodles" instead (skillet sensations) and made some brazillian cheese bread. I also made my mint fudge brownies again, as the last batch was done. The ganache did NOT work out this time though, not sure if I switched to a cheaper chocolate chip? I thought it was the same. I tried one more time with a more expensive, bittersweet chip, and it finally worked.

0720 (Wednesday) 170.2. Steps 24983. Total Burn 2976. Exercise Burn 1050/1192 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1850. Not a great night. I couldn't sleep. Nothing big, just lots of little things. Tummy a bit upset, a touch of a headache, twitchy legs, wet hair, burning feet (I always have to "sauce them up" with cream as they are so dry.. Didn't feel like I really slept at all. Tummy still feeling off in the morning. I still hit Zumba with MZL, but as expected, I really didn't get very good stats. But better than just sitting home. I also got the lawn mowed (front only midweek) and did some watering.  #3 had his dental appointment today. Usually I just drop him off and have him call me when he's done, but there was a troublesome tooth, and I wasn't sure if they would need to talk to me, so I stuck around. No quick visit like yesterday ... this was two hours! They did a cleaning, ortho, and work on the tooth, but it needs a root canal. Long day just sitting! A couple of walks to the canal, the duckies were right at the entrance, so the walk was so short it didn't even register on my ChargeHR. The second trip I brought the bucket of mealworms, and the duckies remembered that! They came right out of the water to eat from it ... except Uno. He is hurt! He could barely walk! When he's in the water I can't really tell that there is a problem, but on land. Oh, it made my heart hurt. I wonder if we should try to catch him and take him to the vet. What happened? Kept calories in check today, unless I forgot to log some food, which is a distinct possibility! 

0721 (Thursday) 168.6. Steps 27984. Total Burn 3189. Exercise Burn 1200/1406 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, Weights). Calories in 1750. Kept calories in check again, but was very aware of it today. Hungry! Zumba at MountainView, Melanie was back. It was a fun class, she did a cute new cha-cha number. I took a walk to the canal to see the ducks. They were at the mouth of the canal, so it was a really quick walk, and I did it twice more. Well fed duckies today. But the sides were steep where they were at so I couldn't really judge how Uno was doing (he looks fine in the water). I did ask the kids if they wanted to hit the church for basketball (Zumba practice for me) but they said no. We haven't gone once this week.  I got in a session on the bike, and even some weights.

0722 (Friday)  169.1. Steps 20097. Total Burn 2701. Exercise Burn 1000/944 (60minElliptical, Zumba) Calories in 2600.  Went to Zumba with Debbie in Daybreak today, it's been a while since I hit one of her classes. Back at home, I took a walk to the canal, and it was a walk today, as the duckies had moved down the South side again. Got in my hour of elliptical throughout the day. Hubs and I went out to an early dinner at Market Street Grill, as it is our 24th anniversary today! #5 had practice, but happily our ride was willing to come pick him up and get him there (as it was the same time as our dinner reservations).

0723 (Saturday) 169.9. Steps 20251. Total Burn 2681. Exercise Burn 650/901 (60minElliptical). Calories in 2200. It's been pretty hot lately, so I figured I'd get my walk to the canal in earlier when it was cooler. Hubs came with me. We walked down the South side ... and walked, and walked all the way to the end! We didn't find the duckies. I was wondering if we'd have to walk the entire North side, but they were right there on the other side. I'm surprised we hadn't seen them when we walked up. I got in three sessions on the elliptical throughout the day, and I mowed the lawn. Hubs took the kids to Nelson's (frozen concrete) ... I didn't go but I did eat some of the leftovers. Aunt Olivia came over in the evening and cut the boy's hair. 

0724 (Sunday) 170.2. Steps 13476. Total Burn 2366. Exercise Burn 400/575 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2600. Hubs had put a brisket in the smoker yesterday, thinking it would be done tonight. The last one took forever. This one ... was done at 7:00 am. Brisket for breakfast? Hubs and the boys took off to the lake, and I had a quiet day at home. I tried to get a little sun on my legs, but can't see that I added any color. I got a couple of walks to the canal in today too. 

0725 (Monday) 169.4.  Steps 28792. Total Burn 3199. Exercise Burn 1200/1411 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2600. Here in Utah, it was a holiday. Hubs had work off, but I still hit a Zumba class. My regular one was cancelled, but Debbie in Daybreak was going, so I picked up Denise and we both went. Got in my hour of elliptical, a session on the bike (audiobook today) and a couple walks to the canal. For my morning visit, I called out "duck, duck, duckies" and I think they heard me, because they came flying (literally) down the canal to me. Uno looks better (no limping) but Jorge seemed to be in a similar situation. Not sure if they are crash landing when flying, missing nutrients (like Ally was) or if other ducks are picking on them. There is a little momma who likes to come feast when I'm feeding and she really goes after our four, picking on them. Hubs ran to the store and grabbed some groceries and then made potatoes, reheated the brisket, and smoked some scallops (first try for those). Maga came over and had some too, and we had some trek talk (as #2 is leaving tomorrow).  

0726 (Tuesday) 170.9. Steps 24300. Total Burn 3031. Exercise Burn 1150/1241 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Weights). Calories in 2300. Early morning ... I had my alarm set for 5:30, reminiscent of the early morning seminary days. This was for "church" stuff too ... trek. Unfortunately, I was awake even earlier (around 4:00) and couldn't get back to sleep. Got #2 to the church and off fine. I saw my duckies as I drove over the canal on the way back, so I did my walk to feed them breakfast. It's really nice at 6:30 in the morning! Much cooler! Zumba was me today ... I was missing my main helpers, so it was really almost all me! I got good stats, but honestly, and hoped for a little higher. #3 wanted me to drop him off to hang with friends, #4 came with so he could catch some Pokemon and Poke-stops. A quick detour to the library (which was a Poke-Stop) to grab a DVD series I want to try. Back at home I put it in for a session on the elliptical ... and it doesn't have subtitles/captions. SO frustrating! I tried watching but it's just too hard to try and catch everything (and my hearing is decent). In the evening, my SIL came over to do my hair. Over FOUR hours sitting. Oh, my aching back and bum! I was thinking more highlights, but she took me totally blond. It will take some getting used to. We had some Skookie for family treat.

0727 (Wednesday) 169.5. Steps 26143. Total Burn 3031. Exercise Burn 1100/1273 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2800. Hmmm, looky at that, the exact same Fitbit burn as yesterday! Interesting. Hit MZL for Zumba, taking Denise. If I'd thought about it, I probably would have gone to Southziders since I didn't get my fix for them Monday, and I'll be able to hit MZL on Friday, but oh well. This one is nice and close. Took a walk to the canal to see my duckies in the morning, and then again in the evening. Brought them some of the chicken feed in addition to the waterfowl food (which is running low). Mowed the front lawn and did a stop at Macey's for some groceries, and got in my hour of elliptical. Also took #3 into the endodontist for his root canal. The dentist called to see how it went, and they have an opening tomorrow (rather than waiting until September) so, another dental trip tomorrow! Made spaghetti for dinner, with yummy corn on the cob. I wished I'd picked up some french bread while I was at the store today, but calories were high enough without adding cheesy bread into the mix.  

0728 (Thursday) 169.9. Steps 24236. Total Burn 2986. Exercise Burn 1050/1195 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2850. MountainView was taking the week off, so I hit Prairie Stake (Coriann) but they start at 8:00. That is early! I didn't get my elliptical in before hand. I think that warm up helps me. There were some kid distractions today. I did get in my hour of elliptical throughout the day, and a couple walks to the canal to see my babies. Dentist appointment for #3. Often I just drop him, but I waited and I was SO tired! Almost falling asleep sitting up. Had some electrical issues today. #4 went down to use the gym, when suddenly the treadmill and TV turned off. I investigated, and it was the extension cord. At first I thought the cord was faulty and would need replacing, but it ended up just being slightly unplugged. Easy fix. Then, the A/C went out in #3's room! It was both plugs along the wall, so I checked the circuit breaker but everything looked fine. Hubs had me snap a picture and send it and he pointed out one was flipped (not all the way to off, just slightly off the on). I can't believe I hadn't noticed, but that was exactly why he had me send the picture, because he knew what to look for more. Again, easy fix at least. I ordered Dominos for dinner and ran by the library (grabbing "The Last Resort" DVD) then stopping for the pizza. I made my mint brownies again too. Not good for calorie intake. Hubs came home from work so tired and fell asleep. #3 had me run him to the high school for a little basketball with buddies, but wasn't out too late. I was tired too, but then had trouble getting to sleep. The two littles were up late too! 

0729 (Friday) 170.8. Steps 31347. Total Burn 3355. Exercise Burn 1270/1559 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, Weights). Calories in 1100. Went to MZL for Zumba and had a really good class. Lots of energy. I stopped at Sams/Walmart on the way home for some groceries. Got in a couple walks to the canal, my hour of elliptical, a session on the bike AND weights! Good activity day. Good eating day too ... still not quality but kept quantity in check at least. I do NOT want to be in the 170s. #5 had an earlier practice today (2:00-4:00). #2 got home from his trek experience a little after 4:00 and I went to the church to meet him and bring him home. He took a shower, then ran to Costco to get some dried mangos he fell in love with on the trail. In the evening, he took #3 and they went off to play basketball until late. Hubs pulled another nap before bedtime, like last night.  

0730 (Saturday) 169.2. Steps 30316. Total Burn 3174. Exercise Burn 1200/1402 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1450. Started off with a Zumba class. One of my instructors works at the Thyrve Fitness gym, and it was "free" day. Christa came too. They had HRMs there for us to wear, and our stats (under pseudonyms ... I was Batman) were on display up front. Motivating on the one hand, yet also a bit discouraging for me because MY heart rate would NOT go up (I also had my Scosche, and it seemed perfectly in tune, the numbers were really close ... my ChargeHR, as usual, had lower heart rate readings, but about what expected for my effort) ... but everyone else? Totally up there! I was working just as hard (or harder)! I wish I understood more about heart rate. Some say the more fit you are, the more efficient your heart, and it takes more to get it to go up ... but while that would be nice to think, I don't think I'm more "fit" than the girls there. Than the instructor? Than Christa, who also does Zumba 5x a week with me? I remember when I did soccer (that was a while ago) my HR did skyrocket, and did not come down quickly (usually it does, just drops if I stop or slow). Anyway, it was a fun class, and if it's offered for free and I'm free, I'll go again. Got three elliptical sessions in during the day, hit the bike, mowed the lawn and walked to the canal a couple of times. Kept calories in check again too. Two whole days in a row! Hubs had gone into work early, come home for a nap, then gone to Wendover with Nate and wasn't home until late.  

0731 (Sunday) 168.3. Steps 12649. Total Burn 2302. Exercise Burn 400/553 (30minElliptical). Calories in 2100. Totally slept in this morning ... felt nice! We did our Sunday Circle breakfast, didn't smoke the bacon today though (gave Hubs a break). Worked with the little boys in their room, going through clothes. They are pretty set. We don't really do "back to school" shopping, but get things when needed. I did to a session on the elliptical ... it always feels so hard on Sunday! Walked to the canal. Went down the North side, and they were all the way at the end, with a lot of other ducks. Indulged in some brownie and ice cream.

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