Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Zumba Shoes

I discovered Zumba a little over a year ago. At first, it was just a once-a-week workout. But then, I started going to another class, then another. It was Tues/Wed/Thurs for a bit. Then I added a Mon/Fri class. I decided perhaps I should look into some shoes recommended for Zumba rather than the ratty running shoes I had been wearing.

I Googled "Zumba Shoes" and came across several informational websites (I can't remember which ones right off). Many recommendations and descriptions of what was best for a dance workout. I discovered that running shoes are NOT recommended at all, as they are usually heavier with a strong tread (which can actually cause your feet to catch). 

After reading all the recommendations, I tried the Puma Janine Dance Shoe (pictured above). I didn't like it. Now admittedly, I hate all shoes. I never wear shoes unless I am required to wear shoes. I am also cheap! $60 may not sound like a lot for you shoe connoisseurs out there, but I'd never spent that much on SHOES. I noted that one of my Zumba instructors was wearing this exact style, so I went ahead and bought them. They didn't work for me. Although the "split-sole" was recommended for dancing, I didn't feel like I had support. My feet hurt after an hour class. I sent them back. I'd never returned anything on Amazon before, but I was thankful for the return policy, as I would have hated wasting my money.

I then stopped at my local Nike outlet. While running shoes are not recommended, the Nike Free (which are running shoes) were mentioned as a popular choice on many of the sites I investigated. Very lightweight, not a lot of tread. I did have the opportunity to try them on first (unlike ordering from Amazon) and they felt comfortable.  While the hot pink seems a perfect fit for Zumba ... I'm not a very colorful gal myself (Lacking in Color Confidence).  As far as appearance, the simple B&W Puma's had been much more up my boring alley. But ...they were on clearance, and I had a gift certificate. I bought them, and I liked them.

I asked another of my Zumba instructors what shoes she liked, and she excitedly told me about a great deal she had just found out about. An online store (6pm.com) had the Ryka Downbeat (Ryka was one of the brand names I had read recommendations on from several different websites) for a great price. I compared the price from some other sellers, and it was a great deal (new customers even got an additional 10% off, and shipping was free!)

They were only available in "boring black" ... but that was great by me! 
(This deal is gone, but 6pm has other styles at great prices still)

These were a high-top, giving support to the ankles. Just the right amount of grip, a spin-spot to make twists and turns easier.  I felt like it was worth the risk (of purchasing without trying them on) and I have ended up really liking them. They are my main Zumba shoe now. Sometimes I'll wear the pink Nike's ... if they match my outfit better, or if I'm working out on carpet (they slide easily where the Ryka's feel too heavy).

I'm really not a "shoe" gal ... but I was glad I took some time and researched what to look for in a Zumba shoe. I really hadn't been aware of what worked and what didn't. In truth, the running shoes I started with really weren't that bad ... but I figured I'd save them for running (not that I do THAT very often) and buy something specific for MY workout. And it made me feel a bit more Zumba-ish too. That never hurts *Ü*

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  1. I never even knew they had Zumba shoes, but that makes sense.
    I have to ask my friend (who teaches Zumba) if she has actual Zumba shoes or what she uses, I am curious if she knows they exist:)


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