Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Recent Reads ... "Blah" Books

 I love reading ... so far this year, I've read (and reviewed/rated) twenty-six books. I have yet to find a "five star" IT WAS SO WONDERFUL book, but I've had many four stars, many three stars, but the last few books? Rather blah. Ala two star. They aren't the last four concurrent books I've read, but they were all close together in the past few weeks. Sigh.

Have you read any of these titles?
What did you think?

The first two (Through the Fog and Soulkeepers) were "free" Kindle books ... the first is part of Amazon's Kindle Lending Library (my book choice for March) and the second is offered free for all, and the sequels are part of the lending library as well. The other two books I picked up from my local library. The middle two books have sequels ... but I won't be reading them. I do feel a bit of an obligation to finish what I start when it comes to one book, but not for a series (if I'm not enjoying it).

I'll admit, sometimes I'm just not in the right mindset to enjoy a book. There are always reviews of people who loved ones I didn't care for. All of these had something lacking for me though. On all, the writing felt a bit stilted, not natural. I actually sped through all of them quickly,  but that was more just to finish and move onto something else. I've just had a bit of bad luck lately I guess, with four "blah" books so close together.

Many people will say "you get what you pay for" and will refuse to try on the "free" or cheap offerings Kindle has to offer. I've found some gems there though. It is a little hit and miss. And just because something is picked up by a publisher and library, doesn't mean it's guaranteed to be any better. I do try to glance at reviews and blurbs ... I think the blub, while making me pick "Undercurrent" also ruined it for me, giving away too much before I even began.

Generally, my monthly "book" posts will be about books I love. But jut to be real here ... they aren't all winners! Generally, at least I'm getting in some activity if I read while riding my stationary bike. I have had some good ones too, check back for more book posts. *Ü*

Do you keep reading if you don't "love" the book?

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