Thursday, April 23, 2015

Zumba Center Stage

I love Zumba. I go five days a week to different classes with different instructors. A wide variety of songs and steps. At some of the classes, I'll step up front and lead a song or two if the instructor asks me to. Some routines I've just picked up after doing them many times. The instructor could do it, but maybe she would like a quick break, or likes to showcase students to push them a little out of their comfort zone. As I do frequent various classes, sometimes there will be a song I adore in one class that is never done in one of the others, so maybe I'll learn it and lead it at the other class. I've also found a few online that I've brought to class. I actually have quite a few songs/routines in my repertoire at this point. I still have no plans to become an instructor, but I don't mind helping out, in fact I like it. I also don't mind if I go through a class completely as a follower. It's all win/win for me. 

A couple of days ago, when I went to my free Monday class, our main instructor was out with a sick child. One of our backup instructors couldn't make it, and another was there but not feeling great. Rather than cancelling the class, they turned to those of us who knew routines to step up and help out. I ended up doing seven songs that day. And do you know what? I got my highest heart rate monitor numbers yet!

 I've noticed that when I am up front, I usually do get a higher reading on the heart rate monitor(s ... yes, plural, I wear two because I'm kind of silly like that. A PolarFT4 and ChargeHR).  I was never sure exactly why. Just the pressure of being up front, center stage, with everyone looking at YOU can be enough to up the heart rate.  Then of course, the songs I know the moves to, I get a better heart rate reading on, as I can make all the moves, modify them with a little more bounce.

Then ... just because I'm me, most of the songs I choose to do are already high intensity songs. Those are just the ones I'm drawn to myself.  Regardless of why, MY songs usually get my heart rate up the most, so I guess it wasn't surprising that I got such good stats when I was leading more songs. 

Here's a few of "MY" songs ...

Shake ... this was the first song that drove me up on the stage.  I loved this song, but only one instructor ever did it. Then she got pregnant and stopped teaching. I'd do this myself at home to the YouTube video until I felt comfortable enough that I thought I could lead it. I mentioned to one of my instructors if she wanted me to do it, I could. I still love this one, but another gal (who reminds me SO much of myself on this Zumba journey) loves it and I've "passed it on" to her ... her first song she's stepped up to lead.

Chocolate ... I found this group online, they have a ton of cute stuff. This song was so catchy and cute, I was a little surprised it wasn't already in the repertoire of some of my instructors. I tweaked it just a bit, as the leg wiggle thing didn't work for me (I do an "out in out in" jumping jack move with the legs) ... but it has been very well received by several of my classes. But I mean come on, who doesn't like chocolate?

Terrible ... I found this one online and really liked it. Such energy. So fast paced, yet repetitive enough I felt like I could master the memorization. As with "Chocolate" I tweaked a couple moves. I have to admit ... sometimes when this song comes on and the instructor indicates it's my turn ... I hate this song! It really requires SO much energy, and sometimes I'm not sure if I have it during a class. But then again, it's good to be pushed, right?

Those are the main three songs I think of as "mine" ... songs that I brought to class, that probably wouldn't have been done otherwise. I also picked up Cha-Cha swing (video links in my Cha-Cha Challenge post) and do it regularly too.

This is my late Workout Wednesday post. I've already been to Zumba this morning, but it's a double Zumba day (as most Thursdays are). I've invited my mom out ... it will be her first time attending a class. I just figured she should get a taste of what I'm talking about all the time.

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  1. You are definitely the Zumba queen and I love it!!!! The first song was just ok but I did like the 3rd one. It was a bit repetitive though. LOL!! #wowlinkup


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