Monday, April 27, 2015

Yea Monday!

I love Mondays. One of my Zumba instructors posted the picture above. I'm not a Zumba instructor, just a rabid follower, but I say that pretty much every weekend! Zumba does have a lot to do with it. But it's more the return to routine. I can do SO much better with exercise and eating on the weekdays. The weekends totally throw me off.  I mean ... I weighed in at 155.6 on Friday morning. This morning? 159.6. Up four pounds over the weekend. Now, I know much is probably water weight (hubs and I did indulge in popcorn last night while we watched several shows) but still ...

For a while there, I was pretty regular with my "Marvelous in my Monday" weekend recap. Then I started doing a weekly recap in my weekly weigh-in on Fridays, and felt it was a little repetitive, and my Monday posts kind of disappeared.  This past weekend was pretty busy though, so I thought I'd come back and post all about it :)

Friday night we went out to dinner with my folks and my brother and his wife. It was Chinese, which isn't too bad calorie wise. There's no bread/rolls for me to overdose on, we don't do dessert. I get the sweet and sour chicken without the sauce (not for calorie control, just because of my eating issues).

Saturday I went shopping. I cleaned out the fridge on Friday and the poor little fruit drawer was empty. We went to Sam's Club, and while I usually leave the kidlets home, today I invited them along. I gave them $10 and they went to the food court while I did the shopping.

They were pretty happy and full after ... and our fruit was restocked. Apples, bananas, grapes, clementines and the first watermelon of the season (I picked it out myself, and it was a good one!) I  don't like strawberries myself, but even I had to admit they looked awesome. They were huge! But the last package I had purchased had gone uneaten, so I passed them up.

Then, my youngest had a basketball game. He is playing at the gym with a track above the court. Often, I'll jog the track while watching the game. I can usually get in four miles or so. The problem is, I also like to get video of the games. One of my other boys had been helpful in coming and handling the video camera, so I could jog. But not this week (or last week). I really DO want to have the camera on though, I just love catching clips like this ...

Saturday afternoon, we went with Hub's side of the family to the cemetery. On Thursday, it has been 23 years since my husband's father passed away. It's been an annual April tradition for our family. It was a little overcast and rainy, so we didn't stay too long.

After, we went out to eat, and this time there was most definitely dessert. 
High calories!

Sunday there was sleeping in. I'd laid out some frozen croissants for breakfast. They rise overnight, then you bake them up fresh and warm. Delicious! NOT low calorie. Then there was church, then a nice nap. I did make Sunday Circles (Belgian Waffles) for the boys ... and myself. Then Hubs and I watched several episodes of American Crime and the latest Game of Thrones ... while munching on popcorn.  Not a low calorie day. I did elliptical 40 minutes both Saturday and Sunday, but that was not even close to competing with the calorie intake. 

So back to Monday morning ... when I am uber active, and can usually make better food choices, when we aren't going out to eat and such. How was your weekend?

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