Thursday, April 9, 2015

There are BOYS in my Gym!

I've mentioned several times on this blog, that I'm super spoiled with my nice home gym (J&G'sGym). I love that it's right downstairs, so I can bop down multiple times a day, and that I don't have to put up with other people on the machine I want when I want it ... but recently, there have been BOYS in MY gym! Teenage boys!

Okay, one of them is my son. The others are his basketball buddies. It's the off-season now, so other sports (baseball/football) have first dibs on the school equipment. These guys want to stay in shape, and have been coming over EVERY DAY this week after school. In MY gym!  I mean, it's a nice size for a home gym, but still, four teenage boys in there at once?

My son did ask permission, and I gave it. I usually would hit my gym for a session on the elliptical, bike or treadmill in the hours after school ... but it's hard to turn them down when they want to work out (I guess it's some extra Zumba upstairs in the master bath for me during those times if I need a workout fix). 

They are mostly doing strength exercises, I don't think they are using the cardio machines. I told them they could move some of the dumbbells out into the hallway for a little more space (they could even do walking lunges). Sometimes they race upstairs, then sprint around the block a couple of times.

They play their music, laugh, talk ... and sometimes come raid the kitchen. A little chocolate milk or banana pre-workout. My son whips up a big batch of protein smoothie afterward.

These sophomores haven't been the only boys in the gym lately. My 14-year old told me he "I don't just want to sit around playing video games and stuff" here in the off-season. I told him it might be good work on his conditioning and stamina, running on the treadmill. He's hit it several times.  Even my 11-year old has put on a show and walked the treadmill to get more steps on his pedometer.

The Hubs does have a gym membership (near his work) and he enjoys running outside, so I rarely see him down in the gym. My oldest was putting in some time too, before he shipped off to Mexico. It's the younger boys now! So far my baby (nine years old) hasn't seemed interested in the gym, but he's quite active and gets his steps in through play.

This does just push me to make sure I get what I need to get done during the day when the kids are in school. It's good incentive anyway!  Linking up late with Workout Wednesday!


  1. How fun! I have a theory, I'd rather my kids' friends hung out at our house than anywhere else! My teenage boy (age 16) just recently asked for a gym membership, so now we both have one. I can get my daughter in on my account so now we can all go together.

  2. Boys in the gym - oh boy (pun intended). This is going to be interesting. I hope they clean up behind themselves because when my hubby goes down in our home gym he leaves stuff everywhere - re-rack your weights. LOL. All gym courtesy goes out the window I guess when it comes to home gyms. ENJOY! #wowlinkup

  3. That is great that your boys are using the gym instead of sitting on the couch watching tv or playing video games. Maybe you should join them when they are working out. #wowlinkup


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