Friday, April 10, 2015

WWI#90 - Up, Up, Up

I think of the cute Disney movie "UP" or Shania Twain's snappy song "Up, Up, Up" ... chin up and think happy thoughts. The word UP seems to have a positive connotation ... except when it comes to weekly weigh-ins. I'm up again. With Spring Break and Easter Weekend, there were some tough days for food and fitness. Here's a quick recap of the week:

  • Friday: Kids were out of school. I got in my Zumba and 40min on the elliptical. I was having the kids fill Easter Eggs and we ran out of candy/toys, so the two little boys and I ran to the Dollar Store. I do think we're ready for the Easter party tomorrow now though.
  • Saturday: Got in some elliptical (40min). Headed over to my folks for the Easter party. Hubs jogged, although we caught up with him and he did catch a ride with us for the remainder of the way. 
  • Sunday: Easter! Spent most of the day at Maga's house. I only got 3000 steps in. #4 got 13,000 just running and playing around! Ate too many Peeps!
  • Monday: Kids are still out of school, but trying to get back at it! Zumba, 60minElliptical, and some bike and treadmill! Kept calories in check. YEA, it was a good day!
  • Tuesday: Back to routine, up early, kids to school. Zumba, 60minElliptical, some treadmill and I did WEIGHTS! There was an evening Zumba class, but I was too tired. I also overate today.
  • Wednesday: Wednesdays are a bit wimpy. Just Zumba and 40minElliptical. I might have done a little more, but there were BOYS in my gym in the afternoon. Ate too much.
  • Thursday: Some stress yesterday/today, a field trip at school had AnxietyChild super upset. I ended up letting him duck out and we had a homeschool day. I had him come to Zumba with me and made him move. He did get 5000 steps there. It was a good day with him, and I still managed to get in some elliptical (40min). I did hit the evening Zumba class today. Still ate too much though.

NUMBERS: Up 1.4 from last week. Average was up too, by .95. Average intake for the week was 2400, same as last week. Average burn was down slightly, at 2803.  That equaled out to a slight overage (50ish) for the week. Shouldn't be over a full pound up, but sometimes the numbers don't work that way. TOM time is pretty much here ... I hate TOM.

It's the eating ... I need to reverse this UP trend. I got TOO close to the 160s this past week. That is unacceptable! The 150s seem to be my "happy weight" place, but the 140s is where I want to be! Come ON Jen ... just stay under 2000 calories on your intake! I must admit ... I didn't start out the week well, overeating today :(

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  1. I find that sometimes the scale seems to get behind where my Fitbit calorie deficit says I "should be." This week just over I lost 1.4 pounds at my WW weigh in, but Fitbit said I should lose .8. On the other hand, the week before I was "supposed" to lose .8, but I only lost .2 It all worked out right over the 2 weeks but it just a bit delayed....


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