Saturday, April 18, 2015

WWI #91 - Self Sabotage?

The scale has been slowly climbing for several weeks now. Even with that, just a few posts ago I was still content and happy. I have to admit to that slipping a little ... I am frustrated with this weight gain. Not that it's unexplainable or unexpected. My eating has just been a little (a lot?) out of control. Not sure if I'm feeling a bit hopeless and just falling into some self sabotage? TOM too ...

After my weigh-in last week, I went and ate a cookie for comfort. It didn't end there, and I was over 3000 calories at the end of the day. Saturday, Sunday and Monday too. I really don't think I'm "binging" at any point. I'm just eating a lot of high calorie stuff that adds up quick. Here's a quick look back at the week ...

  • Friday: Had a good day as far as fitness, got in Zumba (although I needed to go to a different class as both my Friday regulars had conflicts), elliptical, bike and weights. Food ... was NOT good. 
  • Saturday: Hubs was sponsoring a "derby workshop" so we had dozens of scouts and their parents over building pinewood derby cars. It gets a little crazy. I escaped out to a Zumba class I'd been meaning to try for a while. #5 had his basketball game, and I got in four miles jogging while watching it. Another good activity day, yet it couldn't keep up with the amount of calories I consumed.
  • Sunday: Planned rest day from exercise ... I should plan a food fast day too! But no, after church we had our usual Sunday Circles. In the evening we went out to Olive Garden. Fettuccine Alfredo and breadsticks, not exactly low calorie.
  • Monday: I did pretty good for food and fitness for the first half of the day. Got in Zumba, elliptical and bike. Got in some shopping and sun. In the evening we went downtown to see an NBA game in my brother's suite. There was dinner and decadent dessert. Over calories again!
  • Tuesday: Kept calories in check (meaning under 2000). Got in Zumba in the morning, elliptical and weights during the day, then went to evening Zumba as well. Dragging a little ... weird weather day with lots of wind.
  • Wednesday: Did better on activity than I usually do on Wednesdays. Zumba, and hour of elliptical and bike. I really didn't think I was doing that bad on calories, but they added up. Hit with quite a blizzard today!
  • Thursday: Some school stress for #4, I was a little late to Zumba, but had a good class. Didn't quite get in all my elliptical (50 minutes, I left 10 minutes left on my show, I meant to get back down but just didn't). Hit evening Zumba. Couldn't really keep calories in control today either.
So far I haven't tipped the scale to 160. I really NEVER want to see a six as the middle number again. I'm so uncomfortably close. Why do I just keep eating so much? I've had a couple of friends with some extraordinary weight loss recently. How did they do it? Eating right! I absolutely believe that if I eliminated the candy/chips/cookies/ice cream I'd lose the weight. Why can't I even think about giving them up? I actually enjoy my exercise, but I know a part of me is trying to out-cardio my calories, even though I know you can't out-train a bad diet. I'm proof ...

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  1. I try to out exercise my food choices too! It doesn't work! Lol. You've figured it out...not just to reign in the eating! You've got this!!!


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