Sunday, April 26, 2015

WWI#92 - Finally a Down

Finally, the number on the scale went down. After several weeks in a row of a slow but steady increase, there was a reverse (I did update my Weekly Weigh-Ins page to get a clear view of the stats recently). I still almost hit 160 there on Monday morning, but then managed to have several days of good exercise and eating, and the scale reflected my work this week.  Here's the quick recap of my life these past seven days ...

  • Friday: I went back to my usual Zumba class, and got in 40min of elliptical. The day was busy with the late start/early out, dropping #3 off to hang with friends, taking the little ones in for a haircut. Couldn't quite keep calories in check.
  • Saturday: I got in some elliptical, but during #5's game I chose to videotape rather than jogging the track. #3 has been manning the video camera for me but he was home with several friends over. That did impact the afternoon some (as I feel I need to supervise) but I did get in 30minutes on the bike. Calories were not too bad, but a little over.
  • Sunday: Lazy day! Slept in (and had a little nap later). No exercise. Over on calories with the usual Sunday Circles breakfast, toasted cheese dinner and homemade oreos for dessert. Some fun with family games (Scattergories).
  • Monday: Return to the routine and ready to be back at it. The main instructor at Zumba was home with a sick child, so those of us who knew songs needed to step up and fill in the time. I ended up doing seven songs and it got me by best HRM stats to date! Got in some additional exercise at home. Was doing ok until Hubs expected me to make dinner ... I mean really, is that MY job? Ha ha ... the kids keep expecting me to make breakfast too!
  • Tuesday: Busy day! Zumba in the morning, some additional exercise at home, but also had to wait around for the window guy (replacing some broken panes). #2 had a basketball game after school. I love to watch him play. Then straight to the church for #5's pinewood derby (he took 1st place!) then off to Zumba. I probably would have skipped, except that MY main instructor was subbing and I wanted to support her. I got great stats! Calories were ok ... I just couldn't keep away from the ice cream.
  • Wednesday: Zumba in the morning, and an hour of elliptical. The teenagers did come invade the gym after school, or I might have done some reading/riding too. I made a highlight's video of yesterday's game. #5 had basketball practice in the evening. Actually kept calories in check today.
  • Thursday: Zumba in the morning. Got in some elliptical at home. #2 had a game (but too far for me to attend), Hubs and #3 had a derby. I invited my mom to attend the evening Zumba with me and she said yes! She and my dad came out, Grandpa stayed and played games with the little boys. Another day keeping calories in check!
 It felt like a really good week, and with the loss on the scale ... the numbers didn't quite show it as good as I would have thought off the top of my head. That's why I do like to keep track of all the numbers and everything. 

NUMBERS: Weight was down 2.2 since weigh-in last week. The average weight was 157.56, which was down .81. My average intake was 2357. Average burn was 2940 ... I thought I'd get over 3000, and I had a couple big days, but my rest day Sunday brought it down I guess. It equaled out to a weekly deficit of -1471.  That's not enough to account for the 2+ pound loss, but I'll take it. Both the loss, and just having a decent deficit at least. The goal is a deficit of 3500 though. Gotta keep the calories, quantity and quality, in better control to do that.  I saw this quote this week ... that IS my struggle!


  1. Nice loss! Sometimes I don't lose what the calorie deficit says I should (or even close) but then it seems to catch in a later week when I lose more than the deficit would say.

  2. Woohoo, that is so awesome.
    I too have been going up and up, but had a loss last week.
    Cheers to us.


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