Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Zumba Stats - March 2015

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LOTS of Zumba in March! I hit a morning class Mon-Fri every weekday this month (with the exception of the first Monday, when I had a sick child keeping me home ... I still did my Zumba though!) I got in double Zumba every Thursday, and even did double on Tuesday a couple of times. 

During the month of March ...
  • I got a Fitbit Charge HR, a new gadget to track heart rate and estimate calories. Of course, I've ended up still wearing my Polar HRM, which has actually been working this month! One of the reasons I got the Charge was because the Polar was being so bad ... It's fun to compare the stats though. Anywhere you see double, it's Polar/Charge readings
  • Claudia is stepping away from the Thursday morning class :(  ... but Marian will be keeping it going (thus the switch in name from Claudi&Co to Marian's Class on Thursday mornings). 
  • Marian's Thursday evening class has had enough people at times, that we've switched direction (rather than long and narrow, now Marian's on the wide side so she's easier to see). Yea for evening classes!
  • I hit a couple other evening classes ... MZL has been hosting Zumba at the local library (the library? I wondered about that too!) It is an event center, so it was a nice space, although the floor was concrete/tile and I could feel the harder impact everywhere. A huge open window there by the city park actually pulled in some walk-in traffic!
  • I met a new instructor (Debbie, she came to Heather's class and I could just tell by the way she moved that she HAD the moves!) We struck up a conversation, and she's trying to get a class started. I encouraged her to come to more of the CommunityInAction classes. She got some guest numbers in, so that when I did hit a class of hers, I already felt familiar with her stuff. Hope to see more of her. Another instructor offering free classes, yea!
The "winners" this month are Marian, with her 03/12 class which pulled in the highest HRM numbers. 536 on the Polar and 495 on the Charge. Average HR 136/132.  For highest reading on the Fitbit One, the honors go to MZL on 03/26, with a calorie reading of 579 and steps of 8289 (it was 70 minutes, so that class had a little extra edge) ... will I be able to beat those stats come April? In which classes?

Here's some pictures from the last month ...
Meets Mondays and Wednesdays

Tuesday Class

 MZL Evenings at the West Jordan Library

Marian's Thursday Night Class
(before we rotated)

Friday Class

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